Are Binary Compensation Plans Safe?

Since the Vemma vs FTC shakedown that happened a few months ago, the question
on everyones mind has been “Are Binary Comp Plans Safe ANYMORE?!”

I’ve been asking a number of industry leaders this very question
wanting to get their input.

The opinions that I’ve been getting regarding the safety of the Binary
has been quite interesting to say the least.

It’s safe to say that a large majority of experienced Network Marketers
know that there are a couple advantages to Binary compensation structures
along with a handful of disadvantages.

Let’s talk about some of the ADVANTAGES of a Binary Compensation Plan:

1) Rewards Very Aggressive Builders very heavily.
2) Builds heavy momentum due to massive fear of loss.
3) Creates a fast paced community.
4) Ability to purchase multiple income generation centers (typical in MOST).

Now, let’s chalk up a few of the disadvantages of a Binary Compensation Plan:

1) Creates a handicap on the “inside leg” that no aggressive leader wants to go in.
2) “Binary Creep” is virtually 100% eventual.
3) Larger “buy in” packages to force more volume up the organization to cycle.
4) Fast and aggressive attrition (dropout) rate.
5) Usually, a large majority won’t make a sustainable income which again adds to attrition.

Some popular MLM’s with Binary Structure:


Jeunesse Review; Hits $60M in Sales.

I’m still gathering as much information as I can but until then, here a few
interesting things that I’ve gathered. Jeunesse just recently hit $60M in
sales, they are in over 100 countries. About $1.5M-$2M is from the U.S.
and the US is the biggest market in MLM.

Jeunesse review

That obviously raised my curiosity.

What REALLY raised my curiousity about this company was the fact that it
is actually based in Florida but they almost have NO major distributorship
base in the United States. Majority of their volume is coming from Asia.

There is no doubt they are killing it in Asia… I think the deeper question is
why do they have almost NO reps in the US.

I did some digging and found some interesting things…

I first went to amazon (as I normally do) to find out what their products
are selling for.

Currently their “Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Serum” is selling
for about $60 bucks. It retails for $135 through Jeunesse distributors.  I guess some would ask why Jeunesse’s flagship product can be found about 55% cheaper on Amazon.  To be fair, ALL MLM products are found cheaper on eBay and Amazon sites.

Some of the reviews were interesting as well…




Purium Review; Another Weight Loss Deal?


Purium has a comprehensive approach to wellness!
Purium is not a “one-hit-wonder” nutrition company. Real health and wellness takes a comprehensive approach and Purium offers dozens of healthy whole foods and whole food-based supplements that you just won’t find anywhere else. You can look at the product offerings of companies 100 times as large as Purium and you will not find cracked-cell chlorella, red marine algae, organic Spirulina, organic barley greens, organic Kamut, or most of our other pure and premium products.

99% of the companies that market nutrition products go to someone else to get their products. Often times, Purium is that someone else. Purium’s products are so good, other nutrition companies come to them to produce their products. literally hundreds of companies over the past 19 years have used Purium’s ingredients, their manufacturing equipment, and their formulation expertise.But don’t worry, we save the best formulas for our Purium Distributors! By managing/owning the “farm to family” supply chain and doing away with the middleman, Purium can deliver the highest quality products for the lowest price. Real products that work! This creates a solid, stable business and a platform upon which you can build true, long-term residual income.

In my honest opinion, I’m sure Purium is a solid company.. Whether you are already buiding Purium or another Mlm company you need to know how to generate a steady stream of referrals like top producers in any company does. Here’s the system I’ve used to generate over $500K in just 2 years in my mlm.
Purium Health Products
Purium Weight Loss
Purium Business
Purium Compensation Plan
Purium opportunity
News about purium

RCCV1 Network Marketing Opportunity Review

RCCV1 Review

RCCV1 Review

So about 9 months ago, this opportunity started to hit the internet circles. I’m gonna be as neutral as possible even though I’m very strongly opinionated on some of these topics, but we’ll just go with it.  I was recently approached by a friend of mine about this company RCCV1 a little while ago.  Right off the top I realized what this opportunity WAS and pretty much what it WASN’T but I decided to give it a fair review anyway.

Let’s take a look at the actual PRODUCT. What’s the pitch?
Here’s some bulletpoints directly from their website
over at

  • RCC offers real products valued at over $2,000; State-of-the-art software for Internet marketers, and the life-changing Success Library.
  • Xsky The premier Skype organization-and relationship tool, xSky helps you reach out to that massive Skype list of yours.
  • Skyscraper: This a lead generation tool that locates network marketers by the thousands for you to market to. You simply upload them to Xsky and begin networking.
  • Success Library: Supposedly, you get over $2,500 in eBook / Audio book value if you were to have bought these courses on Amazon. Once again, I am not currently a member so I don’t have a FULL review on this product at this time.


Founder / CEO

Todd Hirsch, CEO…

Ok, so I’m gonna be as objective about this one as possible.  About 9 months ago, there was a company called Bidify that supposedly went down in flames and totally caved in. The top person in that company was a guy by the name of, Todd Hirsch. Crazy thing is that about 9 months ago… is when RCCV1 was created.

Here’s a little video about some of the craziness that was going down there at this time…

Here’s what really interesting with the whole thing.. Troy refers to Todd heading over to the Philippines during the shooting of this video.  The corporate office for RCCV1 is in Davao Philippines. Owned under RCC Worldwide Inc San Pedro, Beliz.

A lot of my subscribers are emailing me and asking if this company will be around long term.  My guess is that you can forsee a lot of future with the past.  If the past equals anything of the future with the track record of some of the folks involved along with type of program this is, there isn’t a long term opportunity here.

I’m not at all saying this company will get shut down or it’s illegal– rather, what I AM saying is that based on the type of program RCCV1 is, there is a high chance that there will be some snags sometime soon.  It’s taking off in the U.S. …I know the type of customer service that folks here in the United States expect.  A good test would be to try calling or contacting the customer service department at …you can only submit a ticket. No phone lines.

Either way, you need to have a system to generate a steady flow of leads with qualified contacts that will help you explode your business. My suggestion is to have a system like this one that will get you 10-15 qualified leads in your inbox on a daily basis and teach you true marketing strategies that explode your presence in your marketplace. 

Get out there and KILL IT in your Business!!



Vi-Crunch Crashes SnapChat

Overwhelming Response To Vi Crunch Launch Crashes Snapchat
Press Release | 8/27/2013

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23, 2013 — ViSalus, the leading weight-loss and fitness Challenge platform, inspired thousands of attendees at its Vitality Conference in Orlando to download Snapchat for clues about the company’s latest product launch. The ViSalus internal social team – whose initiatives continue to break new ground in the direct selling industry – utilized the popular photo-video sharing app to engage its independent Promoters in learning more about the patent-pending Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal. The response was overwhelming with nearly three thousand downloading Snapchat in the first 24 hours – crashing the app twice.
The ViSalus social team created simple, fun videos starring the internal staff that demonstrated a “crunch” sound, from crushing a can to doing a stomach crunch, to tease the Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal.

“We continue to try to meet our customers where they are. Their active social engagement on burgeoning social networking platforms, like Snapchat, demonstrates they are a unique audience on the cutting edge of communication,” said Blake Mallen, ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Office. “We are thrilled that the launch of Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal, which we kept under wraps for two years, clearly inspired and excited them.”

Talk Fusion Traffic Steadily Falling


Things don’t seem very healthy for Talk Fusion. Talk Fusions US traffic has been seeing a steady decline with no real traction to speak of since summertime of last year when they had a quick spike in traffic.

The reason this interests me is because if you were a wellness company with regular health products, weight loss products, super fruit juices, pills, etc… Your online traffic wouldn’t say ALOT about your company’s success.

However, if you are an Internet Marketing company and online traffic, email marketing, websites, and web video IS your product, your numbers / online traffic tell the ENTIRE STORY. 44K unique hits on your entire company’s traffic is pretty embarrassing especially if you have more than a few reps.

That only works out to 1,400+ unique hits a day. If you had a 50/50 split that would mean only 700 reps are looking at your website once a day and only 700 customers looking at your site once a day. Here’s the kicker though: TalkFusion offers a dozen different portals online that would generate more traffic. They offer eMail templates so that means that at most, under 1,000 people in the US are generating back link traffic. That’s a little scary if I were a TF promoter.

Hopefully the company has a plan to generate more traffic. And furthermore, traffic still doesn’t tell us true revenue numbers. I’m sure TalkFusion is a legit opportunity / business model and I’m not at all trying to point
at TF being a scam. I have a lot of friends who are in TF and I hope they do well.

If you read my last post of Tech / Pop MLM companies you will see how these types of companies
typically perform. The scary thing about this kind of opportunity is that is usually attracts
other reps from other companies that build this “tool” company to build their “primary company”
So there tends to be alot of crossline recruiting in times like this because the
leaders start taking their “tool company” downline to their primary company they were on
the fence with until the “2nd company” started losing traction.

As a rule of thumb, be very cautious when you hear someone say “Oh, I’m still in XYZ company
but I’m just using this ABC company to promote XYZ even though I will make more money doing
this.” That’s typical MLM jumper talk. Believe me, I know how to decode jumper talk…it’s dirty language! LOL

I’ll now be digging deeper for more information on TalkFusion. Get out there and kill it in your business my friends!!



—UPDATE—  Just checked their Alexa rating. They are also down 33.55% on their 3 month average. 34% of their visitors
are from China. [source:]


p.s… posted this from my iPhone (again) so don’t hate on the typos LOL. #ThumbPower

Rippln Gaming MLM Review (thoughts)

So, I don’t know enough yet to truly understand everything there is to know
about Rippln, the newest MLM pre launch (at the time) company that just
hit the block.

I’m sure it’s a great opportunity, however, the only thing I am constantly
wondering is, with ALL the massive amounts of mobile app developers, how
will Rippln fare in the “spinOff” battles.

There have been numerous attempts to break into MLM using the gaming
platform, but hasn’t been successful. Surprising to see how many high
level Social Media icons are going public with this platform being
that it could potentially be a flop.

Obviously, Only time will tell if it will truly make a serious
“New Category” type run in the industry.

I hope everyone does well with it.

Once again, with all the competition in the mobile app world
and the possibilities of copycats are highly likely and
easily duplicated product, I’m left wondering how they
will deal with all the spin off’s that is sure to come…quickly.

One thing is for sure though, If you don’t have a plan to truly
generate leads and go after your target market in ANY MLM or
affiliate program, you are surely planning to fail.

Always have a real system to generate income and leads quickly
like the one I use.

(I’ll discuss a more formal review in the very near future.)

Title Leader vs. Real Leader

Just because you recruited some people and they
did the same doesn’t necessarily mean that they SHOULD
follow what you are doing.

That doesn’t make you FOLLOW-ABLE just yet.


That certainly makes you “someone-who-recruited-a-few-people”.


Don’t get too down on yourself if people aren’t
following you like you would like them to.

 The best medicine for that is, LEAD THE CHARGE.

If you are constantly recruiting NEW blood to your team,
help them achieve the smallest forms of success over
and over again and you will have people who will follow
you to the ends of the earth.

Everybody loves to be a leader but very few are truly
willing to do what it takes to become that leader.


1)   Consistently Recruit NEW people.

2)   Show them SUCCESS in it’s smallest forms early in the game.

3)   Always let your team know that you are ALL IN.  Mean it.

4)   Formulate a great game plan, do it yourself, show your team how.

If you run this 4 step formula, it will dramatically
change the way you do business and improve your
results of your team duplicating what you do.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing business.



I am a thief!! ..sort of.

I direct high amounts of traffic to my websites. The crazy thing about it is that most of the traffic comes from my competition. I almost feel bad…a little.

How can you do the same?

Well, it all starts with having a blog that is already linked to a steady source of traffic. Not going into detail on that one, but here’s what I suggest if you don’t know jack squat about blog marketing and setting up your own blog I recommend using a service like “Empower Network”.

  • You don’t need to know diddly squat about setting up hosting
  • You don’t need to know how to drive up your results in the search engine
  • You don’t need to hire a web designer.
  • You don’t need to waste any time trying to sign up for stupid affiliate links so that you can monetize your blog.
  • You don’t need to WAIT to be considered an “established” blog to get favored by the search engines.
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on upkeep or web maintenance.
  • Your prospects enter your funnel automatically.

And then you need to funnel them through a “funded proposal” funnel.

Then, have a proven upline leadership in your MLM company that can help you “close” those
prospects that you have on the other end of the funnel.

Are you serious?? …Is it that easy??

Watch this

It doesn’t matter if you are in Asantae, OrganoGold, or Visalus here in Hawaii. If you don’t have a
proven system, you will end up losing your shorts my friend.

No matter how good your product.
No matter how cool your company.
No matter how great your comp plan.

If you have a funnel that is worthless (or even worse, no funnel at all) then you are seriously
losing a lot of money…to people like me.

I don’t think you want that happening. Watch the video.


The Information Vortex

Some people think that online marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc…
is a bunch of magical “hocus pocus”.

Infact, most people think that they would rather not do anything online
and just go completely offline and build a Network Marketing
company the old traditional way.

Here is my thoughts on that:

That could work too. Infact, there are people who are making tons of money
in MLM without the internet. Yes, these people built businesses offline
before the age of the internet & social media came about.

However, it’s possible.

I believe it’s harder in today’s society to build offline…
However, it’s possible.

The only major factor is making sure you don’t get sucked
into the “Information Vortex”.

This “Information Vortex” is something I refer to that describes
what most Network Marketers get sucked into and spit out of.

Let me explain…

Whether you market online, offline, or a combination of both,
you need to be able to have a system that spits out information
to your prospects as quickly as possible.

If someone beats you to the punch with information to your
prospect faster than you, you will most likely lose the game.

You need to figure out a way to get your information to them
faster then your competition. period. End of story.

What’s your system…

Here’s mine:


Aggressive Comp Plan Or Aggressive Retention?? (Visalus)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while on my blog. I’ve been really busy
in Phase 1 building my NEW Network Marketing Business and supporting my

Things are really starting to heat up in the group.

However, I wanted to post a quick video that I shot recently about the
most important aspect of any compensation plan.

Why you are really an Information Marketer…Not an MLMer.

I think it’s interesting to see how people think that they really aren’t
in the Information Marketing business and how they are just MLMers
who have great products, blah, blah, blah.

It’s truly interesting to see networkers finally come to their senses
when they realize that they really only get paid to do one thing…


-When we prospect someone, don’t we offer to give them more info?
-When you tell someone about the “awesome products” you offer
aren’t you giving them more info?
-When you are telling someone about the comp plan, isn’t that info?

It’s crazy to think that you aren’t in the INFO MARKETING business.

Here’s my point..Even when people sign up into your business,
If you don’t have an email autoresponder system that keeps
them in the loop, you are simply losing money.

I personally use AWEBER…I’ve used a few different ones
but AWEBER is the best one (in my opinion).

Try AWEBER for just $1 by clicking here.

If you aren’t staying connected with your people by keeping them
in the loop by email or text, you are seriously losing money.

You are probably losing customers.
You are definitely losing distributors.

You will continue to lose everyone until you come to the realization that
you are in the business of marketing information that help people make
decisions to move forward.

Elias Callejo

Follow the money

When I first started building an MLM business, I used to hear Industry Leaders say stuff like

ONLY focus on building your MLM” and “ONLY make money from your MLM.”

I listened…and unfortunately went broke at the same time.


Is that wrong? NO. I couldn’t agree with that more.  Trying to do 2 MLM’s is like

trying to go surfing with 2 surfboards at the same time.


Later on in my career I learned from someone who made millions of dollars in

MARKETING…not NETWORK MARKETING, to “follow the money”.

It was then that I started to do the math and run the “B.S. calculator” in my head.


So, follow me closely here…


I read, “don’t focus on making money anywhere else besides your personal MLM

company, It’s a waste of time”.   NOW, here’s where the math

didn’t add up:  I was reading that from the book that I just bought from that

persons website for $40 bucks!  What??!!


It was like it was self contradictory in nature.  This person is telling me not to make

money anywhere else besides my MLM, but they

are making money from the material I just bought from them.  I finally started running

the calculations in my head and adding it up.


How are you making money? Who are listening to?


Think about TRUE entrepreneurs like Donald Trump. Does he only do

“1 stream of income”? NO.

Robert Kiyosaki?  NO.

Warren Buffet? NO.

Bill Gates? NO.

Michael Dell? NO.


How is it they are able to earn MANY different streams of incomes while

many others will never see another income besides their JOB paycheck??

Well, probably the same reason why they are rich and YOU aren’t.

There is a successful way to earn income and an unsuccessful way to do it.


Once again, does this mean to “do multiple MLM companies”??? NO.  It’s not

possible for any type of long term success.

However, it’s definitely possible to work a JOB and work an MLM isn’t it?

All you are doing at a job is making money, aren’t you?


So, once again I ask…Is it unethical to create others streams of

income while you go full blast in your ONE & ONLY MLM??


I have multiple sales/marketing funnels like MLSP and others that subsidize my

marketing efforts.  I get more leads EVERY DAY than

most others in MLM could even wish for and I end up NEVER paying for those

leads..infact, I make tremendous amounts of money

from those leads THAT I GENERATE…NOT BUY.  It’s not rocket science folks.


Is it for everyone? Well, just as much at real estate investing is for everyone??

or creating the next iPhone is for everyone.

or creating the next empire like Donald Trump is for everyone.

It’s definitely NOT nearly as hard as those things but there’s a reason why there are

a handful of people who make a ton of money, and hundreds of millions who don’t.


Not everyone can do it. But I’ll tell you what though…


It’s a lot easier to just tell people…just get to work and do your MLM.

However, I made a promise to myself that I would tell people exactly how it is

when I started making serious money in MLM.  So here I am, telling you

exactly how it is.

But don’t take my word for it.

Follow the money for yourself!


Don’t do more than 1 MLM company. It won’t work.

Don’t spend sooo much time trying to make yourself look like an

industry guru if you really don’t know what you are talking about.

Don’t try to play an act that you know will catch up with you later.


Just do your MLM, focus on it, and if you happen to make money from

things like Attraction Marketing, Book sales, Garage Sales, or your job…

Don’t feel bad about it. lol!


I’ll be the first to tell you…It’s ok.


Follow the money my friend… Not the lame advice that doesn’t add up.



[if at this point all understand is that Elias is saying you can do multiple

MLM companies at the same time, you obviously need to read this article

over again until you understand the true message here.]




Network Marketing Industry Update

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted something on my blog. My primary MLM is exploding
at the seams and I’ve been all over the place.

Anyhow, I wanted to write a quick post about some of the updates in the news.

Let’s start with here locally:

It seems like a few people here in my hometown are starting to talk about Nuvia3. Like most other MLM companies
I think Nuvia3 will see some growth. The founders of the company were the Master Distributors in Efusjion from
the get go until they abruptly shut down recently. Interesting to see where that lands.

I’m pretty shocked at the most recent bite of MLM Industry News about Eric Worre left Agel for Send Out Cards.
That one got me thinking a bit. I attended his webinar to hear his reasoning and he does make a few great
arguments regarding his start up with SendOut Cards. Randy Gage stayed and doesn’t intend to leave Agel.

Success Magazine features Jackie Chan this month. I’d recommend getting it. Go grab it at borders.


Efusion Quits Network Marketing. Leaves Reps Stranded. The MLM Company Problem.

This has kinda been the trend with other companies like iLG (ILearning Global).
This usually happens when the companies lose their top reps and can no longer
fund their business operations & commission structure. This is kinda old news
but I kept getting questions from Networkers as if this was really true.

(Editors Sidenote: Keep an eye on Arbonne. They have all of the signs of
an MLM company that could possibly follow that trend. I could be totally
wrong, hopefully I am. However they’ve lost an enormous amount of top
reps, especially after they filed bankruptcy due to their $700+ million
debt that went public. I know some heavy hitters in Arbonne and I hope
that I am wrong about this. However, a red flag is a red flag no matter
what you call it.) [here’s the official letter that was sent out to all
efusion reps]

My stomach turns reading this. I’ve ready waay to many letters like this
in the industry and know exactly how it feels to have your dreams come
crashing down just like this…personally.

The truth is this, everyone thinks that it’s easier for companies to stay in
business and turn a profit in the MLM industry. That used to be the case.
However, with the fierce competition in the MLM world with comp plans,
branding, strong corporate infrastructure, flashy tools, flashy products,
flashy conventions (which costs sometimes hundreds & hundreds of thousands
of dollars), and product competition, it’s becoming harder and harder
for start up companies to maintain a smiling face if they either don’t
“buy” top dog MLM pros or attract them early on.

Not to mention the increase in FTC, DSA, and FDA regulations don’t help.
To top it off, you have the government trying to step in with
the ridiculous tax fiasco and take their cut as well.

Just think, with over 3,400 MLM companies competing in the
health & wellness product based industry, you know there must be more
to the story than just “Believe in our products and share the story”.

Back in the day, you could start an MLM business with little to no
money from your garage (case in point: Shaklee, Amway, etc..)

but not anymore.

The demand for serious competitive edge from the distributor force
to go toe to toe with other reps from competitor companies
is getting harder and harder to please.

Not to mention, most distributors don’t like hearing about “outside
investors”, “going public”, and “Venture Capitalists” taking their
cut of the comp plan. Getting word of this, reps are threatening to quit
and take their entire organization with them overnight.

This would obviously leave even bigger problems on the table for
companies being that the MLM business model needs to cater
to the distributors because they know that without the sales force,
they die.

The underlying message is this…give your company a break.

I know people who have quit (even in my organization) because
they were on “hold” with customer service longer than 5 minutes!!!

They aren’t helping anything! The upline suffers. The company suffers.
And the industry suffers.

We as network marketers need to step up our game and start sending the
message to the world that we are joining forces as entrepreneurs in the
“New Profession” of Network Marketing as one of the last great stands
in the world of Free Enterprise.

I love this industry. I know you do too. We obviously have a better
way than slaving away at a time clock for 35+ years with nothing
to show for it in the end. Let’s prove it.

Prove it by becoming wildly successful. Prove it by joining a good
company you can trust 110% and stand behind through thick
& thin. I’m glad I did. It is such a big burden off your shoulders
to know that you don’t have to worry about your company stabbing
you in the back while you’re out there working yourself to death
for them promoting for them.

Get out there and ….Kill it!!

-Elias Callejo

Kyani -MLM Company Review

So it’s no secret that I’m involved in Kyani. I’m one of the top global producers in Kyani
so it’s no big surprise that I’m obviously gonna blog about it as well. A lot of people ask me
why I decided to join Kyani back in January of 2009. For me, it wasn’t really rocket science.

I wish I could say that I was making a lot of money prior to Kyani. I wasn’t.
I wish I could say that I had a huge organization in another MLM company…but I didn’t.
I didn’t have huuuge influence on the industry so I was very basic in my approach of
analyzing Kyani. I was broke, I was tired of chasing a dream with other companies that
didn’t stick around. I just wanted to know if Kyani was gonna be around. I flew up to a
major event in St. George Utah and met the company founders, corporate team, and
top distributors.

I was pretty impressed at how “un-hyped” the opportunity was. Now, I love hype. I believe
that hype has its time and place in any MLM business. The big downfall is when the whole
opportunity is based off of hype. Kyani wasn’t.

They were founded back in 2005 by a handful of very successful business people who had
nothing to do with MLM. At this point, I’ve met and have become very good friends with all
the company owners and founders so I know the story pretty well. Every other online review
that I’ve read doesn’t have a single real clue about the ethics and integrity behind this company.

So let me lay it out very simply here.

Dick and Gayle powell had previously sold their cinnamon roll franchise and had been traveling
to Alaska for a number of years. They were approached by some scientific researchers regarding
some study that had been done on the Alaskan Eskimo’s. More specifically, the Klinka tribe.

High blood pressure, gout, diabetes, etc… didn’t exist amongst their people which is why the
study was done. They were amazed and so the study began.

Without getting into some major detail, they went back to their hometown and approached
The Hansen family and the Taylor family as investors. Kyani was born.

Kyani means “Strong Medicine” in the Klinka (Alaskan Eskimo Tribe) language. Between the Hansens
and the Taylors, their businesses exceed a billion dollars in hard assets and straight capital.
Needless to say, Kyani is well funded.

Kyani has 3 products. Kyani Sunrise (Functional Juice Beverage), Kyani Sunset (Omega 3 w/ Vitamin e tocotrienol gelcaps), and Kyani Nitro FX (Nitric Oxide PreCursor). These products are actually pretty affordable. A month supply (which is 1 of each of these products) will hit you with a $140.00 tab. When broken down, you’re spending less than $4 a day for these supplements. That’s about the average in the industry.

Compensation Plan:
Kyani’s compensation plan is very, very, very strong on residual. Kyani has a feature in their compensation plan called a “paygate accumulator”. Watch my video on it by clicking here. It’s original. Most of all it works and it pays out heavy.