3 Quick Tips To Attract NEW Customers For Your Business

Customers. That’s where it’s at.

That’s where “walk away, residual income” lives.

Here are 3 Quick Tips to Attract NEW Customers for
your Business:

1) Tell potential customers that you are looking for
a NEW “Before & After” project.
Comment: Believe it or not, most people love the opportunity
to be a part of any type of project, experiment, etc…
They want the opportunity to be recognized as well. If anyone
denys this, they are lying. Plain and simple.

2) Post a “major blowout sale” coupon on your facebook page.
No matter what, major “blowout” sales attract attention. When
people couldn’t care less, now they are curious about purchasing
your product for the “what if I really end up needing this?” clause.

3) Offer upsell promotions to your current customers. Offer free shipping
if they get 1 new customer. Maybe some type of cash incentive
if they get 2 new cusomters.

That’s it.


p.s… I guess it should also be said that if you know how to correctly leverage
social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc…) you dramatically increase
your chances of getting a steady stream of new volume. Here’s one of the best
courses that will teach you the PROVEN equation to get more new promoters and
customers through social media!

I got a BMW in just DAYS..but is that the motivator??

I got a BMW because my company paid for it. I did it faster than a lot of people
usually do it, and it feels great…but is that really the motivating factor??

A lot of people think that throwing out cars like how Visalus is (14 BMW’s a day)
is the secret sauce to the company’s smashing growth.

DOCUMENTED double digit compounded growth for the past 18 months has
most people stumped. They can’t put a finger on it, but I can.

After sitting down with the owners of Visalus in a private setting, I realized
what it was. But here’s a great video that talks about the real motivation
behind driving people.