Getting Traffic vs. Converting Traffic

It seems like everyone and their dog is hyped up about getting traffic to their
sites nowdays. Seems like anywhere possible, people are posting their “join now link”
for their MLM company up on Facebook on a wish and prayer that someone will
join them.

It’s amazing how upset and depressed people get when they realize that they
don’t get a lot of response.

Some do. It’s amazing how some people actually break the code and make a pretty good
run from doing what I call the “Throw It Against The Wall” approach with Social

I have a woman in my organization who rakes in thousands of dollars a month from
customers and promoters who have joined up with her through her Facebook page.

It amazes me.

However, most people don’t realize that this lady is using a few other tools that
brings up her marketing response. She has amazing poise and posture when talking
to her prospects — and yes, I did say TALK to her prospects– not HIDE behind
the computer screen and hope they buy.

She also uses a few internet / mobile marketing tools that help propel her even
further into the mind of the consumer.

For most people, they are so interested in getting traffic that they will just
about sell their soul to the devil in order to get it. It’s kinda funny but
also kind of sad.

For example, there are many sites out there who get considerably more traffic than
my site. For example, a friend of mine and I were laughing about how he gets 10x
the amount of traffic than I do, but I have 100x the amount of converted traffic
than he does.

Consequently, I also make a tremendously larger income than he does. He probably
squeaks by with just enough to pay for his Pay Per Click costs, While I spend nearly
nothing on PPC.

Here’s the thing…

If you are attempting to have a prayer in online marketing / attraction marketing, you
need to stop worrying about pure traffic numbers and START immediately worrying about
what type of traffic / numbers you want to attract.

I’d much rather have 100 readers a day that come back everyday and re post my articles
online, opt in, and put money in my pocket versus 10,000 readers a day who spend
5 seconds on my site, never opt in, never repost my articles, and never put money in
my pocket.

Here’s your Challenge For Today:

Think about your brand. Think about the REAL YOU that you want people to subscribe to
online. Anyone can act like a Guru, but that never lasts. People want something
genuine. People want someone that can tell it like it is and show results.

Think about the message that you want to send to the world.
Decide today what your message will be.

Some of you will have a hard time. This is why you will need
my 7 Series Bootcamp.

Obviously, I use MLSP as a piece of my arsenal. I also recently threw in
Empower Network into the mix recently. No one showed me how to use either of those
tools. I just figured it out.

If you are interested in learning how to use Attraction Marketing, I will be holding
a 7 Part Bootcamp coming up.

Stay Tuned For That!

The “I don’t use Facebook” Mentality

It’s outright, ridiculous.

Sometimes, I think people try not to use facebook to prove
some kind of foolish point. LOL..

I say foolish, because those who are using Social Media are
stealing more leads from those people then they will ever know.

If you are a business owner, marketer, trying to make money
from home, etc… you have NO BUSINESS NOT BEING ON

Just take 4 minutes and 25 seconds and watch this video
that might change your outlook on what you think about
Social Media.

If you are a Network Marketer and lightly smirking by not being an active
Facebook communicator, well, all I can say is..

You are losing money every single day, to people that are.
I don’t know if that is something to smirk about.

Facebook is the 3rd largest country in the world right now. It beats Google with
traffic. Watch the video above and tell me how many of your friends might have
already opted in to someone elses list to take a look at your opportunity that
you are trying to pitch to them with your little sample pack and opportunity

Success In Network Marketing is based largely on “Expediting Of Information”.

He or She who expedites information the fastest wins.

If you take 3-4 days to meet up with your prospect and I only take 1-2 minutes
to email them a link or hit them up on their wall. Most likely, I’ll win.

Do you know how many people have lost prospects that are on their “chicken list”
who they haven’t even approached yet?! A TON!

The business savvy people are usually business savvy because they are
resourceful and don’t have a terrible amount of time to waste in coffee shops looking
at magazines and flipcharts. They like to do their homework on their downtime and
get straight to the point.

Question: Do you NEED Facebook to really pitch your opportunity??
Answer: NObut you also don’t need to drive a car to work as well!
You could easily ride a horse or walk.

Some things just flat out make sense.

If you are a Network Marketer.. doesn’t it make sense to actively NETWORK
within a MARKET that has the LARGEST network around??!!

So, next time someone asks you “are you on Facebook?” and you give the cute
giggle and smirk as you politely say “No, I don’t do that facebook thing”

Maybe you’ll hear some money getting sucked out of your business and mentally
see them walking into someone elses business…instead of yours.

Stop fighting it.. You are a Networker. Network!!


Using Others Traffic To Boost Your Profits (Strategy #1)

If there is something that I’ve gotten pretty good at over the
Last few years in my journey to become a decent marketer on the
Internet, It would be “Learning to cipher traffic”.

I won’t spend a radical amount of time on this article because I do tons of
Webinars on how to “cipher” traffic anyway. Really, this article is for
Those that JUST read my blog (and you folks are awesome!) and don’t
Know what they are missing out on. [smile]

Do you often feel like a creepy, weirdo trying to chase people down
to visit your website or blog?? Let’s face it…
There are millions of websites out there? Why visit yours??!!

However, let’s discuss a couple of different ways to boost your traffic on
Your website, blog, youtube channel, etc..

That being said, most people would look at my youtube channel and see
That I don’t have much subscribers to my channel.
Infact, if you really look… I don’t even have much fans on my “fan page” on
Facebook. Currently, I only have less than 400 fans on my facebook page.

How do I go about making a hefty income on the internet
Without having tons of useless fans or random people on my youtube

But I still make mad cash online! lol

Infact, some people in my prior MLM company got really nervous
when I was out there telling people that my online income was
surpassing my MLM income. Supposedly, I made waves.

So to appease them, I slowed down my online marketing.

Long story short, I’ll never make that mistake again.

I thought that was interesting…being that I was driving traffic to my
Company. Oh well. Onward.

So how do I make serious money online and MLM without having a TON of useless followers that hit like on my fanpage or hit play on my youtube

Because, I’m a list building specialist. I’ll take an organically built “opt in list”
any day of the week versus 20,000 views on my stupid
video on youtube. Not saying YouTube isn’t a legit source of traffic, it’s
just that most people have NO idea how to turn their videos into
cold hard cash in the first place.

One of my 8 figure mentors makes NO videos on youtube and could
Care less about it. Yet, this person has made more money than most
Could ever imagine in this industry.

I focus on building a list and turning that list into cash. How do I do it?

The answer: I cipher traffic.

I pull FREE (sometimes PPC traffic) from high traffic sources and
Direct them to my website (blog, capture page, etc..)

Why?? Because when I have an opted in list, I have a direct tie to their brain, their
Undivided attention, and emotional connection.

Once again, this is just my way of marketing. Some don’t agree with
My way. They say that they would much rather have massive numbers of
Followers to read their nonsense on their Facebook Page or video on one
Of the popular video networks.

I’d rather have emotionally attached READERS and converted leads rather
Than traffic any day of the week…hands down.

Most of these “so called internet gurus” have never built a sizable downline
In MLM and would shake in their boots at just the thought of getting in front of a handful
of real people who have real concerns and real ambition to make
Cold hard cash. Obviously, I’m not concerned with massive traffic.

I’m very interested in targeted traffic, loyal followers, and converted leads to cash. That’s it. Period. End of story.

Over the years, I’ve targeted some pretty good sources of traffic like other blogs, other peoples channels,
other peoples fan pages, other peoples facebook profiles, etc.. that HAVE the traffic that I need in order to
“cherry pick” my target market.

Here’s the ONE major secret that I will unveil to you today. We’ll discuss more of
This on a webinar that I will be holding in the very near future.

The way you can start driving good amounts of traffic to your site is:
You find other blogs that have a good traffic flow, facebook pages, etc..
(and that’s a BIG “etc”


Did you hear what I just said, just then?? COMMENT on them.

I have a feature on my blog where people can share my blog with others on facebook or in their other content
share networks like digg, tumblr, stumbleupon, etc..

Most people will comment WHILE they share my content on facebook. There are some websites that I
regularly go to where I comment and give actual, valuable
Feedback and attempt to answer questions to other readers.

In this way, I’m proving in a real world situation that I know what I’m talking about and provide a
sense of value to the online community.

Most blogs, like mine, have an area where you can add your website or blog
Along with your comment. If you have a wordpress blog, you can install a plugin
Called “commentluv” that rocks.

I will be holding a webinar regarding setting up your own blog soon as well.
Make sure you are opted into my list at
To get a heads up when I show you the blueprint of how to set up a blog
Within minutes.
Just think about the dynamics of this ONE little (but powerful) traffic ciphering technique.
Think about how cool it is if you have a blog that has 20,000 subscribers and another 5,000 of
driven, targeted traffic ALL reading that same
Blog post. Think about just 300 of those people “liking” the article and sharing
That article within their network of an average 2,000 friends “newsfeeds”.

That’s potentially about 40,000 people reading that random article. If you post
A comment that is valuable with your “hyperlink” to your site, what do you think
That will do for you??

Can you say.. targeted traffic, converted leads, and cashflow?!

Just one of the many, many, many ways to legally and happily cipher
Traffic and convert it into cash.

The “It Takes Money To Make Money” Myth.

Throughout my career in business, I’ve often overheard many traditional
businessmen casually state that it takes money to make money. I wanted
to address that and see if that logic actually holds any merit.

For many of us in the Network Marketing or Direct Sales world, you know
that isn’t necessarily true…or is it??

When I first got started in my current company as an independent distributor,
I paid $499 for my start up kit.

Yes, I was broke so I didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

Now some people would claim that isn’t a lot of money but, you see, that
might not be a lot of money…on my part.

However, someone had to come up with the money to start that company.

  • Someone had to pay for the scientific research on products, didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the licensing of those products..didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the staff to start a company, didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the manufacturing and distribution of that

product, didn’t they?

Somewhere along the line…the opportunity would not have been possible
if large amounts of capital were not invested.

Even if you want to purchase Real Estate with “No Money Down” someone
has to come up with the money somewhere down the line.

What does this mean for your business??

Here’s what I’m getting at…

If you aren’t making money in your Network Marketing business, chances
are you don’t have any MONEY moving through your organization.

If you don’t have money moving through your group, you don’t get paid.

Now..Let’s apply this to marketing your business.

If you don’t have new recruits for your business, what is your plan?
You obviously need more prospects so you can talk to more people, right?
If you want to advertise or do PPC, you need money in your budget
but if you aren’t making money in your business and can’t make the investment
you are dead in the water.

That mainly leaves you with virtually 1 option.

Go and personally talk to a bunch of friends, family, co workers, strangers, etc..

Now, the catch there is that you are DEPENDING on them to pay you
are actually hoping they are in a better financial situation than you are. LOL!

Do you see, where this is going?? Without money, you aren’t going to make it.
If YOU don’t need to have it, But someone else WILL.

Now…Here’s how to leverage yourself into a Marketing / Advertising budget
worth thousands of dollars. This is where “Funded Proposal” Marketing comes
into play. It’s nothing new. Infact, anyone that tries to tell you that attraction
marketing is some new thing that people are “trying” to make work, they don’t
know what the H*** they are talking about.

So here’s how you do it.

1) You need to find a way that targets your specific audience.
2) You find a way to add value to that audience and appeal to them.
3) Get them to purchase a “low end” / entry level product that adds
cash to your pocket and their info to your list.
4) The money from that funded funnel will drive your marketing budget
higher so you can reach more people.
5) You create a relationship with those prospects / customers and bring
them into your opportunity.
6) You make even more money and the money you get from step #3 just
repeats over and over which enables you to advertise more and more.

So, that’s it! If you can’t pay for advertising PPC costs…

Get your prospects to pay that bill for you!

Take a look at my funded proposal / attraction marketing funnel that
I use to recruit with.

In closing, we conclude that it certainly DOES take money to make it.

Get out there and kill it in your Network Marketing Business!

Driving Traffic To Your Business Using Video Marketing

So, the question really becomes…

“Ok, so I want to start using social media for my MLM business. Where and how
do I start?”

In this blog post, I will briefly share with you, how any person can use video
marketing to start driving traffic to their business.

I would either suggest opening a Vimeo “Premium” account or a
free YouTube account.

This video will show you how to get it going.

Step 2: Monetizing your traffic before they join your program.
Ask anyone who knows anything about marketing and they’ll tell you that
one of the first things that they do is “Monetize Their Traffic”.
If you look at infomercials, they always have some kind of way to
incentivize you to purchase their product or join their membership.

The thing you need to ask yourself is this…

“If they don’t join your Network Marketing business or buy YOUR
product, how much money will you make?”

If you are like most Network Marketers, they will make ZERO…

Which is why most Network Marketers spend themselves out of
business. They can’t recruit fast enough to pay for their advertising
or PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing efforts.

I personally use MLSP for many, many reasons..mainly because MLSP
is a great Training company and marketing funnel.

I’d highly suggest MLSP, especially if you don’t have your own
“funded proposal” product.

Try out MLSP for only $10 for 2 weeks.

Should You Do Social Media…Even If You Suck Online?!

Most people would wonder why I would suggest that someone uses social
media to drive more prospects to their MLM.

Truth is, most people would find that it is a heck of a lot easier to use
Social Media rather than crafting persuasive emails to every
single one of their prospects…

Or even meeting with their prospects face to face!

Take The Blame & Make The Money.

Taking the blame for someone elses failures.
I used to really hate taking the blame.

Then one day I realized that When things are going great, it’s your fault.
When things aren’t, going good it’s your fault too.

Then one day a mentor of mine asked me, “would you rather be right,
or would you rather be rich?” That was a simple answer for me.

He said “Because, there are lots of broke RIGHT people in the world right now.
Just get over it and keep moving. Massive production solves nearly all complaints
and problems out there.”
You can never let the finger pointing game get to you. If you sign someone up in this business,
they will try to set themselves up for every excuse under the sun. As long as it isn’t their fault
that they will EVENTUALLY fail, it’s ok.


So it needs to be said that when you get to the point where you are a true leader with a great organization,

the reason why you are a leader is because
everyone else needs you.

John C Maxwell, author of the “21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership” said that you weren’t leading
the charge as a leader, but rather everyone else was leading instead,
they wouldn’t need you!

Who are you fooling?!

It goes the same way with your prospects. If you let the blame game get to you, you will
always lose. You will never become successful in this business if you let the blame game
mess with your head.

The best way to deal with this is when someone signs up, you just simply tell them..
“I don’t know if you can do this or not, but if you follow the system and be coachable,
you’ll see results. If you don’t follow the system and aren’t coachable, I wouldn’t even
fill out an application right now.”

You see, the magic happens all throughout the process.

Enrolling the person is just part of the process. Your job isn’t done. At that point, your
job is just beginning.

As far as I’m concerned, all they’ve done was just fill out an application to work for me.

Because I have employees in my restaurant business, I know what it is like to hire
someone who’s all excited and doesn’t even show up for their first day of work!

Is it because my restaurant doesn’t work? Sure isn’t, because I know lots of people
who didn’t show up to their first day of work with large companies like Hilton, Wal Mart, Target, Macy’s, etc…

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
It just means that THEY didn’t work.

So stop beating yourself up over the whole thing and when someone signs up for your business,
just remember…
Let them show up to day 1 of their job before you start getting serious about them.

After all, they are trying to qualify for YOUR time.


Starting To Use Social Media In MLM…For Dummies.

Using Social Media in MLM isn’t rocket science. It’s actually quite simple.
In this 11 minute video, I will talk about some of the basics.
In the next video, I will walk you through some really powerful social media
tactics to explode your MLM.

Cut Past the B.S., Follow A Real Leader, Become One Yourself, & Kill It In
Your Network Marketing Business!! -Elias

Kick a** Black Belt Recruiting Course:

How to “CLOSE” more sales in your MLM

The funny thing about when I first started in the Network Marketing Industry is that I was really heavy
on sales and didn’t know crap about marketing. Because of my lack of knowledge about truly building
an MLM program, I failed miserably over and over again.

But that’s not the funny part.

The funny part is that I was actually a pretty darn good salesman.
I was making great money in Sales. I would also hear about other salespeople who
worked for the same timeshare company as me getting into other MLM’s and recruiting a
boat load of people in a matter of a couple days.

However, the story always ended up the same.

The TOP Salesperson type usually never had lasting success in MLM.
Although they could recruit in an almost effortless fashion, they
couldn’t lead, duplicate, and train if their lives depended on it.

That’s when I realized…It’s NOT just about being a slick salesperson!

For a few years, I stayed away from MLM (actually gave up on MLM to be honest)
and just studied intently on SALES & MAREKTING. I spent a ton of money
learning from the best in the world. I just knew I needed the knowledge to get
what I really wanted in life.

When I finally jumped back on the MLM bandwagon after studying
hard about the Network Marketing industry, true leadership, Offline
and Online marketing tactics, I hit the jackpot.

I was able to combine my super duper sales skills with my super marketing
know-how and lead & duplicate my way to a $100K MLM Success

I also paired up with some good mentors too. That’s a key element.

So, let’s get to business. This won’t take very long at all.

How to CLOSE the sale in MLM is kind of tricky. You see,
you close the sale by not really wanting it in the first place.

Now, obviously you probably want the enrollment more than
anything else…

But you don’t manifest it. You don’t show it. Infact, you
act like you could give a crap.

Most times, the sale is closed before you’ve even started
talking. There’s a few dozen things that should’ve happened
in the very beginning stages of the greeting BEFORE you even
started talking!

If you come from a place of, what is called “lack consciousness”, it will
manifest itself in your words and actions. If you are sitting down to
interview and qualify those people they will feel it and will try to
impress you and actually buy your time.

There is waaaay more to the mentality behind the sale, but I will
tell you this, no one wants to do business with the person who really
actually NEEDS the sale. Does that make any sense to you??

If you don’t believe me, just try and show up to the bank and ask them
to loan you money because you really NEED it. They most likely won’t give
it to you. No way!

Funny thing, is (especially nowdays) they are giving the money to the
people who don’t really need it as bad as those who do.

So how do you CLOSE the enrollment in your MLM?…

You STOP WANTING to CLOSE the sale, and START wanting your
prospects to start closing themselves to impress YOU.

Get out there and kill it in your MLM!!!!



No Excuses 2 & The Golden Gummy Bear.

So here I am, back from the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas Nevada. What an unreal
event. Ferny and Ray put on an event that is really pretty hard to top for that
price. It also helped that I was in VIP too. Better pictures, better opportunities
to network with other leaders, etc…

I took away so much from the event.

Here’s the difference from No Excuses Summit 2 versus NES1…for me.

Last year, I showed up and no one knew who I was. I didn’t have anyone
from my primary company there. I didn’t care because I had no Idea what I was
in for. It was all new to me.

This year I showed up, not as a General audience member, but as a VIP.
I already knew most of the speakers, a bunch of them knew who I was.

But you see, last year I showed up and I was thinking with a different mindset.
I wanted to learn how to make money online. I wanted to learn what it was they
were doing.

This year, I was looking for more specifics.

I was looking for tools. I was looking for tracking. I was looking for smaller, more
specific things that would give me a boost in my online marketing strategy. It’s
interesting how when you actually know what to look for, you always find it.

I found it.

I am now in the process of just starting out using just a couple of new tools
that will help me out with getting even more traffic and connections.

I will be blogging about these new tools in the days to come. It’s very reality
show styled. I have no Idea how to navigate around these site (you can tell)
but I’m learning right in front of your eyes. Stay tuned…

Ok, so the Gummy Bear.

I’m walking down the hallways with a box of Haribo Gummy Bears I just bought
from the store. Some guys stops me and asks me if he could have one.
I pour out a few gummy bears in his hands and we start chatting.
He was there at the NES2 as a speaker. I’ve never spoken to this dude before.
I knew who he was but acted as If I didn’t know who he was. He also asked
me for some gum. I was like “what? this guy is seriously starving or something.” lol.

We chat for a few minutes and he begins telling me about some things that will
rock my world in MLM and online marketing over the next few months.

From just those few minutes, I will go on to earn another $100,000 this year.

I thought about it as we parted ways and headed back to my seat, I spent
$3 bucks on this box of gummy bears. Over the next few years, that conversation
that stemmed from this box of gummy bears will most likely yield me some possible
7 figures. It was as if those gummy bears were made out of PURE GOLD.

Lesson learned:

you never know when the opportunity will arise where the answers
you are looking for will come right by you. You might not be in some crowded convention
room or Super Saturday, conference call, or high ticket webinar.

It could be in a quick conversation in some dimly lit hallway in Las Vegas over a box of
Gummy bears. Question is: will you be ready to receive the info and process it as such??

Success is when opportunity meets preparation.


Follow the money

When I first started building an MLM business, I used to hear Industry Leaders say stuff like

ONLY focus on building your MLM” and “ONLY make money from your MLM.”

I listened…and unfortunately went broke at the same time.


Is that wrong? NO. I couldn’t agree with that more.  Trying to do 2 MLM’s is like

trying to go surfing with 2 surfboards at the same time.


Later on in my career I learned from someone who made millions of dollars in

MARKETING…not NETWORK MARKETING, to “follow the money”.

It was then that I started to do the math and run the “B.S. calculator” in my head.


So, follow me closely here…


I read, “don’t focus on making money anywhere else besides your personal MLM

company, It’s a waste of time”.   NOW, here’s where the math

didn’t add up:  I was reading that from the book that I just bought from that

persons website for $40 bucks!  What??!!


It was like it was self contradictory in nature.  This person is telling me not to make

money anywhere else besides my MLM, but they

are making money from the material I just bought from them.  I finally started running

the calculations in my head and adding it up.


How are you making money? Who are listening to?


Think about TRUE entrepreneurs like Donald Trump. Does he only do

“1 stream of income”? NO.

Robert Kiyosaki?  NO.

Warren Buffet? NO.

Bill Gates? NO.

Michael Dell? NO.


How is it they are able to earn MANY different streams of incomes while

many others will never see another income besides their JOB paycheck??

Well, probably the same reason why they are rich and YOU aren’t.

There is a successful way to earn income and an unsuccessful way to do it.


Once again, does this mean to “do multiple MLM companies”??? NO.  It’s not

possible for any type of long term success.

However, it’s definitely possible to work a JOB and work an MLM isn’t it?

All you are doing at a job is making money, aren’t you?


So, once again I ask…Is it unethical to create others streams of

income while you go full blast in your ONE & ONLY MLM??


I have multiple sales/marketing funnels like MLSP and others that subsidize my

marketing efforts.  I get more leads EVERY DAY than

most others in MLM could even wish for and I end up NEVER paying for those

leads..infact, I make tremendous amounts of money

from those leads THAT I GENERATE…NOT BUY.  It’s not rocket science folks.


Is it for everyone? Well, just as much at real estate investing is for everyone??

or creating the next iPhone is for everyone.

or creating the next empire like Donald Trump is for everyone.

It’s definitely NOT nearly as hard as those things but there’s a reason why there are

a handful of people who make a ton of money, and hundreds of millions who don’t.


Not everyone can do it. But I’ll tell you what though…


It’s a lot easier to just tell people…just get to work and do your MLM.

However, I made a promise to myself that I would tell people exactly how it is

when I started making serious money in MLM.  So here I am, telling you

exactly how it is.

But don’t take my word for it.

Follow the money for yourself!


Don’t do more than 1 MLM company. It won’t work.

Don’t spend sooo much time trying to make yourself look like an

industry guru if you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Don’t try to play an act that you know will catch up with you later.


Just do your MLM, focus on it, and if you happen to make money from

things like Attraction Marketing, Book sales, Garage Sales, or your job…

Don’t feel bad about it. lol!


I’ll be the first to tell you…It’s ok.


Follow the money my friend… Not the lame advice that doesn’t add up.



[if at this point all understand is that Elias is saying you can do multiple

MLM companies at the same time, you obviously need to read this article

over again until you understand the true message here.]




No Excuses Summit…And Events Like It.

I’ve often thought about the dynamics of events like the No Excuses Summit because since I attended it last year, it’s really changed my perception on the industry and how I market my business.





I’ve forgotten how much I actually paid to get into that event in 2010. However, I do know that I made tens of thousands of dollars within just a few short months after attending that event. It was directly related to the information that I obtained that I wouldn’t have been able to get at some regular corporate sponsored MLM company convention.


Because there is too much ego and “my way or the highway” leaders in every company at every convention. What do I mean by that?
Well, it’s an unsaid rule that you don’t want to offend other peoples group while you have the opportunity to speak from the stage at large events like a company convention. If you say something wrong or “against the grain” there will be hell to pay in the aftermath.

At events like the No Excuses Summit and a few others that are similar in nature, the people speaking from the stage and in the breakout sessions don’t give a crap about your upline or other upline leaders in the crowd. They tell you straight up how it is because it’s RAW info.

They don’t care if your feelings are hurt or if you are offended by them teaching a certain business building tactic that made them millions last year.

A few interesting people might go home and cry because they don’t agree with what’s being taught while the rest of us will continue to rake in terrible amounts of business these spineless distributors are leaving on the table.

It’s laughable.

Because of the fact that I’m a global top producer in my company, I sometimes get caught up in the “pleasing everybody” mode sometimes and catch myself telling people things they WANT to hear instead of telling them what they NEED to hear.

I have an email list much larger than my actual downline in my primary company. It’s sad sometimes to think that I can be more honest in building a successful Network Marketing business with my general opt-in list versus distributors in my actual MLM organization.

It’s mind bending at times.

Sometimes people get a little shaken up because I don’t hide the truth about building a successful Network Marketing business.
I sometimes ruffle some feathers amongst people in my own business. oh well.

I hated it when I found out that there was no tooth fairy either.
(I always wondered where that little fairy held all those rotten teeth and large sums of money.)

Let me ask you…

When something happens to your business (god forbid) and your organization gets wiped out, what will you take with you?

If you are like most people, you will take with you a very big chip on your shoulder and a lot of hatred, depression, and regret about the situation you ended up in. Most people quit the industry all together.

Here’s the tough question:

What type of knowledge do you have right now at your fingertips that would allow you to make money without your MLM business?

Here’s the even tougher question:

What type of knowledge do you have right now at your fingertips that would enable you to build a strong RESIDUAL INCOME without your MLM business?

…just some things to think about. Get to the “outsider” events, educate yourself and take the coaching & mentoring if one of a leader in your business is offering it.

Forget about all the nonsense and just get out there and kill it in your business.


The Retraction Dance

I know i’ll probably say some things that will resonate differently amongst different people.
It’s been a little while since i’ve written a post, lots of major events going on in my company
and in my family life as well. All very positive and very exciting, but I can’t forget about my
loyal readers here on my blog.

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been observing for quite some time in the
MLM industry. Something that is becoming a serious problem even for leaders like myself.
Not me personally…Not because i’m a know it all.

It’s because I am an actual business owner. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars
and took a risk in the restaurant industry. I know what type of repercussions can take place
if you don’t calculate well from the start.

That’s kinda the way things are when you actually know REAL business.

I see some distributors who post other leaders (from other companies) videos on
their Facebook page & share it with their downline. They wake up one day
and wonder where the heck their entire downline went. They don’t realize that for
every dumb move they make, they’ll pay many times over. Unfortunately, unlike
me, not every so called “youtube guru” has ethics and business standards.

Sadly, the MLM industry is made up of a lot of people who throw $50 bucks at some
program who say a bunch of nonsense in the beginning without ever taking a second
to think “will this come back to bite me later?”.

I call it the retraction dance. It’s a simple name. It means just that.
Slowly back peddling on what you’ve said before because now you realize the
repercussions that it will now have on your team.

Let me quickly explain:

You can say a whole bunch of stuff about building a business and duplication
when you don’t have an organization. However, when you start building a sizeable
group in the thousands, you can’t say the dumb stuff you
used to say that never got you in trouble before.

So, maybe when you had hundreds of people that you rolled into your business
from XYZ company (real life example from many “so called experts”) you talked
alot of rah rah about internet marketing and how making the list is lame.

However, because of the fact that very, very few people know how to market
in the cold setting and don’t have the budget to even think about doing Pay Per
Click marketing, that drum will get beaten to death really, really quick.

Now they’ll revert to recruiting in the warm market because that’s easier
(and proven) for them. Well, what now happens when you now have thousands
of people in your group who don’t know about internet marketing or
cold market prospecting/ recruiting methods, you gotta retract.

If you don’t, your downline will break away from your teachings, start
teaching their “own” system (which is most likely some other guru’s thoughts
on the blog post of the day) and your business implodes from the bottom up.

You have to start doing the song and dance. You have to start beating around
some really, really big bushes. LOL.

It’s hilarious. Some of these “internet gurus” or “makeshift you tube MLM Leaders”
can talk a big game and they’ll talk it very quickly. However, they don’t have
a clue about being a real leader. It’s a whole different world.

As a true leader, you need to think ahead of the game. You can’t just put a
band aid over an open wound. You need to prevent the wound first. You need
to think, “if I head down this path, will I eventually get cut”.

Let me give you a personal example.

About 6 months ago, I discovered a great video/internet tool that I used for myself
before I rolled it out to a few people in my organization. Word got out really quickly
that I was using an “Internet Tool” and I was using some type of internet marketing
“thing” that might take the focus off of actually prospecting in the warm market.

Because I choose to run my business the way I do, which is, I let my leaders promote
however which way they want to run their business as long as it follows the basic
guidelines of our system, I decided to only show a handful of people this tool.

This is sooo far from “deep doctrine” internet marketing that it’s not even funny.
I used it because it was the easiest thing for people to use, especially if they
don’t have their own capture page. A lot of people in my downline and even in my upline
were kinda shaking their head at this elementary school level internet tool that
would seriously benefit the masses. I didn’t care. I was using it…and still am.

About a month ago, my company rolls out a new tool. It’s an internet tool that shoots
out video that notifies you via text message when your prospect opens up the video.
The company went wild about it, still is. All the distributors are still going wild about
it..still are.

Funny thing is, it’s the same exact tool I have already been promoting to my group..
only thing is that they branded the player and it’s under a different name now.
It’s still the same service, company, and probably same price point.

I can almost guarantee that the company won’t pay commissions for referrals
to this service because the service providers are going to be charging less
for the service versus what I pay at $19.95 a month.

How do I know this, because roughly 156 other MLM companies use the same
exact service including Monavie, Xango, Tahitian Noni, etc… and they all
charge about $9.95.

I already get paid a great commission from this video service…because I was
ahead of the trend and I don’t have to back peddle.

Now many others who were opposed to my “internet thing”
are starting to do the dance now…

At first many said, “just give people DVD’s” or “just go face to face”
or “that’s nonsense, just open your mouth and talk”.

Now, they have to implement the “Retraction Method” and do
the embarrassing dance. I won’t. It’s great.

Many other gurus out there are just as freaking hilarious.

I was just watching a video of this girl that has made CRAZY money
from marketing on the internet. She spends more money on Pay Per Click
every month than most people ever make in a year in MLM.

She just recently posted a video talking about why Guru’s don’t know
how to really build MLM businesses and how online marketing
doesn’t really work…”as well” as offline.

Funny thing is, I know this because I do business with this person in an
Attraction Marketing Internet Based System. She makes
tens of thousands per month from that. It’s not easily duplicated.
You don’t do home meetings about this internet marketing
system. Yet, the retraction method starts.

[UPDATE: 11/10/2010– So, now it comes to find out that this individual
has just recently made a jump over to a “top tier” opportunity where
you sell a $3K package and make anywhere from 50%-90% profit. She
created a huuuge buzz to send some controversy out on the internet.
She held a webinar just a few minutes ago (that I attended since I had
a gut feeling about this) and sure enough my suspicion was confirmed.]

Her upline leaders just recently started beating that same drum as well.

Her upline leader came out about a month ago with the same message.
He beat her to the punch with the “retraction method”.

Does this mean that they don’t know what they are doing?? no.

They know exactly what they are doing. Most likely, they’ve had it
planned from the start….

Or did they? hmmmm.

Question: What is your upline telling you? How are you deciding to build
your business?

Like I always say, cut past the all the nonsense happening in the industry
and just get out there and kill it. Follow a true leader. Become one yourself.