“If you are standing, you should be listening.”

One of the most distracting things that hinder production from any business, is
the business itself.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Let me explain.

I once read from a very credible business authority that in order to move your
Business forward you must work ON your business, not work IN it!

Here are a few examples that I use to illustrate how this seriously applies
to you as an aspiring Network Marketing Professional:

1) You are headed to your business overview and you are spending
more time on your “pitch” rather than your “reason” why you are
so excited to take show your prospect this opportunity.

2) You spend more time listening to different ways to “close” folks
rather than investing time learning how to LEAD your new distributors
to a successful START once they DO get started.

3) You are reading your comp plan MORE than you are listening
to The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy or GO PRO by Eric Worre.

My philosophy is this:
If you can stand, you should be listening to personal development.
If you can sit, you should be reading personal development.

Next post…. How NOT to get inundated with too much courses and
not enough action.


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