There’s traffic, then there’s production.

You know you’ve all seen the videos that get
tons of hits on youtube or the blog post that
gets tons of hits.

Some people are so overly concerned with how
great their video looks or the color of the
graphic here and there and they totally overlook
the real reason why they might be producing
that content.

Now, obviously I’m speaking to the people that
are actually trying to get some type of production
from their content whether it is video, blog, article,
website, ad, etc..

Some people just love wasting time and money and just
put stuff out there with NO concern for a return.

Not my crowd, sorry.

But for you that are still reading. Don’t forget what
it is that you are trying to achieve by putting content
out there.

I personally know a guy who got 800+ hits on his youtube
video in the first few hours of going on youtube and he was
stoked beyond belief.

I watched his video myself and knew that he’d be calling me
up for advice AGAIN to figure out why the video wasn’t
generating leads and most importantly…Cashflow.

In a week or so, after the video had climbed to a few thousand
hits, I was having usual discussions with this guy
(as I expected) as I have with many aspiring marketers
because he, like many others, are more concerned about
hits versus production.

He didn’t generate a single lead.
He didn’t generate a single enrollment into his MLM.
He didn’t generate a single penny of income from his video.

He was at a loss.

I have videos that have 150 hits that have made me more
money in 1 month than most people make in their 1st 6 months
in their Network Marketing business.

So how is it possible to have 1000+ hits and generate diddly squat??


You don’t ENCOURAGE production in your content.

You must ALWAYS encourage some type of production in your
video or article. Always send them somewhere, direct them
somewhere, sell something, promote something, GIVE something
of value before you direct them somewhere.

You can have the best content and your audience will “feel good”
after watching or reading your content but you need to
do more than just that. You need to guide and direct them
in the direction you NEED them to get to.

Yes, you MUST be entertaining and highly valuable to
your audience (I’ll save that for another post),
but you must also direct your audience to what you
need them to do.

And there you have it my friends, Not only create
value but direct your audience AS WELL so you don’t
just get traffic, but you get production too.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing
business and beat the system!


p.s… question of the day: what is the last video or article
that really inspired you? Please share WHY it inspired you and
please leave link. ..and yes, it’s awesome if it’s your own

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