Why You Should Be Grateful For Objections…(2 min read)

1. an expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition; a reason for disagreeing.

Take note of the first 4 words of this definition.  That is why you should get excited for objections.  When someone is giving you an objection, they are expressing to you a feeling.  It may not be a good feeling but it is an expression, and that means you have started to build a closer relationship.  The main reason behind the growth of Zappos.com (on-line shoe company) is the care in which they handle objections.  They offer every customer a 365-day return policy with free shipping both ways.  Can they really make money with such a generous return policy?  Won’t people take advantage of that?  Zappos is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon with an annual revenue over $2 billion.  The vision for the company, painted by 24 year-old Tony Hsieh, was simple and crystal clear.

“We’re a service company that just happens to sell shoes.”

Currently, Zappos.com is a model company of online customer service.  They have excelled in handling objections because in my opinion they don’t “Handle It,” they “Accept Them.”  They use objections as a platform to build lasting customer relationships.  How can we apply this to network marketing?

  1.  Have A Long-Term Mindset:  Think in 10-20 year increments.  Listen to your prospect’s concerns and don’t rush them.  Start the relationship and revisit the prospect at a later date.
  2. Pay Attention:  Listen to the concern and offer solutions that are relevant to them.
  3. Product Knowledge:  Educate yourself on commonly asked questions.  If you don’t know the answer, know where to find the answer in less than 5 minutes.  Find the answer for them, don’t just refer them to a site with info.
  4. Put Your Gloves Down:  Don’t get defensive.  This is emotional fitness at it’s best.  Hearing objections for the first time can be a bit shocking but the edge wears off over time.
  5. Find Solutions: If the objection comes from a customer not happy with a product, know your company’s customer service channels.  Fix problems as fast as humanly possible.  Take care of the situation for them.

I hope you find these points helpful.  Leave a comment below.  I’d love to see how you handle objections.

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