Follow the money

When I first started building an MLM business, I used to hear Industry Leaders say stuff like

ONLY focus on building your MLM” and “ONLY make money from your MLM.”

I listened…and unfortunately went broke at the same time.


Is that wrong? NO. I couldn’t agree with that more.  Trying to do 2 MLM’s is like

trying to go surfing with 2 surfboards at the same time.


Later on in my career I learned from someone who made millions of dollars in

MARKETING…not NETWORK MARKETING, to “follow the money”.

It was then that I started to do the math and run the “B.S. calculator” in my head.


So, follow me closely here…


I read, “don’t focus on making money anywhere else besides your personal MLM

company, It’s a waste of time”.   NOW, here’s where the math

didn’t add up:  I was reading that from the book that I just bought from that

persons website for $40 bucks!  What??!!


It was like it was self contradictory in nature.  This person is telling me not to make

money anywhere else besides my MLM, but they

are making money from the material I just bought from them.  I finally started running

the calculations in my head and adding it up.


How are you making money? Who are listening to?


Think about TRUE entrepreneurs like Donald Trump. Does he only do

“1 stream of income”? NO.

Robert Kiyosaki?  NO.

Warren Buffet? NO.

Bill Gates? NO.

Michael Dell? NO.


How is it they are able to earn MANY different streams of incomes while

many others will never see another income besides their JOB paycheck??

Well, probably the same reason why they are rich and YOU aren’t.

There is a successful way to earn income and an unsuccessful way to do it.


Once again, does this mean to “do multiple MLM companies”??? NO.  It’s not

possible for any type of long term success.

However, it’s definitely possible to work a JOB and work an MLM isn’t it?

All you are doing at a job is making money, aren’t you?


So, once again I ask…Is it unethical to create others streams of

income while you go full blast in your ONE & ONLY MLM??


I have multiple sales/marketing funnels like MLSP and others that subsidize my

marketing efforts.  I get more leads EVERY DAY than

most others in MLM could even wish for and I end up NEVER paying for those

leads..infact, I make tremendous amounts of money

from those leads THAT I GENERATE…NOT BUY.  It’s not rocket science folks.


Is it for everyone? Well, just as much at real estate investing is for everyone??

or creating the next iPhone is for everyone.

or creating the next empire like Donald Trump is for everyone.

It’s definitely NOT nearly as hard as those things but there’s a reason why there are

a handful of people who make a ton of money, and hundreds of millions who don’t.


Not everyone can do it. But I’ll tell you what though…


It’s a lot easier to just tell people…just get to work and do your MLM.

However, I made a promise to myself that I would tell people exactly how it is

when I started making serious money in MLM.  So here I am, telling you

exactly how it is.

But don’t take my word for it.

Follow the money for yourself!


Don’t do more than 1 MLM company. It won’t work.

Don’t spend sooo much time trying to make yourself look like an

industry guru if you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Don’t try to play an act that you know will catch up with you later.


Just do your MLM, focus on it, and if you happen to make money from

things like Attraction Marketing, Book sales, Garage Sales, or your job…

Don’t feel bad about it. lol!


I’ll be the first to tell you…It’s ok.


Follow the money my friend… Not the lame advice that doesn’t add up.



[if at this point all understand is that Elias is saying you can do multiple

MLM companies at the same time, you obviously need to read this article

over again until you understand the true message here.]