What I’m Learning About Massive Company Exoduses

Tweet Here’s what I’ve learned over the last year or so about when leaders Jump Ship to a NEW MLM.. 1. The exodus starts at the bottom, not the TOP. The high rank leaders will usually follow their money. If they realize people are dropping out of their team and going elsewhere, they will try[…]

3 Quick Tips To Attract NEW Customers For Your Business

Tweet Customers. That’s where it’s at. That’s where “walk away, residual income” lives. Here are 3 Quick Tips to Attract NEW Customers for your Business: 1) Tell potential customers that you are looking for a NEW “Before & After” project. Comment: Believe it or not, most people love the opportunity to be a part of[…]

How to land 3 Way Calls LIKE A BOSS

Tweet The “3 Way Call Thing” not working for you?? I mean, it sounds like a great concept but some people just CANNOT get someone on the phone with their upline if their life depended on it! So… how can you make some simple adjustments in prospecting to make the 3 Way Call work??! Watch[…]

How to know if your MLM Business will last.

Tweet   I don’t know if it gets any better than “walk away income” (as they call it in the Investor world) in Network Marketing. There is an actual method by where you can actually figure out if you will ever have “walk away” income in this industry though. I figured this very complex formula[…]

Why Visalus Promoters Will Cash In With “Project 10”

Tweet What’s interesting about Project 10 is that it has easily taken the Spotlight for Visalus’s New Marketing Angle. You see, every MLM company needs to change it’s marketing angle every once in a while. I was feeling that Visalus was needing a different angle of marketing the message since the Body By Vi 90[…]

How to cash in when your company rolls out new stuff…

Tweet ok, so this post is pretty self evident. Most people in your company will get excited about the new stuff that get rolled out. However, as I’ve said before: Excitement only lasts so long. If you don’t have a plan to execute, you have nowhere to go and no target. Simple Equation for NEW[…]

Great Leaders Aren’t Born…Only Babies.

Tweet I recently heard a story told by John C. Maxwell. He talked about a group of tourists that were roaming around this really old town taking pictures, taking in the sites, talking to people, etc… One of the tourists sat down at a bench where an old man was seated. Right as soon as[…]

Title Leader vs. Real Leader

Tweet Just because you recruited some people and they did the same doesn’t necessarily mean that they SHOULD follow what you are doing. That doesn’t make you FOLLOW-ABLE just yet.   That certainly makes you “someone-who-recruited-a-few-people”.   Don’t get too down on yourself if people aren’t following you like you would like them to.  The[…]

The ONLY Thing You Get Paid For In Business

Tweet What TRULY pays you in business? If you really think about what really makes you money in this business, you’d probably be surprised at what you are wasting your time on—or even NOT spending enough time on. What do you get paid for in MLM? • Dropping off brochures to your prospects workplace? •[…]

The HARD truth about recruiting big numbers

Tweet The hardest thing about recruiting big numbers in MLM is the fact that you need to be really thick skinned at the core. Recruiting 5-10 people a week isn’t normal. Infact, the average Network Marketer only recruits 2.5 people in their career in MLM. If you want to recruit big numbers, you need to[…]

Why Pinterest Should Be Your Best Friend

Tweet Ok, so this was a long overdue blog post. I’ve been spying on Pinterest for the last few months now. Pinterest didn’t really catch my interest because I didn’t really see a lot of value in it at first. When I started seeing Pinterest links, social “follow me on Pinterest”, and “pin this” buttons[…]

The Whiteboard That Makes Networkers Money

Tweet One of the worse mistakes any serious network marketer can make, is drawing out an action plan that you can’t take on the road with you. Bad move. Here’s a powerful tool that I’ve been using for a while. Watch this video below —->>

What are you doing with your time?

Tweet How is it that someone who makes a million dollars a year and someone who makes $25,000 a year have the same 24 hrs? They have the same amount of time in the day but somewhere along the line, the person who is making $1M realized how to multiply every step. So for every[…]

Getting Traffic vs. Converting Traffic

Tweet It seems like everyone and their dog is hyped up about getting traffic to their sites nowdays. Seems like anywhere possible, people are posting their “join now link” for their MLM company up on Facebook on a wish and prayer that someone will join them. It’s amazing how upset and depressed people get when[…]

The “I don’t use Facebook” Mentality

Tweet It’s outright, ridiculous. Sometimes, I think people try not to use facebook to prove some kind of foolish point. LOL.. I say foolish, because those who are using Social Media are stealing more leads from those people then they will ever know. If you are a business owner, marketer, trying to make money from[…]

Using Others Traffic To Boost Your Profits (Strategy #1)

Tweet If there is something that I’ve gotten pretty good at over the Last few years in my journey to become a decent marketer on the Internet, It would be “Learning to cipher traffic”. I won’t spend a radical amount of time on this article because I do tons of Webinars on how to “cipher”[…]

Broke Financially vs. Broke Mentally

Tweet In 2004, my wife and I were so broke it wasn’t funny. We had NO savings, I didn’t have a steady paying job. 100% commissioned. She wasn’t working. Sometimes I would come home with $200 dollar paychecks..for 2 weeks. We made about $18,000 in 2004. I still get emotional about this time in my[…]

The 1 Thing You Can’t Teach

Tweet There are a lot of things in the Network Marketing industry that you can teach. You can teach someone how to be persuasive. You can teach someone how to be a superstar recruiter. You can even teach a few slick lines to say when you get an objection. However, there is one thing that[…]