How To “Keep It Simple & Keep Your Prospects Interested” VIDEO

Tweet One of the first things we hear our new upline leaders tell us is… Keep It Simple! However, is it that easy? Well, the ironic thing is that “Keeping It Simple” is actually a lot harder than complicating it. It takes practice, it takes skill, and more practice. Here’s how I became really good[…]

When Business Slows Down…

Tweet There is a lot of material that teach & train you how to “get going” in business. The initial boom in your business is crucial, no doubt. However, if you are like most people there will be a point in your business where things will slow down and not be as “exciting” and quick[…]

Will Staying In The Game Guarantee Your Success In MLM?

Tweet I NEVER post other peoples videos here on my blog, but I had to show my man Eric some serious support on this one. He hits the topic right on the nose here. You seriously need to hear this… Just because you “stay in the game” in MLM, doesn’t mean crap. All it means[…]

Kyani -MLM Company Review

Tweet So it’s no secret that I’m involved in Kyani. I’m one of the top global producers in Kyani so it’s no big surprise that I’m obviously gonna blog about it as well. A lot of people ask me why I decided to join Kyani back in January of 2009. For me, it wasn’t really[…]