How to get Success faster

I was recently having a great conversation
with a friend of mine that wasn’t having the
kind of success he’d like in his Network
Marketing Business.

He had a few interesting viewpoints on why
he wasn’t experiencing success despite his
galiant efforts.

When he asked me what I thought, I just simply
said “You just have to set smaller milestones
that lead to your goal and set newer goals faster.”

If you set large goals with NO milestones in between
you’ll most times end up setting yourself up
for failure and disappointment.

Here’s the takeaway:

1) Set milestone goals that is still in forward
motion. This will be in sync with your “large”
goal, but is more of a bite sized goal that is
usually a daily or weekly projection.

2) When you are near hitting your “large goal” you
should already be preparing to launch your NEW
goal so you don’t lose momentum.

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That’s IT! Get out there and kill it in your


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