Bulletproof Respect In Business

Respect In Business

Show Notes:
– The silent killer in so many peoples’ businesses
– Respect is an acquired skill
– Respecting a position and respecting a person is not the same thing.
– From the Field: What to do when respect is lost.
– I dig into a great suggested read by entrepreneur.com

Power Quotes:

“People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves.”
– John C. Maxwell, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

“Your true colors shine bright in situations where you’re challenged…especially as a leader.”
– Elias Callejo

“Principles never change but practices often do, and respect is one of those major principles.”
– Elias Callejo

Suggested Read:
“11 Ways To Earn Respect At Work” https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/248415

Boosting Professionalism (The Hard Truth)

Boosting ProfessionalismShow Notes:
– Boosting Professionalism in your brand and business
– Cleaning house on social media & email, voice mail, and text messages

Always Presenting:
– Do you see yourself as a professional?
– Your team follows what you DO, not what you say
– Professional language
– Wisdom from Jeff Olsen
– Look happy & enthusiastic to create the right environment
– Dressing for presentations

Social Media
– Real Life vs. Facebook Life
– Be approachable
– Comment responsibly

Voice Mail, Email, Text Message
– Personalize your voice mail
– Simplify your email address
– Text messages are written documents

Power Quotes:

“If a quality product is the first key to a successful business, a quality presentation is the second.”
– Shey Cochrane

“Yes be yourself, but be the best version of yourself.”
– Elias Callejo

“Professionalism just means you maintain a consistency of quality.”
– Frank Tiger

Suggested Read: “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen

The RR Principle

The RR Principle In this podcast episode I talk about the RR Principle. If you don’t have this and implement this principle, you will always struggle in Business. You can work as hard as you want, however unless you have RR you will always feel like you are behind the ball.

Please listen, share, comment, and take your Business to the Next Level!

Where Do You Think YOU’RE Going?…(1 min read)


Do you think you can just walk away from your dream?  It will always follow you.  Working on your dream is difficult but the burden of regret is no light load either.

I have dedicated my career to helping people make the most of their network marketing experience.  I knew it would be a huge responsibility.  I knew people would blame me if they didn’t succeed.  I knew it would payoff slowly.  But, I did it anyway.  Why?  Because helping people succeed was always my dream.

So today my friends I say “GO BIG, there is NO going home.”  Don’t give yourself the option of turning back.  One foot in front of the other, step by step, we can do this together.

Episode #8: Understanding Momentum in Business.


You know we all hear it! “We got momentum!!”

Here on this Episode, I have a very real and candid discussion
with the NLE tribe about Momentum. I feel that momentum
is highly overrated in many circumstances.

So many reps seek companies with momentum
but don’t truly know what to look for.

Listen in!

Episode #7: The “Big Job” Myth

If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say that the
company that they were in was THE MAJOR run, the BIG HIT,
I’d be an overnight millionaire!

The purpose of todays post is to inform you that the
BIG DEAL to riches doesn’t exist!

Well, at least not in the way most people think.

The only thing that exists is consistency, long term
vision, and non stop hustle for the long haul.

You need to learn to love the hustle!

Even though you might have a HOT deal of a company and you have great
work ethic, you REALLY need to have a system of getting your
information in front of a massive amount of people resulting
in a steady flow of quality leads that are interested in your Business.

If you don’t have a steady flow of quality prospects you don’t have
a Business. Take a peak at the system that myself along with many
other top producers have been systematically using to get prospects.

You can do the same within the next few minutes http://truemlmresults.com


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Episode #6: Dealing with TOXIC people in Life & Business

Dealing with toxic people sucks… They drain you emotionally and they also drain your bank account. One of the toughest obstacles that entrepreneurs have is identifying who is good and BAD for their Business. Unfortunately, some of the people that you hang around with the most could be bringing your business (and life) down.

So once you get rid of these toxic people and are
ready to move on to the more exciting things in life,
you’ll want to start learning how actually attract
positive and interested prospects to your Business.
I’ve been using my system since 2010 and has brought
me tremendous success in this industry. Check out
truemlmresults.com …watch the video and take a FREE
test drive today!

HeadSpace App:  https://www.headspace.com/headspace-m…
Entrepreneur Article: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/243913

Episode #5: The Fortune Is In The Relationship

The question was:
“How do keep following up with a person that I approached about my business without them jumping to another enroller. How can I ensure my prospects won’t sign up with someone else?”

Featured Guests
David Billaber: https://www.facebook.com/davieb77
La’akea Morelli: https://www.facebook.com/laakea.morelli.9

Dealing With UnResponsive Prospects

 dealing with unresponsive prospects

So we all deal with unresponsive prospects. Some more than others. It really comes down to controlling how much value your prospects places on your opportunity and/or product. I explain how to get your prospect to call you back and create that “caffeine factor” in your marketing message.


Closing Your Guests After The Group Presentations

How do you “take the order” from your prospect after the meeting/presentation is done?

Closing Your Guests After PresentationsI explain how to do just that on this new Audio Podcast episode. LISTEN! What do you need tips on in your Business?

Dealing With Unresponsive Warm Market

unresponsive prospectsQuestion:
I’ve approached my co-workers and family about my MLM, they won’t respond to me.
They never respond to my phone calls or texts. What do I do?



What do you want tips on for your Business??!

Play Your Game

If you struggling and not seeing alot of success in MLM, you need to hear this. michael-jordan-624x438

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Tips For Leaving Kick A** Messages That Work

Here are some tips to getting your prospects to take action and
get back in touch with you.

Leaving Effective MessagesAre you tired of leaving message after message on your prospects
voicemail with no return call?!

Obviously, it depends on how well you rehearse and how well you
implement these strategies.

Here are some of the key points:

Problem Orders; The Easiest Money In Business.

Problem Orders. See it?

Problem Orders. See it?

There is no doubt that once people spend money with you, it’s usually easier to spend money with you again. It’s part of the spend cycle. People love the convenience of NOT having to do their homework again and look for another marginal product or service and listen to a sales pitch somewhere else.

This is exactly what problem orders are.

It’s a report that your company USUALLY (some don’t) produces that informs you
when one of your promoters or customers order doesn’t go through.

I talk about how how you can make EASY money with these problem order reports
in your business.

Some people hate calling these reports, but I’ll discuss how to make it quick,
painless, and easy.


3 Way Calls (Presenter Version)

If Lycans can 3 way call, you can too!

If Lycans can 3 way call, you can too!

A couple months back, I recorded an episode about conducting 3 way calls. Today I do an episode about being the presenter on a 3 way call.

I didn’t realize the lack of training that is available out there when it comes to successful presenting on a 3 way call. So, I decided to make this podcast available in iTunes for you folks to download and listen in.

There are a few key points that I throw out there fairly quickly so make sure you are writing notes my friends!

See you at the beach!

GO PRO by Eric Worre Book Review; How Major Earners Are Using This In Their Network Marketing Business

Go Pro Book; Eric Worre

Today I review an outstanding book by Eric Worre.  His most recent book entitled GO PRO is a must for any Network Marketer. Eric has earned over $15 MILLLION within the Network Marketing Industry.

Show Notes here at: http://killitwithelias.com

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Rachel Groves Went From Obese & Depressed To CHAMPION


Rachel Groves

Rachel Groves

Show Notes:

Today I had the opportunity to interview Rachel Groves from Marshall Texas. It was packed with some awesome content.  Rachel has lost over 170+ on the Body By Vi Challenge.. ALL while still building her Network Marketing Business.  In addition to managing a crazy schedule with her kids, etc.. She still has time to get to the gym and continue to challenge herself and inspire thousands of people from around the world.

The interview starts out by talking about her physical transformation. In a few minutes, we start talking about how that turned into a major tool for promoting the challenge and enrolling an wildly impressive amount of customers and promoters for her business.

Listen to the Podcast NOW!

Rachels Favorite Quote:  “No Excuses!”

Link: http://RachelGal84.bodybyvi.com/champion