Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (Book Review)..And How It’ll Help You Dominate Online



Today I have the opportunity to review a great book that I just finished reading recently by Gary Vaynerchuk.  I talk about why it will help you absolutely dominate the online, social media game this year.   A lot of folks don’t truly understand the importance of sharing their story through social media and how to ease into the marketplace with very careful precision.

The old mentality of going into the immediate sales pitch is very dated and rarely (if at all) works anymore.  If you are a Network Marketer and you are trying to get 2014 off to a great start within your Social Media networks, this book is a must read.

You can download the kindle version of the book by clicking on the link below:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World


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