I’m still gathering as much information as I can but until then, here a few
interesting things that I’ve gathered. Jeunesse just recently hit $60M in
sales, they are in over 100 countries. About $1.5M-$2M is from the U.S.
and the US is the biggest market in MLM.

Jeunesse review

That obviously raised my curiosity.

What REALLY raised my curiousity about this company was the fact that it
is actually based in Florida but they almost have NO major distributorship
base in the United States. Majority of their volume is coming from Asia.

There is no doubt they are killing it in Asia… I think the deeper question is
why do they have almost NO reps in the US.

I did some digging and found some interesting things…

I first went to amazon (as I normally do) to find out what their products
are selling for.

Currently their “Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Serum” is selling
for about $60 bucks. It retails for $135 through Jeunesse distributors.  I guess some would ask why Jeunesse’s flagship product can be found about 55% cheaper on Amazon.  To be fair, ALL MLM products are found cheaper on eBay and Amazon sites.

Some of the reviews were interesting as well…









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