The truth about stable volume…

The allure of stable volume is a great, romantic idea.

The only thing that makes volume truly stable is having
a constant flow of new promoters / distributors joining
your organization and having interaction with the customers.

I learned a long time ago that the real asset isn’t a customer.

The real asset is a “Well Educated Distributor”. That’s what
really pays the bills.

If you have 12 distributors who each get a few customers a month
and are following up with their current customers you will have
a steady source of volume.

Now, try doing that on your own.

Try getting 36 new customers and maintaining 60-70 active customers
all by yourself EVERY MONTH.

You’ll quickly see that it is much easier and much more STABLE when
you have a small army of promoters helping you out.

Bottom line…. active promoters equal stable volume.


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