When People Quit & Burnt Bridges.

What about them?

People quit things everyday.

People quit jobs.
People quit marriages.
People quit Business Partnerships.
People quit religions.
People quit communications.
People quit Facebook LOL.

When people quit working their Business in a Network Marketing company,
they’ve just simply stopped showing up for work.
They aren’t working for YOU.

Sure, you might be making an override commission off their effort
but it’s THEIR Business they decided to stop working…

I know, it kinda sucks because you won’t be making any money
from them but they are most likely still your friend!

Don’t burn the friendship folks! Just because they stopped
building “Bridge A” with you doesn’t mean that you don’t
want to see them AT ALL and burn every bridge down!

You will never know when that person will hold a valuable
asset down the road as you are traveling down some bridge
needing some assistance.

I’ve found that the best thing to do is ALWAYS bring value
to the relationship whether your friend is IN or OUT
of your organization at the time.

Writing off your friendship just because this person isn’t
recruiting for your company anymore is just plain foolish.
I understand that not everyone is emotionally capable to
keep it professional. I wrote a post recently about “3 ways
to keep dropped distributors in your profit.”
Check it out here.

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