Why I love objections…and you should too.

The #1 reason why I absolutely love objections is
because over the years of being in the trenches
building my business face to face, over the phone,
etc.. I’ve learned a few things.

One of the things I have learned is that I can
actually CASH IN on objections far easier than
having NONE at all.

Let me explain very briefly:

Have you ever tried climbing a cliff that had
no ledges to grab on to?

It would be the equivalent of you trying to reach
out for that ledge to pull yourself up only to find
that it isn’t there.

Objections give you something to grab on to.

They give you a target to shoot at. Now, it’s important
to understand that just because you get 1 or 2
objections thrown at you, that could very well be
the “flag” objections. Many times, you’ll get a couple
of Flag objections before you get the REAL one.

I’ll save more on that for another post.

Objections are good. They are healthy for the process.
It tells you that they are serious about this information
and that they really want to clear up some confusion
in their minds.

Next time you get an Objection, get excited. Cash in.
Cha–Ching!!! $$$$

What is your #1 most haunting objection that
nearly stops you dead in your tracks right now?
Please add in the comment box below.

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