Day #14 of the craziest thing I’ve done so far..BBoy Challenge??..

When most people think of a successful, multiple 6 figure earner
in the Network Marketing profession they usually don’t think
about some guy that is spinning around on the ground doing
breakdance moves.


Crazy to say, that would be ME.

Watch my Day #14 update video (at the bottom) on my B-Boy Challenge. The craziest
thing I’ve done in a long time. At 33 years old, almost 200 pounds,
not very flexible, and sore joints, this is a pretty daunting task.

My 90 Day Challenge is to do continuous Windmills and a few other
breakdance moves within that time. I was able to do 2 windmills in a row back in High
School. I was never able to do CONTINUOUS windmills… 16 YEARS AGO!! lol.. In addition, I was 120 pounds in High School.

I’m now almost 200 pounds. That means I have to get to at least 165-170.

You see, the tricky part about this challenge is that most
people would just think that it’s some dude that is dancing
around like crazy up there.

Most people don’t understand that you have to be considerably flexible…
as of right now, I’m not. Even though I’m more flexible now than I was
90 days ago.

  • You need to be able to support your own body weight. Pull ups, freezes,

push ups, one handed pushups aren’t even a question if you want
to breakdance.

  • Your joints need to be able to handle the kind of impact
    that they get put through.
  • Your cardio needs to be in top shape. Try “top rocking”
    for about 3 minutes straight and let me know how that goes for you. lol…

    • Your muscles need to be lean and flexible, not “gym type” puffy.
      That won’t do anything for top rocks, power moves, etc…

      • Your abs need to be strong. Your core needs to be in top shape.
        Getting a six pack is one thing… Being able to hold your body
        in a freeze position on your hands is another. It’s not just the look
        of abs, it’s functional.
      • Amongst a bunch of other things comes the most IMPORTANT of all:
        • You need to have style. Know how to dance. Formulate your own combos and make it look GOOD. That’s the part NO regular gym can teach you.Well… wish me luck.Oh, and did I mention the part about doing all of this while still running
          a Network Marketing Business with thousands of promoters to work with, internet marketing clients, 3 children, their homework, wife,
          restaurant business, and travel / business schedule all
          at the same time??

          Check out the video.

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