Bulletproof Respect In Business

Respect In Business

Show Notes:
– The silent killer in so many peoples’ businesses
– Respect is an acquired skill
– Respecting a position and respecting a person is not the same thing.
– From the Field: What to do when respect is lost.
– I dig into a great suggested read by entrepreneur.com

Power Quotes:

“People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves.”
– John C. Maxwell, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

“Your true colors shine bright in situations where you’re challenged…especially as a leader.”
– Elias Callejo

“Principles never change but practices often do, and respect is one of those major principles.”
– Elias Callejo

Suggested Read:
“11 Ways To Earn Respect At Work” https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/248415

Boosting Professionalism (The Hard Truth)

Boosting ProfessionalismShow Notes:
– Boosting Professionalism in your brand and business
– Cleaning house on social media & email, voice mail, and text messages

Always Presenting:
– Do you see yourself as a professional?
– Your team follows what you DO, not what you say
– Professional language
– Wisdom from Jeff Olsen
– Look happy & enthusiastic to create the right environment
– Dressing for presentations

Social Media
– Real Life vs. Facebook Life
– Be approachable
– Comment responsibly

Voice Mail, Email, Text Message
– Personalize your voice mail
– Simplify your email address
– Text messages are written documents

Power Quotes:

“If a quality product is the first key to a successful business, a quality presentation is the second.”
– Shey Cochrane

“Yes be yourself, but be the best version of yourself.”
– Elias Callejo

“Professionalism just means you maintain a consistency of quality.”
– Frank Tiger

Suggested Read: “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen

When To Give Up or Go On.


It’s so tough to decide when to Give up or Go on because
the nature of Entrepreneurs are typically head strong.
We will usually make it happen no matter what.
We will usually push through the “hard times”.

It’s not in our nature to just give up and take a loss.

However, I share my opinion on what I feel about this
issue! Very emotionally charged issue i’m sure.

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The RR Principle

The RR Principle In this podcast episode I talk about the RR Principle. If you don’t have this and implement this principle, you will always struggle in Business. You can work as hard as you want, however unless you have RR you will always feel like you are behind the ball.

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The Grind vs. The Hustle (What It Means To You)


What does it really mean to GRIND? What does it mean to HUSTLE?

To some people it means to work your face off. My opinion on the hustle and grind
is: The grind is what you are willing to do when you don’t feel like it.

The HUSTLE is what you are willing to sacrifice until you achieve the
results you desire.

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Where Do You Think YOU’RE Going?…(1 min read)


Do you think you can just walk away from your dream?  It will always follow you.  Working on your dream is difficult but the burden of regret is no light load either.

I have dedicated my career to helping people make the most of their network marketing experience.  I knew it would be a huge responsibility.  I knew people would blame me if they didn’t succeed.  I knew it would payoff slowly.  But, I did it anyway.  Why?  Because helping people succeed was always my dream.

So today my friends I say “GO BIG, there is NO going home.”  Don’t give yourself the option of turning back.  One foot in front of the other, step by step, we can do this together.

Episode #8: Understanding Momentum in Business.


You know we all hear it! “We got momentum!!”

Here on this Episode, I have a very real and candid discussion
with the NLE tribe about Momentum. I feel that momentum
is highly overrated in many circumstances.

So many reps seek companies with momentum
but don’t truly know what to look for.

Listen in!