Kyani– I review this company. Kyani was founded in 2005. 3 Families who earn
in excess of $500M a year in traditional business came together and launched
this company.

Seacret Direct– In this review, I give you a brief look at the product as a
“stand alone” product and the business model.

OrganoGold Review– What makes OrganoGold so special? Is the product unique?
Does the business model make sense? Find out here.

Asea Review– Asea is a great company. They have a product that is very unique.
Is it hype? Is Asea a scam? Is Asea a solid company that will stand the test of time?

Visalus Review- Really, the only company in momentum in North America. They have been
experiencing double digit compounded growth month after month. Visalus is the home of
the 90 Day Challenge.

Asante Java– Asante (actually spelled Asantae– but I know most people mess up the spelling) has recently
tried making a splash in the Weight Loss Industry with their
newest product called RealW8.

XFT (Xtreme Fuel Technologies / Syntek Global):
XFT Fuel Additive product will supposedly save you .15 to .30 cents a gallon on gas. There is a little
buzz going around regarding XFT and their gas treatment MLM. Because i’ve been in this industry
for a while and have seen so many gas companies come and go, I guess you could say that the verdict
is still out on this company. No doubt, their product probably helps save a lot of gas.

As far as the business model is concerned, It’s a Binary. Not much to be said about that other
than the fact that Binary comp plans perform very poorly when it comes to beginner to middle
level experienced MLM builders. Still, no matter what comp plan or product you promote you still
need proven business building tactics.

Nerium International:
Here’s another Skin Care pre-launch / recently launched company that just entered the game.
1 product company…currently. Essentially, took Visalus’s comp plan and stuck their
brand on there, but who isn’t doing that nowdays. Here’s my unbiased review of Nerium.

7 thoughts on “MLM COMPANY REVIEWS

  1. hey eli, check out vitel wireless for me. been on youtube, and varius other review boards. its caught my eye. tell me your first gut reactions. No, im not in….just needed an experienced eye take on it. thanks cuz. call me anytime 2175818

    • Frank,

      I haven’t done a lot of digging, but the first thing I tend to do–especially with these Start Up Telecom MLM’s– Is, I like to do a check on their address for their corporate headquarters. This one checks into a business building and doesn’t even have their name anywhere on their registered list of businesses in that building. I’m thinking that maybe they might be going under a different name?? There’s a red flag. I checked out the owner & CEO of the company, Scott Rogers, checked out his daily motion video channel. He has videos on there from 2009 that only have 68 and less views. Either no one knows who this guy is or that Channel wasn’t properly marketed, which is kinda scary being that he is running a “marketing company”. Like I said, I’m sure there is more to the story. I wouldn’t touch it because it doesn’t fit my criteria of a good, safe, & aggressive MLM vehicle. But that’s just me.. Hope that helps.

  2. Everyone has a cell phone now days, and more people are getting smartphones everyday.

    Solavei is offering Unlimited Talk, Text & Data (4GB) for $49.00 a month with no contract.

    This company will pay you for referrals, which means after sharing Solavei with a few others you can have a smartphone with an unlimited package for free.

    Elias, you know how to kill it with any business, this one is going to rock. Let me know what you think.

  3. Hey Elias,

    What is your opinion about 5LINX? I know you replied to another person’s information about Vitel and talked about their headquarters / leadership. What are your thoughts on the movement 5LINX is making in technology, energy deregulation, and mobile marketing?

    I’d love to get your insight

    • Bryson, thanks for valuing my opinion on this company. To be quite honest, I don’t have a lot of information on 5LINX. I know a few of their leaders and I’ll take a look a quick look at it. I’ll hit you back with the link of my thoughts. Thnx.

  4. Hey what’s up Elias I was just wondering if you could gimme a review on vemma,it would be greatly appreciated.

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