Hangout to Succeed; How Does Google Hangouts Fit Into Your Business?


For the most part, you’ve probably heard of Google Hangouts and maybe have even been on a few hangouts yourself. I have to admit, the first time I saw Hangouts, I was a little confused as to why anyone would use Hangouts versus Webinar format.

“I didn’t see the big deal, until…”

Up until recently, I didn’t really see the big deal about Hangouts until I recently held one myself. I did a webinar using the hangout platform and it was a wild success.

The challenge with platforms like GotoWebinar and others like
It is that majority of your audience will need to download the software in order to see the presentation.

Chances are, most of your audience aren’t currently holding
Webinars on their own so they will have to download the software. If they don’t hit any snags on the download (and that’s a big IF) Process now all we have to worry about is keeping their attention throughout the presentation.

Google is for everyone…

Skype and ooVoo must be downloaded; Facetime is only for iOS and OSX users. Google is for everyone. Google’s services, when combining Hangouts, GChat and Google Calling, which all flow easily together, offer all of the same features as Skype, Facetime and ooVoo, plus much more.

google hangout

Google Hangouts: If your audience is a youtube subscriber (which ____ [number of youtube audience] are) they won’t need to download anything. In addition, they also have the
Option to download the mobile app to watch directly from their smartphone.

Here are a few benefits that I feel pose a strong case in favor of using Google Hangouts for your Network Marketing Business:

  • Immediate sync with Google Drive.
  • Mobile Friendly for Hangout Host & Audience.
  • Multi Platform Friendly.
  • Use for info product, capture pages, etc…
  • More exposure amongst team.
  • Larger audience.
  • iOS & Android friendly.
  • More options for playback / replay.

I’ve been using a webinar platform called Webinars On Air that combines the technology of opted in pages to build your list and Google Hangouts / Youtube. It’s really a brilliant idea and pretty simple service to use if you eventually plan on holding paid webinars, paid-for-content, and private audience webinars to build your brand and your Business.

You can check Webinars On Air by clicking here and get a discount along with a FREE trial offer since you are a fellow friend of KILL IT NATION.

Until then,
Elias Callejo
“The Guy Who Gets You Paid”

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