How To PLAN For An Explosive Month

If you don’t have a plan…you plan to fail.

In this video I talk about having a plan, a backup for that plan,
then having a backup to that backup plan. lol.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

It’s actually pretty simple in logic.
It’s very simple to do.

What’s your plan this month to explode your Business?
Please comment, Please share your thoughts!



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The desire to be FIRST…

Many Entrepreneurs have a great desire to be FIRST in their company, city, town,
to break the ice and capitalize in a big way from timing.

During situations like this, I think it’s important to clarify
what it is folks are truly after.

I once heard said, “It’s not about BEING FIRST in a marketplace. It’s about
being considered FIRST.”

Point is this:

When your product, service, or opportunity is considered, It is far more powerful
to be considered FIRST over your other company reps VERSUS just simple being
FIRST to enroll in the program.

If you want to be FIRST in anything, make sure you
dominate the market first over everything and everyone else.


Why Do A Podcast?

  • The percentage of Americans who have listened to a podcast in the past month has almost doubled since 2008, from 9% to 17% by January of 2015. The percentage listening in 2015 was up two points over 2014 levels (15%).
  • Overall awareness of podcasting is increasing at a modest pace, with roughly half (49%) of Americans ages 12 and up aware of podcasting by early 2015, up only slightly since 2010 (45%).
  • Mobile devices are increasingly the preferred way to listen to podcasts. Libsyn also recorded that, of their 2.6 billion podcast downloads in 2014, 63% were requested from mobile devices – up from 43% in 2012.
  • By next year, one industry group estimates, 50% of new cars sold will have Internet connectivity; by 2025, it will be all of them. “When that happens and there are podcasts in everybody’s car, it’s not podcasts anymore,” says Harbinger. “It’s just the radio.”
  • “Stop trying to think about ways to get more listeners [overall] and think about trying to crush it in your niche.”

Ok, let’s get this thing started. We’ll start out with a few steps that will set the foundation here:

1) Create a Title For Your Show:  typically, you will want to name your show something that will describe what your entire show is about. You could add a few key words in there as well.
Also, having your name as the Show Name could work too although not the strongest option.
Here are a couple of Ideas:
– Power Women In Business with [yourname] | Empowering Women In Business.
– Fitness Inspiration; The Latest Tips & Tricks For Weight Loss
– The New Power Mindset; The Attitude Of Success
– Periscope Domination: Periscope Training | Social Media Tips

2) Create your Name (Host Name): Remember that iTunes is an actual search engine so if you want your podcast to rank well in their search engine, you will want to target your niche market with your name. It picks up well with Title and Host Name. Here are a couple of examples:

-Elias Callejo: Network Marketer, Social Media Trainer
-Elias Callejo: Master Fisherman, Bait Maker PHD, Fishing Boss
-Elias Callejo: Master Matchmaker, Online Dating, Tinder Success (rofl)

3) Your Podcast Description.
Ok, so you have 4,000 characters to create this with. Describe to your audience in the best way possible using 4,000 characters or less.

ok!!! If you’ve finished this , you are doing AWESOME!!  This should keep you busy enough for now.  Now, lets get ready for PART #2 to get the link to enroll for my upcoming Webinar on NextLevel Podcasting 101!!


Creating a PART TIME explosion in your Business (Part 2)

Create a part time mlm explosion

In this video (part 2 of 3) I talk about creating a part time explosion
in your business using a couple of local market tactics.

In a few days I’ll be talking about how to create a long distance

Here’s how NOT TO DO Social Media marketing via Facebook.

Creating a PART TIME explosion in your Business (Part 1)

kill it with elias

Ok, so lets face it.

You don’t have as much time as most FULL TIME Network Marketers to really focus on your Business…But don’t fret, there is a very very bright road ahead for you my friend.

Here’s TIP #1 in the “Total Home Business Makeover” series.

Do you struggle to get leads?? Don’t buy them, generate your own! is my system that i’ve used for the last 5 years to build
a strong Business with people in my niche market.

Be sure to connect with me on Facebook at
Instagram: @eliascallejo

Dealing With Unresponsive Warm Market

unresponsive prospectsQuestion:
I’ve approached my co-workers and family about my MLM, they won’t respond to me.
They never respond to my phone calls or texts. What do I do?



What do you want tips on for your Business??!

Play Your Game

If you struggling and not seeing alot of success in MLM, you need to hear this. michael-jordan-624x438

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3 Things To Think About With “Paid Traffic”

You’ve heard everybody and their dog talk about paid traffic nowadays. Infact, the only way that you are going anywhere AT ALL with Facebook Pages nowdays are…PAID TRAFFIC.

Here are a few tips:

1) Do you have a system / program to TRACK & MEASURE your results?
If not, you are losing money with PAID TRAFFIC.

2) Are you willing to commit to paying for traffic for at least
6 months? If not, you are losing money with PAID TRAFFIC.

3) Do you have a FUNDED proposal system that puts money in your
pocket WHETHER OR NOT folks join your Business.


Let me know what your experience has been with using PAID TRAFFIC!

See you at the beach! EC

What’s your number?

sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Video for everybody.
But I finally recorded one today and placed it at the bottom of
this article.

I’ve been a little quiet online but VERY VERY busy with Business
and the everyday stuff.

So in my recent eMail to my list I talked about how a friend of mine
sat down 1 year ago, made a list of 100 people, recruited 1 person,
that one person quit after only a few days, but my friend still kept
at it.

He sat down 30 days ago and re-wrote an entirely brand new list
of 100 people.

He ended up recruiting 10 people from that list at the top package in
his company. Dozens of people from that list came in as customers.

Here’s what makes that work…

See you on the Beach!!!

10 Ways To Reach More Of Your Facebook Fans

Just wanted to share a quick tidbit about Facebook Fanpages:

Many Facebook fan page owners struggle to get more of their fans to see their posts in the news feed. On average, most Facebook page posts reach a mere 16% of fans in their news feed.

However, the good news is that number could be much higher, like 47% or even more. But the bad news is it could also be much lower, like 2%. So what can you do?

Here are ten ways to reach more of your Facebook fans in the news feed. 


How To Rock The 3 Way Call Pt.2 (Negative Prospect)

3 Way Call Script…

1st Question: “So what did you like best about what you just saw?”
2nd Question” “Just so I know how I can help out here, what exactly do you mean by that?”
Response: “I see….Can you hang on for a second?”

Script To Upline:
“I’ve got someone on the other line who just listened to the overview call (or website) and says has a concern about _____. This prospect could have some potential. However, I think I’ll need your backup on this one. Are you ready?”

Script to Intro Upline to Prospect:
“___ you back with me? Great. This is so cool, I was able to grab a business partner of mine who is incredibly successful in this industry. This is a woman/man you will be working with as well. He/She is a top earner and trainer with our company and one of the most respected people in this industry. I figured this was great timing that he was on the line especially because He has handled your concern about ____ in particular many, many times and I think he could offer some extra insightful perspective. Bob, this is Mr. Expert, Mr Expert this is bob…”

Upline Turns Call Back Over To You::
“Mr. Prospect, thank you for spending a few minutes with us. Looking forward to seeing you take some action with this information and working with you. Let’s connect soon. Bye for now.”


p.s… If you are sick and tired of chasing after deadbeat prospects, create 10-15 highly qualified leads every day and become a lead generation machine. Watch my video–>

Successful 3 Way Call Script (Part 1)

You to your upline:
“I’ve got someone on the other line who just listened to the overview call (or website) and says has a concern about _____. This prospect could have some potential. However, I think I’ll need your backup on this one. Are you ready?”

Merging The Call:
“___ you back with me? Great. This is so cool, I was able to grab a business partner of mine who is incredibly successful in this industry. This is a woman/man you will be working with as well. He/She is a top earner and trainer with our company and one of the most respected people in this industry. I figured this was great timing that he was on the line especially because He has handled your concern about ____ in particular many, many times and I think he could offer some extra insightful perspective. Bob, this is Mr. Expert, Mr Expert this is bob…”

If you are dealing with a NEGATIVE prospects you need to watch this video.



**if you are tired of the nonsense that the tire kickers and broke, negative friends say– start learning how to tap into qualified prospects every single day..

2 Money Making Habits

Today, I talk about 2 habits that make you a lot of money in this business.

Just coming out of Christmas and moving into the new year, it’s about that time
where you get rid of the old and making room for the new.

Here’s the link for the “100 Day Business Builder Challenge”



Effective Follow Up vs. Desperate Chasing

fortune is in the follow up

A few years ago, I learned about the art of follow up.

Not the kind of follow up that most of you might be
Thinking of. NO.

Someone who had earned millions in this industry
Told me something that really shook my world up.

He said, “If the fortune is in the follow up and no one
does it, that means there are millions of prospects out
there are getting pitched, but there is also millions of
these prospects that are left hanging in the wings waiting for more
information. Do you see the opportunity here??

How I took action on that little nugget of information
Radically made a difference in my income and personal
Production online…and offline for that matter.

Think about it.

If there are 25,000 active promoters in your company that
Have talked to 3 people this month that means there
Are 75,000 prospects who will be hitting google, youtube, and
Blogs trying to seek out information for themselves.

It’s no secret.  You can safely bet that every single serious
prospect is hitting google or youtube the second they hear
your company name pass your lips.

If we take the 80/20 rule and accept that ONLY about 20% of
folks are actually following up with their prospects, that means
there are over 60,000 prospects that will fall through the
cracks this month….in YOUR COMPANY!!!

Let me ask you, if they are serious enough don’t you think
they will FIND out the info they really seek??

Why does it seem like the top money earners always “attract” business?

My question is this:
“Since you aren’t following up with your people, who is??”

or asked in a different way…

“If you aren’t providing the follow up info that they are
looking at, WHO IS??”

Until then,

P.s… I dare you to leave the big boys and girls on google and youtube to follow up with your people for you LOL.
Attraction Marketing System

2 MAJOR TIPS on getting leads with your article, youtube video, or post.

Winning with Facebook & YouTube in 2014 (part 1 of 3)

Everyday, I get emails and calls from people who complain about how in the past, they’ve shot a few videos or posted an article on their blog and they didn’t see the kind of results that they were expecting.


This is usally when I have the “expectation chat” with someone.


Let’s put things into context and assume the conversation were about farming.  If one day, a farmer went out into an empty field and planted a few dozen corn kernels, would that mean he would have a few miles of corn when harvest season arrived??


Absolutely NOT.


It’s about consistency and frequency.


Let’s take a look at each of these words. According the dictionary, the word consistency means: firmness of constitution or character”


The word Frequency means: the number of times that something happens during a particular period”


The point here is, you can’t expect miracles with just 1 or 2 videos.  Show me the person who shoots 1 or 2 really professionally produced videos with all the cool intros and graphics versus the person who uploads a dozen videos from their smartphone with no fancy bells or whistles and you’ll see the smartphone person generate way more leads than 1 hit wonder.


How often you post it and WHEN you post that video or article will determine how well it will perform in this very competitive marketing space flooded with millions and millions of other articles, blogs, videos, emails, texts, pictures, etc…


So the first step is to figure out  how frequently you will be posting videos or articles on your blog, facebook fan page, etc…

[In a later article I’ll give you a few pointers on how to make sure your video is
as effective as possible. Or you can just access that information by checking out
this course ASAP


Next, make a decision to be consistent with that frequency.  If you make a decision to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday… BE CONSISTENT WITH THAT. Deciding WHAT to post is another story, I usually use “Lead Generation Mastery” to teach my new clients how to get some “Fast Start Momentum” using a few simple tricks.


Even if you set a goal to shoot 1 video a month, be consistent with that frequency!


You don’t know how many times I’ve seen people say that they are gonna shoot videos and upload EVERY DAY of their “90 day Challenge” (or anything similar) only to see them roll out the first video announcing their daily VLOG and the 2nd video usually comes in a few weeks later apologizing for not posting or being consistent with their video logs.  Again and again and again, the same story.


Go & do a search on youtube and you’ll quickly understand exactly what I’m saying.


So, today’s message boils down to Consistency and Frequency.

Be consistently frequent!

KiLL iT Nation Podcast:


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The best way to generate leads for your MLM

Generating qualified leads for your Network Marketing Business
is considerably harder than most people make it seem.

I’m not gonna lie, The marketplace is very competitive nowadays
and the personal branding is through the roof. Believe me,
I’ve been generating leads for my Business for the last
handful of years. It’s a different game in 2013…and
especially moving forward into 2014.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be dropping some nuggets
of knowledge on how I’m getting qualified leads for
my business CURRENTLY.

Over the last few months, I’ve been testing all kinds of
avenues when it came to generating leads online…even

What’s really cool is, I’ve found a few ways that I’ll
reveal that are insanely simple… infact so simple that
the large majority of folks aren’t even thinking to look here.

Obviously, as you can see I use MLSP to generate the
highest, quality type of lead
. Here’s a simple tactic
that I use to generate leads on YouTube that very, very
few people are even thinking about.

In the meantime, here’s a course that I just recently suggested to
a client of mine, TubeTraffic MOJO. This course teaches you how
to correctly market your business through YouTube and how
most people are doing it all wrong. Just watch this video..
click here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a quick tip on taking your marketing
videos to a next level with a trick that even a 2nd grader could
use…and it only takes 2 minutes.


3 Quick Tips To Attract NEW Customers For Your Business

Customers. That’s where it’s at.

That’s where “walk away, residual income” lives.

Here are 3 Quick Tips to Attract NEW Customers for
your Business:

1) Tell potential customers that you are looking for
a NEW “Before & After” project.
Comment: Believe it or not, most people love the opportunity
to be a part of any type of project, experiment, etc…
They want the opportunity to be recognized as well. If anyone
denys this, they are lying. Plain and simple.

2) Post a “major blowout sale” coupon on your facebook page.
No matter what, major “blowout” sales attract attention. When
people couldn’t care less, now they are curious about purchasing
your product for the “what if I really end up needing this?” clause.

3) Offer upsell promotions to your current customers. Offer free shipping
if they get 1 new customer. Maybe some type of cash incentive
if they get 2 new cusomters.

That’s it.


p.s… I guess it should also be said that if you know how to correctly leverage
social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc…) you dramatically increase
your chances of getting a steady stream of new volume. Here’s one of the best
courses that will teach you the PROVEN equation to get more new promoters and
customers through social media!

How to generate leads while you travel (Facebook Marketing Tip)

The next time you want to generate a couple of leads with very little
effort just simply using your facebook page, try doing this.

Whenever you are headed to a different city other than the
one that you live in, advertise this and generate dialogue
with folks within that city.

Here’s one that I just recently posted:

I immediately got about a dozen hits in my fan page inbox…

Whenever you are traveling, make sure you let your fans / friends know,
obviously you will want to have a fan page in order to maximize this, here’s why.

Just a quick tip.

Get out there and stop playing games…start changing lives!


***Are you still struggling to get leads for your business? Tired of all the non sense that’s involved when recruiting your broke friends and co workers? find out how I’ve been able to generate tons of leads ALL THE WHILE some of my own friends and family don’t have the slightest clue what I do—> ***

Rachel Groves Went From Obese & Depressed To CHAMPION


Rachel Groves

Rachel Groves

Show Notes:

Today I had the opportunity to interview Rachel Groves from Marshall Texas. It was packed with some awesome content.  Rachel has lost over 170+ on the Body By Vi Challenge.. ALL while still building her Network Marketing Business.  In addition to managing a crazy schedule with her kids, etc.. She still has time to get to the gym and continue to challenge herself and inspire thousands of people from around the world.

The interview starts out by talking about her physical transformation. In a few minutes, we start talking about how that turned into a major tool for promoting the challenge and enrolling an wildly impressive amount of customers and promoters for her business.

Listen to the Podcast NOW!

Rachels Favorite Quote:  “No Excuses!”



When To Cut Your Losses & RUN (Rated RT “real talk”)

Giving up and walking away from a Network Marketing business is
Considerably easier to walk away from when compared to a traditional
Business model because of the amount of risk & capital at stake.

Are you truly open for business?

In traditional Business, most times you will invest tens or hundreds of
Thousands of dollars to get it started. You are already starting off with
The mindset that you won’t be turning a profit for a little while.

Depending on some key factors in acquiring customers and generating
New sources of cashflow, that will depend on how fast you move into
A profitable stage.

In Network Marketing you are typically investing under $1,000 to get
Started in business. Most traditional business owners will laugh at that
Kind of business “start up” cost, but for most networkers that’s a pretty
Big deal. I own a traditional business, so I can say this.

We will bring in $20,000 worth of raw food product that we will sell that
Month… Well.. Let me rephrase– Hopefully sell that month. No Guarantees.

We hire employees and trust them to care for the product,
Prepare it on time, prepare it with pride, and serve it happily to our
Customers for a profit. Now, hopefully we have enough customers
Coming in and we are making our monthly investment back in profit.

Most Network Marketers will complain about their $125 a month
Autoship??? Seriously??

Most promoters / distributors in MLM have already made their
Initial investment back in their first couple months.

They were under the wrong expectation that EVERYONE they came in
Contact with would magically enroll and they’d be running to the
Bank with huge bank rolls and exotic sports cars.

Now with that being said, there are a number of traditional businesses
That are going out of business and shutting their doors on a daily
Basis.. It’s just business (or lack thereof).

Network Marketing is nothing different.

So the question… When do you cut your losses and run??

Chances are you just need to learn more skill as well. Join me on my webinar this Thursday, “Close Like An MLM BEAST” seats are limited and will be packing out REALLY QUICK.. Register NOW by clicking HERE.  See you on the Webinar!

Shoes & Jackets while traveling

One of the key things to remember while traveling through a lot of airports is dressing efficiently. Low, slip on shoes for easy on and off through TSA is a huge plus. I tend to rock the chucks 90% of the time because it matches just about any style of wardrobe I choose to fly in that day.

Today, I’m sporting the Montcler Shoes (made in Italy / Neiman Marcus) just because I was in that mood. By the way, white shoes, italian made, high ticket shoes, airplane, small places… Not a very good combo.. But I was in one of those “I don’t care” moods.

Usually, never wanna use light colored, preppy shoes… You’ll scuff them, believe me.

I like to carry a sport jacket of some sort especially on the red eye flights.

I utilize ALL of the pockets in my jacket. I use it like a man purse without sporting the “fanny pack” look– nothing against fanny packs.

Just a couple of tips today for you jet setters!



Mastering The 6 Second Video / Vine App

I’m learning to get really good at Making 6 second videos. Check out what I mean:

Some of the good things about vine are:

1) it teaches you to get to the point quick… I mean REAL quick.

2) Vine forces you to get creative.

3) Vine teaches you to think out of the box.

4) since Vine is the Instagram of the video world (owned by twitter) it will become a social media powerhouse.

Facebook & The Social Media Landscape

Over the last few years, Social Media was seeing double digit growth in
the 30 percent ranges and up.

Last year, Social Media only went up 6.8% in the United States alone.

In addition, Facebook lost over 1.3 Million users
in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Question is, Where is everyone on the internet going?

Are less and less people using social media?? NO.

Some are saying that U.S. Social Media will “slow down to a
trickle” in the coming years ahead even though International
Social Media will continue to boom.


There are more and more competition and tremendously
more Social Platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, GooglePlus, Vine,
etc… which leaves a lot of room for speculation as to
where all the traffic will be headed.

So the real issue actually isn’t are you on Social Media,
the question is WHERE in Social Media are you dominating.

Keep a watchful eye on where you will be spending your time.

Personally, I think Facebook will turn into the “MySpace”
all over again in about 24-48 months.

If you are heavily dependent on Facebook and it’s different
marketing / advertising, I’d probably start diversifying.

I’ve been testing, tweaking, and experimenting with a
number of different social media sites behind the
scenes. Stay tuned for my discoveries.

In the meantime, I’d suggest learning how to make moves
quick with social media (the way it is NOW) while it’s roaring.
This is by far, the best social media course I’ve seen thus far.
“Lead Generation Mastery” taught me how to generate leads
on demand with social media & internet in general.

Use my code to get a killer discount “KILLIT”

Get out there and KILL IT!


connect with me on Facebook!

No Excuses Summit 4 (Las Vegas Nevada) Day #3

I thought it would be cool to snap a quick pic with my iPhone and show some folks
how a typical day in my home office usually looks. This is actually a REAL TIME snapshot LOL



Obviously, I’m all in with APPLE / MAC equipment. Just fits my style a
little more.

Growing up, people always told me that I had ADD. I never did accept that…
I maintain that I’m just very good at doing a bunch of things (that I love doing)
simultaneously! haha.

Watching the LIVE STREAM from No Excuses Summit 4 happening in Las Vegas Nevada.
This kinda feels weird streaming the event because ever since NES1, I’ve always
attended the actual event.

When I first started attending No Excuses, however, I wasn’t traveling anywhere
near as much I am now. I just came back from Traveling across multiple states
less than a week ago and I wasn’t feeling like leaving the beach so soon.

Some of my thoughts on the speakers so far:

Eric Worre killed it (as he usually does) today. He was one of the first speakers
this morning. He had a really interesting viewpoint on “Loyalty” that you should
probably check out sometime.

Diane Hochmann rocked it on stage in her Diane fashion. She kinda veered off
topic a number of times but always delivered some pretty serious content.

Jerry West rolled out some high level SEO stuff that was pretty content rich
but he kept it bite sized, which was good. Good for the folks that don’t
know alot about the real high tech SEO stuff.

With that, I have some closing remarks regarding the situation that I’m
in personally right now…

So I’m one of those people that has decided to stay home and opt for the
LIVESTREAM. Since I’ve been to these actual events in person and have
never missed it, I can honestly say this.

The experience and level of knowledge that I am getting aren’t even
close to the same as being there in person.

You don’t get the “Breakout Rooms”, relationships, new connections,
“Event Attendee Only Offers”, etc…

Still good stuff though.

If you are ever thinking about opting for a liveStream version of
your company’s event, the only positive thing you will gain is:
saving some money on travel.

However, that’s a very short term outlook because you’d be truly
losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in the
long run.

If you are broke anyway, learn how to make money QUICK in your business. 

that’s it… more in depth review on the next post above.

Jut for fun: Here’s a picture of an office that I’d really
freakin love in my home one day.



This is at the W south beach Miami Florida.  Wouldn’t this be the BOMB office?!!
I’ve been here a couple times and It’s off the chain!!

What is your dream office??




Are you thinking mobile?

Mobile content revenue is targeted to hit $65BILLION by 2016. Are you capitalizing on this projection?

Here’s my theory.

I think that the state of the industry of high tech MLM is in such an upheaval & chaotic position due to rapidly changing technology, market opportunity, etc… I truly feel like we’ll be seeing the replay of the Dotcom mlm bubble hit in a similar fashion with all the fad / pop mlm’s that are basing their entire opportunity off the current tech craze.

If none of you remember, think back a dozen years ago when you started seeing all these online shopping mall services gone mlm or vice versa.

The big talk was about how eCommerce was gonna be the next big thing and everyone would be online.

Well, the problem was… They were right. However, they offered an opportunity, not a solution, that was based SOLELY off the medium that seemed to have been popular at the time.

You see, follow me on this one:

The aspiring MLM companies were aware that people would be doing eCommerce.
The MLM companies knew that there was gonna be money spent in that arena.

However, what they couldn’t see was the WAY (keyword: WAY) that the money
was gonna be flowing. They couldn’t have seen the emerging technologies and
social media booms that would hit and how the big boys of the tech world
were already planning on the attack.

In the meantime, the MLM folks are jumping around about how some millionaire
that has “financing” and industry experience is “all in” with the vision.
That’s happening while the boardrooms full of multi millionaires & billionaires, entire
corporations, shareholders, international tech teams filled with the brightest minds in the world are shifting gears
behind the scenes with a big smirk on their faces the entire time.

The pop tech MLM’s aren’t even a blip on their screen,
let alone a force to be reckoned with.

It’s almost laughable to them. Believe me, I love this industry…
but it’s almost like we need to stick to what we’re good at.
We need to play ball where we belong.

So back to the online shopping mall, website building MLM’s…

In a very short amount of time, you saw ALL of the online shopping mall MLM’s disappear.

Typically, MLM’s based off the fad and technology of the current day are highly, highly unstable because they can’t shift as quick as the big boys in the corporate tech world.

Most of them can’t shift quick enough due to lack to REAL funding.

In closing, my opinion would be this:

I’d really think twice about throwing ALL your eggs into ONE basket if your company is basing the entire focus and opportunity on something that the big tech players will just swoop up in no time at all.

If you don’t believe me, think about all the pop tech mlm companies that started 10 years ago and are still around today. Still thinking???   The only ones that really come to mind for me is 5linx (founded in 2001) and ACN (founded 1993) and I’m sure they are doing good. However, I’d be curious to know what kind of revenue they are hitting annually. I know that ACN is supposedly pulling in $600M in annual revenue. It’s reported that 5Linx is pulled in $81M in 2011.

I’m really curious to see what the “pure customer” count is with these companies. They are great opportunities,however, in all fairness I don’t see anything that is
“ground breaking technology”at either one of these companies. Mostly, they are 3rd party reserllers of these products / services like long distance, mobile phones, tablets, etc.. which drives down profits and pays out minimal on comp plans. One of the bigger products that ACN has recently launched is “Energy” which has nothing to do with “pop tech” but still, it’s only offered in a few states. I’m still trying to find customer reviews on the service.

There are a ton of other pop tech mlm companies but haven’t been around long enough
to stand the test of time. As long as they offer good products, they’ll do fine I’m sure.

Rippln recently has been making some buzz. I haven’t seriously kept up with their
progress but the last I heard, they were hitting some internal snags. Rippln is a
mobile / gaming app company that is (at this point) not fully launched. I recently did
a review on them.

Never forget that you are always going to be building your brand and building your business. If you have a system that enables people to give you money, you won’t always have to be chasing the next “big thing” constantly.

Now, before you go on thinking that I’m hating on tech MLm’s, understand that I know there is certainly money to be made short term in those deals. Long term is out the window, however.

That’s it. Please share your comments below, I’d love to hear them.


p.s… this post was written on my iPhone so excuse the typos.

Rippln Gaming MLM Review (thoughts)

So, I don’t know enough yet to truly understand everything there is to know
about Rippln, the newest MLM pre launch (at the time) company that just
hit the block.

I’m sure it’s a great opportunity, however, the only thing I am constantly
wondering is, with ALL the massive amounts of mobile app developers, how
will Rippln fare in the “spinOff” battles.

There have been numerous attempts to break into MLM using the gaming
platform, but hasn’t been successful. Surprising to see how many high
level Social Media icons are going public with this platform being
that it could potentially be a flop.

Obviously, Only time will tell if it will truly make a serious
“New Category” type run in the industry.

I hope everyone does well with it.

Once again, with all the competition in the mobile app world
and the possibilities of copycats are highly likely and
easily duplicated product, I’m left wondering how they
will deal with all the spin off’s that is sure to come…quickly.

One thing is for sure though, If you don’t have a plan to truly
generate leads and go after your target market in ANY MLM or
affiliate program, you are surely planning to fail.

Always have a real system to generate income and leads quickly
like the one I use.

(I’ll discuss a more formal review in the very near future.)

How to know if your MLM Business will last.


I don’t know if it gets any better than “walk away income”
(as they call it in the Investor world) in Network Marketing.

There is an actual method by where you can actually
figure out if you will ever have “walk away” income
in this industry though.

I figured this very complex formula ALL BY MYSELF. Can you believe that??!

Well, if you didn’t know about this FORMULA, you are about to know now.

You see, after years of being in the industry as
a six figure earner, I’ve figured out a pretty intense
method of figuring out if your business has the
longevity factor.

Ok, here it is.


And there you have it.

The more customers you have PLUS
the more people you have duplicating a system,
the higher your “walk away” income becomes.

If you have NO ACTUAL customers (not promoter / customers)
and no one actually DUPLICATING a system then
your business is dead meat.




whew…. that was intense.


How ANYONE can easily attract NEW reps into their business

How does a rookie attract leaders to their business? How does a person who isn’t a $100K+ earner attract more people into their business?!

It’s really simple. What you have to think about is the fact that
you have a lot of people who are just really looking to work with someone that has some forward motion in their business.

I talk about a few major key points in this video.
Enjoy watching! comment, like, share, all the good stuff —->

How to cash in when your company rolls out new stuff…

ok, so this post is pretty self evident. Most people
in your company will get excited about the new stuff
that get rolled out.

However, as I’ve said before: Excitement only lasts
so long. If you don’t have a plan to execute, you
have nowhere to go and no target.

Simple Equation for NEW rollouts:


1) make sure you call your old, current, and new
prospects and let them know that there will be some
news rolling out that will be of great benefit to them.

Ask them if they are open to an update once you get it.

2) Make sure you call your old, current, and new
promoters and tell them to do Step #1 within 24 hours.
You can offer an incentive prize to accomplish that.


3) Invite all your prospects on to a PRIVATE webinar where
you discuss the new rollouts. Prospects (whether they are
interested or not) love to be on the “inside track”.

4) Initiate a CALL TO ACTION on that webinar or conf call
with a TSO (Time Sensitive Offer).

Watch for my next post on more things to do to cash in
on your company’s promos.

I might even show you guys one of my recorded launch webinars.

Get out there and kill it in your MLM business
my friends!


Making a list…checking it twice

Anytime I hear that aspiring network marketers have
run out of their warm market or “people to pitch”
my heart goes out to them.

On the other hand, I get excited for them because
now the fun is just getting started.

If you are willing to truly “be in the game” and
stick it out and consider yourself a REAL marketer
you have to understand that this is where the
real fun begins because it is only at this point
that your REAL creative juices start flowing.

This is where the REAL marketer comes out.
This is where the SALESPERSON in you comes to a
dead stop because a salesperson is only as good
as that prospect in front of them.

A marketer brings the prospects to the table FIRST.

What good is the best salesperson in the world
if they have NO customers to “pitch”, right?


Let’s talk very quickly about what I would do if I
were personally running out of people to talk to.

I’d start asking my upline leadership what they do
in order to get more leads. I’d start asking people
who’ve been in the business for more than 6 months
what they are doing to get people in their info funnel
of information.

Speaking of which…if you have no funnel, you have no business.

There are sooo many things you can do, but the trick
is that you must be willing to step outside of your
comfort zone. Money is made in the fear zone..remember that.

For example:

1) Go to a different barber / salon than you are used to.
2) Bank at a different bank.
3) Attend a different church ward (or whatever you call it)
just for an hour or so.
4) Take a different route on lunch break.
5) Join the Local Chamber Of Commerce.
6) Attend all the “local events” happening in your city.
7) Volunteer in a service project.
8) Talk to different people at lunch
9) Eat at the different place for crying out loud.
10) Go to a different gym
11) Take your kids to a different park

I could go on for hours here with about 500+ ideas,
but you probably get the idea…get uncomfortable.

You need to understand that getting new prospects is a little
tricky because not very many people have the spine or the
guts to own up to the fact that it’s a little daunting to get
more leads LOCALLY in a “person to person” setting.

There are hundreds more ways to get more leads.
If you still need more ideas be sure to attend my
periodic coaching webinars that I hold regarding generating


Let’s quickly (and I mean very quickly) talk about generating
more leads in an online fashion..

This is where you would seriously need to visit my website and see how the big players are
making moves in this type of business.

If you truly wish to generate leads in an online setting,
the entire name of the game here is VALUE.

You need to offer some type of value for anyone to be attracted to
you or your business in an online setting…
Actually, the “Value Rule” applies OFFLINE as well.

For starters here are a couple ways to get noticed online…
(notice I said “noticed”.. careful selection of that word)

1) Join a few different Facebook groups and study what the
information / discussion flow is like.

2) Identify the discussions that you can add genuine value to.

3) Ask questions in the group and generate discussion about topics
surrounding the target market you are going after.
(I talk about that in
4) Create a blog and blog about actual topics that can help people.
Don’t just blog about all the money they can make by reading
your posts and join your team! LAME…lol

5) Comment on youtube channels. Join conversation threads on
chat boards, etc..

6) PPC google, facebook, etc… (Pay Per Click) You need to
make sure you have a pretty healthy budget to work out the kinks.
You want to set aside AT LEAST $100-$200 for starters.

There are many more ways to generate leads online and once again,
you’ll be able to find out more IN DEPTH information about online
lead generation at

Is online marketing the key to MLM success?? NO.
Is warm market the key to MLM?? Not entirely.
Is it possible to convert an online lead to relationship?? hmmmm.

The question is this… Can an online lead become a warm
market lead?? If you can figure out how to do this, you’ll
find it a lot easier to convert recruits.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, please
hit up the comment box. Please share the love, like,
and comment.


Will tons of leads really fix your business??

It seems like everyone in Network Marketing are getting
more concerned about getting leads rather than getting
strong at relationship building and actually getting
people enrolled in their business.

It certainly takes some skill to generate a lead,
it takes even MORE skill to close that lead into your

Today, I recorded this audio clip (which is downloadable)
to shed some light on this issue.

I also talk about another interesting Myth about building
a lasting business in Network Marketing.

Take a listen my friends and download the audio!


MP3 File

There’s traffic, then there’s production.

You know you’ve all seen the videos that get
tons of hits on youtube or the blog post that
gets tons of hits.

Some people are so overly concerned with how
great their video looks or the color of the
graphic here and there and they totally overlook
the real reason why they might be producing
that content.

Now, obviously I’m speaking to the people that
are actually trying to get some type of production
from their content whether it is video, blog, article,
website, ad, etc..

Some people just love wasting time and money and just
put stuff out there with NO concern for a return.

Not my crowd, sorry.

But for you that are still reading. Don’t forget what
it is that you are trying to achieve by putting content
out there.

I personally know a guy who got 800+ hits on his youtube
video in the first few hours of going on youtube and he was
stoked beyond belief.

I watched his video myself and knew that he’d be calling me
up for advice AGAIN to figure out why the video wasn’t
generating leads and most importantly…Cashflow.

In a week or so, after the video had climbed to a few thousand
hits, I was having usual discussions with this guy
(as I expected) as I have with many aspiring marketers
because he, like many others, are more concerned about
hits versus production.

He didn’t generate a single lead.
He didn’t generate a single enrollment into his MLM.
He didn’t generate a single penny of income from his video.

He was at a loss.

I have videos that have 150 hits that have made me more
money in 1 month than most people make in their 1st 6 months
in their Network Marketing business.

So how is it possible to have 1000+ hits and generate diddly squat??


You don’t ENCOURAGE production in your content.

You must ALWAYS encourage some type of production in your
video or article. Always send them somewhere, direct them
somewhere, sell something, promote something, GIVE something
of value before you direct them somewhere.

You can have the best content and your audience will “feel good”
after watching or reading your content but you need to
do more than just that. You need to guide and direct them
in the direction you NEED them to get to.

Yes, you MUST be entertaining and highly valuable to
your audience (I’ll save that for another post),
but you must also direct your audience to what you
need them to do.

And there you have it my friends, Not only create
value but direct your audience AS WELL so you don’t
just get traffic, but you get production too.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing
business and beat the system!


p.s… question of the day: what is the last video or article
that really inspired you? Please share WHY it inspired you and
please leave link. ..and yes, it’s awesome if it’s your own

Why Pinterest Should Be Your Best Friend

Ok, so this was a long overdue blog post. I’ve been spying on Pinterest
for the last few months now. Pinterest didn’t really catch my interest
because I didn’t really see a lot of value in it at first.

When I started seeing Pinterest links, social “follow me on Pinterest”,
and “pin this” buttons on numerous blogs, I realized that it was about
time that I paid some attention to it.

You know how the old saying goes, “there is power in numbers”.

Unless there were a ridiculously enormous amount of people on Pinterest
as there is right now, there wouldn’t be a lot of value in it.
However, once again, Where there are groups of people, there is power.

And as a Network Marketer, you know we absolutely LOVE the groups
of folks. New prospects.

Lets start off with a few basics…

What exactly is Pinterest?
Answer: you want to think of Pinterest like your very own personal
“cork board wall”. Whatever you come across on the internet, much
like a magazine or a newspaper, you would cut out an article or image
and pin it up on that corkboard.

How does Pinterest go Viral?
Answer: Well, just like that cork board wall, when you collect picture,
articles, etc.. you have friends that will see your content appear
on their facebook feed, twitter feed, email, etc… and they
will “like” or “re pin” your content.

When someone else repins your content, they now become a “follower” of
your Pinterest Wall and their contact, friends, etc.. will now somehow
connect with you with everyone else.

Let’s start off with the basics:

1) Your Profile

Your personal profile section will be your introduction to everyone that visits your profile page.
This lets everyone know that you are indeed a real person and that you actually
have a personality. Mention your name, what you do, what you find cool, what you love to
search on the internet, something light, upbeat, etc..
[Main point is to not get too radically serious]

2) Creating Your Pinterest “Boards”

Just as soon as you open your account, you want to start creating “boards” like crazy!
Divide your boards up into different categories (here’s mine below).
Everything from personal development to shoes, to jewelry, etc..
the sky is the limit here. Once again, keep it light.

This is where you want to get a bunch of categories up and running to get more
people to identify with you. If I only have a “Self Help” board and “My MLM Is
Better Than Yours And This Is Why” Board that really narrows the likelihood
of a ton of people identifying with you.

For example, my MLM company (visalus) gives out BMW’s and that’s our marketing
tool to reach out to more prospects. So of course, guess what type of corkboard
I’m gonna have in order to find people who love BMW’s now???

Right!! I’m gonna create a BMW board! You see how this is going?!
If you are marketing a weight loss product and you are seriously
wanting to tap into the groups of people that desire to get into
shape, guess what kind of board you need to make?!

Right! A board that has to do with weight loss and fitness.

3) How you “follow” people.

Whenever you go to someones wall either from the Pinterest
“search function” or just randomly browsing (how everyone
does like Faccebook or Twitter) and you “repin” their
content, you automatically become a “follower” of
theirs on Pinterest and you automatically start
syndicating their content.

Now, that isn’t 100% confirmed at this point but since
there is NO absolute answer on that online but it seems
like it certainly is pointing that direction.

I’m continuing my observation on this matter so stay

3) Getting a Pinterest Following.

The easiest way to get a pinterest following is to get a
Pinterest logo on your blog along with the “pin this” logo
on your blog.

If you have an email list, you could blast it out to your

Blast it out to all your facebook friends!

Just simply tell people to follow you on Pinterest and
watch what you pin over the next day or two!

3) Keep your audience (followers) on their feet.
Try not to stay “in the box” about business ALL THE TIME. I pin shoes, watches,
cool new tech gadgets, fashion, dream destinations, etc.. just to
keep my followers engaged.

Some people think they are doing their audience a favor by strictly
talking about only business. This goes for Facebook too!
Little do they know, it gets redundant and predictable and sooner
than later, your followers will see NO value in going to your
wall to see whats new.


Pinterest is a powerful, new, fresh way to get more prospects, get your
content syndicated by tons of people.

All you need to do is get an account and figure out how to do it right.

Happy Pinning!
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The Whiteboard That Makes Networkers Money

One of the worse mistakes any serious network marketer can make,
is drawing out an action plan that you can’t take on the
road with you.

Bad move.

Here’s a powerful tool that I’ve been using for a while.

Watch this video below —->>

I am a thief!! ..sort of.

I direct high amounts of traffic to my websites. The crazy thing about it is that most of the traffic comes from my competition. I almost feel bad…a little.

How can you do the same?

Well, it all starts with having a blog that is already linked to a steady source of traffic. Not going into detail on that one, but here’s what I suggest if you don’t know jack squat about blog marketing and setting up your own blog I recommend using a service like “Empower Network”.

  • You don’t need to know diddly squat about setting up hosting
  • You don’t need to know how to drive up your results in the search engine
  • You don’t need to hire a web designer.
  • You don’t need to waste any time trying to sign up for stupid affiliate links so that you can monetize your blog.
  • You don’t need to WAIT to be considered an “established” blog to get favored by the search engines.
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on upkeep or web maintenance.
  • Your prospects enter your funnel automatically.

And then you need to funnel them through a “funded proposal” funnel.

Then, have a proven upline leadership in your MLM company that can help you “close” those
prospects that you have on the other end of the funnel.

Are you serious?? …Is it that easy??

Watch this

It doesn’t matter if you are in Asantae, OrganoGold, or Visalus here in Hawaii. If you don’t have a
proven system, you will end up losing your shorts my friend.

No matter how good your product.
No matter how cool your company.
No matter how great your comp plan.

If you have a funnel that is worthless (or even worse, no funnel at all) then you are seriously
losing a lot of money…to people like me.

I don’t think you want that happening. Watch the video.


The Information Vortex

Some people think that online marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc…
is a bunch of magical “hocus pocus”.

Infact, most people think that they would rather not do anything online
and just go completely offline and build a Network Marketing
company the old traditional way.

Here is my thoughts on that:

That could work too. Infact, there are people who are making tons of money
in MLM without the internet. Yes, these people built businesses offline
before the age of the internet & social media came about.

However, it’s possible.

I believe it’s harder in today’s society to build offline…
However, it’s possible.

The only major factor is making sure you don’t get sucked
into the “Information Vortex”.

This “Information Vortex” is something I refer to that describes
what most Network Marketers get sucked into and spit out of.

Let me explain…

Whether you market online, offline, or a combination of both,
you need to be able to have a system that spits out information
to your prospects as quickly as possible.

If someone beats you to the punch with information to your
prospect faster than you, you will most likely lose the game.

You need to figure out a way to get your information to them
faster then your competition. period. End of story.

What’s your system…

Here’s mine: