Visalus Creates “The Project 10 Challenge” / Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Takes Backseat


I was on the Ambassador roll out yesterday while they were rolling out
the new Project 10 Challenge. I remember exactly a year ago I was sitting in
my living room talking to a few friends in the Business and telling them
that I felt strongly that the “Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge” was going to
be taking a backseat to Project 10 in some shape or form.


Well, it was simple. I just took a good look at the industry and how everybody
was implementing some type of 90 Day Challenge.

It was only a matter of time that Visalus would have to re invent the challenge
in some way, I personally think it was a strong move to move to a
more simple, laser focused message.

Visalus Europe will be implementing this.
Visalus Canada will be implementing this.
Visalus USA will be implementing this too.

The updates are also found on

Here’s the direct webcast link:

As always, get out there and kill it in your network marketing business! 


p.s… here’s how I became an Ambassador with Visalus in just 62 days just going around CHALLENGING people!