Dealing With UnResponsive Prospects

 dealing with unresponsive prospects

So we all deal with unresponsive prospects. Some more than others. It really comes down to controlling how much value your prospects places on your opportunity and/or product. I explain how to get your prospect to call you back and create that “caffeine factor” in your marketing message.


Closing Your Guests After The Group Presentations

How do you “take the order” from your prospect after the meeting/presentation is done?

Closing Your Guests After PresentationsI explain how to do just that on this new Audio Podcast episode. LISTEN! What do you need tips on in your Business?

Dealing With Unresponsive Warm Market

unresponsive prospectsQuestion:
I’ve approached my co-workers and family about my MLM, they won’t respond to me.
They never respond to my phone calls or texts. What do I do?



What do you want tips on for your Business??!