Don’t Forget What Truly Matters In Social Media



Seems like the cool thing nowdays is the amount of
people that follow you on twitter, instagram, Facebook,

Yet, why is it that I am still bombarded by tons of questions
from people that I coach who have 200 times the amount of
traffic / followers that I have??

Well, it’s simple.

Traffic / Followers doesn’t directly convert into sales.

You might have 30,000 followers on InstaGram yet
only 2 will actually purchase from you in any type
of eCommerce transaction.

Make sure you keep the main thing, the main thing.

If you are trying to make money in Business, be sure
to keep that as your focus.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of millions of followers
on all these different social media outlets just because everyone else is doing it.

I spoke on the phone during a coaching session just recently
to a lady in her 50’s that wanted to know how to start
killing it on Instagram.

I asked her what kind of demographic she was going after.

I asked her… Do you know what kind of demographic gravitates
to Instagram?? She giggled and said “not a clue”.

I said, “Absolutely, without a doubt NOT the demographic
you just mentioned to me”. There was silence on the phone for
a few seconds as she realized she would have been barking up
a wrong tree while going broke in the meantime.

So I shifted her into a different marketing medium in Social
Media and she started generating leads almost overnight.

Case in point. I have a very good friend who has over 10,000
followers on instagram yet will most likely get evicted from
his home this week because he’s so freakin broke.

Who’s winning there. Certainly not him.
Could he start winning??! SURE.

For example, I’m on Instagram. Currently, I have
about 1,200 something followers. Am I expecting to
make money from my followers? you’re damn right.

Do I care if they “like” my photo? hhmmm.. well, that would
be cool if they did but I could give a crap.

Do I care if they end up in my marketing funnel because
I added some type of value to their life?! YES.

Stay focused on what your goals are, and the followers
that REALLY MATTER will come.


At the end of the day, it’s all about you doing what you absolutely
love doing. If you love a million people liking your photos on
instagram or twitter with no income in return, then rock it.

until next time, kill it in your MLM business and
stop playing games and start making money.


By the way, here’s the best course I’ve personally ever owned that talks
specifically about generating PAYING traffic & leads.

Are you dressed to impress?

Most people wouldn’t even think twice about putting on that extra nice dress or dress shirt if they were trying to impress someone that they wanted to spark a conversation with…or generate a relationship with.

However, when it comes to Network Marketing, people somehow think that they don’t need to “dress up” their business.

How are you dressing up your business?

Are you expecting to attract that “prospect” to your business
without making an impression??

Think about it.

Here’s something that I use to attract tons of prospects (especially Network Marketers)

Eniva Files Bankruptcy

Some scary times in the industry. Lots of instability within companies.

The top earner in Eniva reported earning over $10 MIL over the last few years with the opportunity. Eniva became popular with the VIBE drink (which was a liquid vitamin) that didn’t taste that great but supposedly was pulling in great testimonials.

Of course, this was before the explosion of Network Marketing Super Juice companies hit the scene hard.

Anyhow, really gets one thinking…”Could my company be next?”

How do you know if your company is safe. Do you know what goes on within the walls of your corporate office?? Do you know what goes on within the minds of your corporate executives??

It’s a very uneasy thing to think about but one thing that you need to understand is that at the end of the day, aside from all the glitz and glamour, any MLM company is just a company.

The opportunity is within you.

My heart goes out to those in Eniva. Many in the industry feel they will most likely shut their doors for business in the near future due to some of the challenges they are facing and are soon to face with their decline of growth in the industry.

Similar story with Arbonne when they filed for bankruptcy too.

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Ameriplan Terminates 900 IBO’s??

Word on the street is that Ameriplan has been struggling financially for a while and they terminated anyone (including a few of their top earners) that had ANY ties whatsoever with other MLM companies…even if they were just a customer with that company. What’s the lesson here??

What are you basing the future of your success off of?

A company??….Or Yourself?

this is great!

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