Asante (actually spelled Asantae) Java is basically a Coffee MLM that is now trying to get a piece of

the weight loss marketplace as well.

I’ve seen Asantae in Hawaii for quite a while now. Doesn’t seem like
they have picked up any type of traction for some reason.

A couple of Hawaii celebrities have jumped on the Bandwagon with
no avail.

I think the wrong move that Asantae has just recently made is that they
turned their comp plan (which was pretty conservative) into a

Some have their own opinions on this but, that’s mine.

Asantae’s RealW8 product is an attempt to grab some of the Weight
loss market. Some think that this will actually take away from the
focus of the Coffee base that they worked so hard to build off of
in the first place.

However, if you really take a look, Asantae has had a number of non-coffee
products in their line-up.

Most people have no Idea about the other products but I’ve actually
tried them myself.

They are just fine.

Asantae would be a company worth taking a look into.

Stay tuned for more information…

However, no matter how good any product or comp plan might be, if you
don’t have the right tools or system you’ll always struggle just
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