Cheap Seats Always Get Lousy Views

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been crazy
busy over here trying to balance family, chores at home (yes, I actually work around the house. LOL),
and business life. I still sometimes find myself wondering, “How do I do it all??”.

Anyhow, it’s always good to be back at the keys furiously
hammering away at yet another interesting subject.

Today, I want to talk about a mistake that many struggling network marketers make.
I believe they make it because they are struggling, however, if they continue to make this
mistake, they’ll always struggle without ever knowing why.

It kind of coincides with my last post about doing the retraction dance. Doing something
(or saying something) down the road after you preached against it some time before
is always the best way to cripple your growth in your business. So, let’s talk about
the subject at hand, “The Cheap Route Gets You Cheap Results”.

I’m simply talking about corporate produced tools vs. field produced tools.
I find it amazing how MLMers who start out building with “field produced tools” miraculously
build a group and all of a sudden they complain that everyone is producing their own
“field produced tools” and no one wants to purchase the REAL, high end “looking” tools.

That being said, I’m not talking about the top leaders in the company producing professionally
made tools. All industry veterans know that the field leaders usually are the ones who produce
the professional “after market” tools like CD’s, Tapes, DVD’s, Flipcharts, Clothing, Decals, etc…

I’m talking about the “reps” who are stapling some emailed article from some
person in the company and handing it off to their prospects. I’m talking about the
reps who are burning the “REAL” company prospecting CD’s and handing out the
cheezy burned copies.

Even home made flyers are something to laugh at in a professional marketers eyes.
If someone were to hand me a “home made” flyer about some big wig coming
into town to hold a huge meeting about a multi million dollar, multi national company
I’d seriously be there trying to add it all up. Quite simply, it wouldn’t add up.

First of all, home made low budget tools aren’t wealth creation.
You don’t create wealth by piecing together your business.

Second of all, it sends the completely wrong message.

Why?? Well, let’s discover this.

You’re there at the table with your prospect bragging about how great and powerful
your company is and how much money your sponsors or leaders are making. You’re talking
about the multiple countries your company is opened in.

A few minutes later, you’re handing your impressed prospect a home made
version of your corporate tools. Maybe you’ve just handed them a “sexy looking”
home made brochure (sexy to you at least). However, it’s obvious that this
isn’t the “real” stuff which is now leaving your prospect to wonder…

Is this person really making money in this business??
Is the stuff i’m gonna listen to or read even legit??

Your prospect who was just minutes ago very, very impressed..
Is now most likely very unimpressed because of the lack of

Would you buy a home from a real estate agent who looked like they
just woke up?
Would you order food from a server who wasn’t in uniform, didn’t have
a nametag, and didn’t look the part??
Would you give your car keys to the valet agent who didn’t have the
same outfit as everyone else, no nametag, and far away from the valet stand??

You see, certain things must be in alignment with your message.
Certain things need to match up.

The consumer is smarter today than ever before.

If you’re pinching pennies and burning copies of company CD’s, DVD’s or brochures.
Even worse, if you are producing your own low budget slide shows, handouts, and
literature just to save some extra money or just to “do it your way”,
You’re better off handing the keys to your Mercedes to the random bum on the
street who says he’s the valet agent for the 5 star hotel 2 miles down the road.


p.s. Cut past the nonsense. Follow a real leader. Become one yourself.

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