The management team is lead by CEO, Glen Jensen, who has started a number of companies over the last 2 years and has had done very well. 2 of his companies have reached the leading 100 list of direct sales companies worldwide in regards to growth and revenue.

Glen is seen as the “Steve Jobs” of the network marketing occupation. He is understood for his development in product innovation, settlement and development plan engineering (he originated the hybrid binary model), and is an experienced CEO who’s companies have stretched over lots of countries around the globe.

Due to the fact that of Glen’s qualifications and experience, the CEO and Chairman of eCosway, have chosen to pass the baton to him to take the company to the next level, moving the head office and operations to the United States, and re-launching under the name, Impressive Period.


If you review the Impressive Period Earnings Strategy, combined with the infrastructure, product-line, and management in place, it is easy to see why numerous are believing Epic Era will be the next multi-billion dollar titan in the industry, and is established to strike a Billion in yearly sales in record time.

Several business in the past years have come close to doing over a billion in sales on an annual basis, however they have not had the ability to strike it that target and sustain it every year. Why is that? We believe Impressive Era has resolved the issues that have actually pestered various other companies.

Of all, let’s review the integrity of the Epic Period leadership tree. You’re not going to the company insert a leader into the structure after the fact. How would you like it if you were with a company for a year or two, and all of an unexpected someone new shows up in your upline?

In addition, Epic Age has actually created a $100 Million leader performance program, that is unlike other program in network marketing. You can make $5000– $20,000 in additional month-to-month earnings for up to 6 months by applying to be part of this program. This is an extra settlement component the matches the Earnings Plan and is developed for qualified leaders.


We want to round off with a quick Epic Era review of the product. In our viewpoint, wellness and individual care is where it’s at when it comes to network marketing items. You can sell almost anything in the network marketing profession from mobile/technology, services, travel, etc. however the one thing individuals get passionate about even more than anything is their wellness. When you do not have your health you actually observe it.

There is a common stating, “People invest the first half of their life spending their wellness to obtain their wealth and the last half of their life investing their wealth to get their health.” That doesn’t work out so well does it? There are many people that have had a bunch of cash and were unable to utilize it to recover their health.

The Epic Era products are preventative in nature. We’re not stating they cure anything, however we think that by taking proper care of our bodies, we can minimize our danger of certain illness and ailments. The products are extremely consumable, and are items individuals utilize on a day-to-day basis that will allow you to create a residual recurring regular monthly income.

We think Epic Era has actually addressed the problems that have plagued various other business.

In addition, Epic Era has actually produced a $100 Million leader performance program, that is unlike any other program in network marketing. We desire to complete off with a quick Epic Age review of the item line. The Impressive Era items are preventative in nature. The items are extremely consumable, and are items people make use of on a daily basis that will permit you to create a residual repeating regular monthly income.

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