Events cost money??

Tweet One of the largest mistakes of my career was thinking that EVENTS costed any money. When I realized that the MORE events I attended the MORE money I made… That’s when I started making money. “If you want to make serious money in MLM, you need to attend 4-7 events per year MINIMUM.” -Ced

Bulletproof Respect In Business

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSTweet Show Notes: – The silent killer in so many peoples’ businesses – Respect is an acquired skill – Respecting a position and respecting a person is not the same thing. – From the Field: What to do when respect is lost. – I[…]

Boosting Professionalism (The Hard Truth)

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSTweet Show Notes: – Boosting Professionalism in your brand and business – Cleaning house on social media & email, voice mail, and text messages Always Presenting: – Do you see yourself as a professional? – Your team follows what you DO, not what you[…]

Is anything wrong with BDA’s, Special Deals, & Bridge Income in Network Marketing?

Tweet My opinion is simply this: 1) Traditional Business (banks, wall street, sales, car sales, real estate, universities, etc…) all offer incentives for people of value to come and work for their corporation. It’s no secret. However, when reps who get deals say they didn’t get anything when infact they did… that’s fraud. So bottom[…]

Episode #6: Dealing with TOXIC people in Life & Business

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSTweet Dealing with toxic people sucks… They drain you emotionally and they also drain your bank account. One of the toughest obstacles that entrepreneurs have is identifying who is good and BAD for their Business. Unfortunately, some of the people that you hang around[…]

What I’m Learning About Massive Company Exoduses

Tweet Here’s what I’ve learned over the last year or so about when leaders Jump Ship to a NEW MLM.. 1. The exodus starts at the bottom, not the TOP. The high rank leaders will usually follow their money. If they realize people are dropping out of their team and going elsewhere, they will try[…]

3 Things To Think About With “Paid Traffic”

Tweet You’ve heard everybody and their dog talk about paid traffic nowadays. Infact, the only way that you are going anywhere AT ALL with Facebook Pages nowdays are…PAID TRAFFIC. Here are a few tips: 1) Do you have a system / program to TRACK & MEASURE your results? If not, you are losing money with[…]

Problem Orders; The Easiest Money In Business.

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSTweet There is no doubt that once people spend money with you, it’s usually easier to spend money with you again. It’s part of the spend cycle. People love the convenience of NOT having to do their homework again and look for another marginal[…]

How building your MLM Business is like this Rat. [video]

Tweet Usually, when people are not motivated to work their business, all that really means is they don’t have enough REASON for them to really get moving. When something shows its ugly head, it’s interesting how most people get moving and magically find a way to make things happen. Here’s a video about how this[…]

What’s your story? Is it written?

Tweet When your time comes and you are basking in success, many will think that you arrived there as an overnight success. In my case, I didn’t hit a $100K+/yr. income until year number 9 in the industry. I joined my MLM company and hit it big in my first 2 months. For most people,[…]

Do you REALLY have influence?

Tweet Influence used to be one of those words people used when referring to someone who was held in high esteem amongst certain groups of people. Nowadays, anytime someone is a slick talker with any type of track record of past success they are automatically referred to as “influential” by most people who don’t know any[…]

How ANYONE can easily attract NEW reps into their business

Tweet How does a rookie attract leaders to their business? How does a person who isn’t a $100K+ earner attract more people into their business?! It’s really simple. What you have to think about is the fact that you have a lot of people who are just really looking to work with someone that has[…]