Will you ever STOP recruiting?

Some folks in this industry will lead their followers to believe that
they won’t ever stop recruiting because they ABSOLUTELY LOVE recruiting
and building to the fullest.

Some of these leaders actually truly do believe in this mindset and
actually do it. Reality is, very very few actually stay in this
phase for an extended period of time.

A bunch of these folks will sit on top of a group and help close
out prospects on 3 way calls. That’s not the kind of recruiting I’m
talking about here. I’m speaking about personal production here.

Most distributors that are of that “NON-STOP RECRUITING” mindset don’t
know that they are only one tough question away from quitting.

Eventually, You need to ask yourself a couple of

1) If my opportunity is a residual income machine that is supposed
to provide residual income for the rest of my life, how long would it
take for my income to zero out once I personally step out of the picture?

2) How many people in the group are able to lead WITHOUT me holding their hand?
Would my Business continue to generate the current income and volume
production WITHOUT me recruiting like a wild animal?

Truth is, a few folks really truly do LOVE recruiting
and don’t mind staying in that mode.

However, in most cases, the majority will eventually get tired
of spinning on the hamster wheel.

It might take months or years…
But usually the whole reason most people join MLM is to semi-retire and live life.
Those who TRULY love this industry will retire INTO this industry.

Good leaders create followers.
Great leaders create leaders.

Good leaders love to be needed.
Great leaders love to succeed.

The point here is to ask yourself the question: “Can I sustain this level
of activity for the next 2-3 years?”

The bigger question is: “Can anyone in my group sustain this level of activity
for the next 2-3 years?”

The EVEN bigger question is: “What will happen if I answered NO to both the
questions above?”

Of course, if you are honest with yourself you will need to start getting
serious about finding an answer.

Just because you love what you do, it doesn’t mean it’s a solid business
model financially speaking.
In that case, there would be tons of millionaires in every town
making copious amounts of money from collecting stamps… and I’d be
a multi millionaire just from surfing waves in the ocean. #notgonnahappen


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