How to stay excited about things…

Simple tip today:
How to ALWAYS stay excited about things?
Answer: ALWAYS stay interested.

Find out new things to learn about your craft, business, spouse, subject, etc…

When you start to realize (or think) you know just about everything
there is to know about what you do, it becomes stale.

Stay excited. Stay young. Stay fresh. Stay interested.

Keep it simple my friend.


24: 22 Year Old Creates FOREX Business. Interview.

I had the privilege of catching up with a good friend of mine
that I haven’t had a chance to connect with in a while.
I was hearing through mutual friends that he was doing really well
making money with FOREX so I decided to give him a call.

We chatted about a few things:

  • What to watch out for when starting out with FOREX.
  • How to start creating your first profit with FOREX.
  • How to start a profitable Business from the start.

Guest: Deja Ruiz-Spinney
Instagram: @dejaruizs

The cream always rises to the top.

You will quickly discover who the leaders are in any group, team, organization, etc… When they face crisis.

All you have to do is see who steps up to help handle any major crisis or challenging situation.

This is very instrumental when trying to see who you will invest further time & energy on.

I find that whenever a major leader takes a backseat for a minute, a few upcoming leaders will eventually rise to the top and attempt to fill in the Void.

Its tempting to cut corners and create more problems with “knee jerk reaction” but John C Maxwell says in one of his articles, “Do what is right, not what is easiest”.

That’s usually the few leaders that will make that long term run.

Just some thoughts.

p.s. Here’s my recent video about this.

p.s.s. Here’s my recent podcast on this.

How To PLAN For An Explosive Month

If you don’t have a plan…you plan to fail.

In this video I talk about having a plan, a backup for that plan,
then having a backup to that backup plan. lol.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

It’s actually pretty simple in logic.
It’s very simple to do.

What’s your plan this month to explode your Business?
Please comment, Please share your thoughts!



p.s… If you don’t have a PLAN to get traffic on Facebook, you will want to
check this out Facebook Traffic Control!

p.s.s… If you don’t have a PLAN to build a list & a following
of highly qualified prospects, you should take a look
at the System I’ve been using while building several massive
organizations of over 10K people.

22: The Real Friends Myth

When you approach your childhood friend about your latest Business Opportunity, they quickly shut down the idea of getting involved in your exciting venture.  The question many are left wondering is: Does this mean they aren’t your REAL friend??

Let’s discover my take on this matter as we help take your Business and your Life to the Next Level.


21: What are you hiding from?

ARE YOU HIDING FROMIt was said that if you are going to take credit for things when they
are going good, you better be FULLY prepared to take credit for things
when they aren’t going so well.

A few things were weighing on my mind that I wanted to chat about,
here it is!!

How To Utilize Systems & The Danger of Facebook “Splinter Groups”



Title: How To Utilize Systems & The Danger of Facebook “Splinter Groups”

Show Notes:

In this episode I express the importance of utilizing systems in your network marketing business. I share some of my own personal philosophy that I’ve molded over time from some hard life lessons learned.   If you desire to lead a network marketing organization, systems are there to make your job easier.


My philosophy on applying system:

  • Systems should be simple.
  • Systems give clarity to the mission.
  • I align myself with systems I agree with.
  • How I handle leaders that don’t want to follow the system.
  • True leaders lead through their own actions.
  • Why I DO NOT recommend that leaders create Facebook “splinter groups.”


Power Quotes:

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.””  – Lao Tzu

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.”  – Colin Powell


Suggested Read:The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle


More cutting edge tactics to take your Business to the Next Level at





When To Give Up or Go On.


It’s so tough to decide when to Give up or Go on because
the nature of Entrepreneurs are typically head strong.
We will usually make it happen no matter what.
We will usually push through the “hard times”.

It’s not in our nature to just give up and take a loss.

However, I share my opinion on what I feel about this
issue! Very emotionally charged issue i’m sure.

Please listen, share, comment, and take your Business to the Next Level!

Leading Vs. Telling

In this episode I talk about leading versus telling. So many people
think that they are really leading their organization when they really
are just telling them what to do.

What are the differences?
What truly makes a leader?
Is it really just telling people what to do or is it being
the first to make the move while every buddy else bases
their next step off of your actions?

In order to be a well rounded entrepreneur you must know what to do
and you must also know how to relay the message to the rest of your team.

In this podcast I share my thoughts to help you take your life and
your business to the next level.

The Grind vs. The Hustle (What It Means To You)


What does it really mean to GRIND? What does it mean to HUSTLE?

To some people it means to work your face off. My opinion on the hustle and grind
is: The grind is what you are willing to do when you don’t feel like it.

The HUSTLE is what you are willing to sacrifice until you achieve the
results you desire.

Listen to the podcast!


Faith, Skill, Business, & Bricks…(1 min. read)


Why do some people crumble in the face of discourgment and others rise from the ashes, bigger and better than before? What is the secret? Faith, as Steve Jobs said, and I would like to add Skill.

In business, I like to think of faith as the willingness to believe that good can come out of any situation we are faced with. One of the ways I “keep the faith” is by acquiring skills. Every unique challenge also poses a unique moment to learn something new. Sometimes, you even discover skills that you never knew you had. Faith and skill go hand in hand. Skills require faith to attain and faith requires skills to maintain.

Challenges are inevitable. Our willingness to see them as opportunities to learn and push forward, is what makes the difference. Keep the faith, learn new skills, and while life throws bricks, we will build our dreams. Mahalo.






Today’s Post Via: Facebook LIVE!!!

It’s inevitable, when you build a successful network marketing team you will run into cross-line issues.  Don’t let it take wind out of your sails.  I’ll be sharing my solutions to  5 very common Network Marketing cross-line situations.

via: Facebook LIVE!!!!

Wednesday April 27, 2016 | 10:00 AM HST

Hope to see you there!

Why I Love the Mud!



Today, a thought from Gary Vaynerchuk (I’ll get the episode to you as soon as I can find it).

“Think long term, like 10 to 20 year increments, even 20 to 30.”

Yes we have to get the day-to-day things done but, we have to keep our eye on our goals simultaneously. That long term vision makes the daily grind worthwhile. It can change your attitude toward work and make you an over-all more grateful person.  Long-term vision gets us through the mud because we can see dry land.

There is no elevator to real success in anything you do. Step by step, get out there and grind my friends.

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When Talent Meets Grit…(1 min read)


I know, it’s never easy to hear but hey, it’s tough love.  Plus I didn’t say it he did and if he sold 350 million copies of his books and counting, maybe we should listen.

How much grit is enough?  When you know you have the talent, when you know you have the passion to be great, it can be frustrating when success doesn’t come as quick as we think it should.  Sometimes we focus too much on talent.  Take a car for example.  Talent is like a  brand new sports car.  Opportunities are like high octane fuel.  But my friends, all of that will sit idle in a garage without someone willing to drive it.  Drive your own talent, don’t wait for someone to do it.

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Time To Leave The Shore…(2 min read)


A pic and a thought to start off this week.  A little surf story because you know how I roll.  When my kids were learning how to surf, one of the very first skills I taught them was how to read the ocean.  They learned to identify currents, tides, and how to count the sets.

For any of you unfamiliar with the ocean, waves come in sets.  Sometimes a rouge wave or what we call a freak set will roll in.  For the most part, they are predictable and patterned.  Between each set is a period of calm.  That calm period is the best time to paddle out or in.  Reading the patterns keeps you safe.  Sometimes, so safe you never want to leave the shore.

In network marketing, many get caught on the shore reading the sets.  The “personal development trap,” I call it.  We’ve all been there in some way, shape, or form.  You keep studying, training, and waiting for the best time to go for it.

I say, you already know enough to get started. Start small and work your way up. By all means at least get in the water and paddle around in the shallow.  Get a feel for the current and the temperature of the water.  Learn from other people out there “killing it” in their business.

You’ve counted the sets, now lets paddle out!  Happy Monday!

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A Lesson Only BROKE Can Teach…(1 min read)

broke-monopoly-guyWhen you have nothing left financially or when you’re starting from the bottom, what you DO HAVE is very obvious.  In the midst of crisis, you don’t have time to focus on what you can’t do.  If you were standing next to someone who suddenly started to suffer a massive heart attack would you:

A.  Call for help, “Does anyone know CPR?!”

B.  Call for, “Who doesn’t know CPR, so I can eventually find someone who does?!”

I’m going to assume we all would say A!  That is the core of  self-awareness: Knowing your strengths.  Tough times are the best teachers.  Get in a habit of responding to tough situations with strength.  Be a first RESPONDER not a first REACTOR.  Use the struggle as mental conditioning to develop your emotional IQ.  Wealth does not eradicate crisis.  Don’t think that when you get to the top, you’ll have the time to be “a nice guy” or a “patient person.”  Who you are in the pit is who you will be on the top.

When I say BROKE, I mean it figuratively.  It can mean out of money, out of encouragement, and so on.  At some point in our lives we all feel BROKE.  And that my friends can be the start of your self-awareness journey.  Mahalo for reading.  You know how it goes, let get connected.

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Call for Back-Up!…(1 min read)


If you get knocked down, you get back up again, right?  If it were that easy, most people would do it.  I say, getting back-up makes getting back up a whole lot easier.  We live in a time where we can access any information with our fingertips from a smart phone.  People ask their FaceBook friends for parenting tips.  My daughter teachers herself math on Khan Academy.

My point is, the back-up we need is out there, we just need to search for it.  Chances are someone has been through a similar struggle as you and has talked about it on some on-line platform.  Today, it’s not about “who’s the smartest,” it’s about ” who’s the most resourceful.”  Comment below, email me your questions.  My goal is to back YOU up & bring YOU content that is relevant, that will save you time.  Aloha my friends!

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3 Tips to Get You Pitch Perfect…(2 min read)


We’ve all heard of the “elevator pitch,” (explain your business in 30 seconds) but how effective is it really? Are you even using it properly? I hear this word get thrown around to the point of exhaustion.  Today it’s often synonymous with uncomfortable sales situations and coercion tactics.  If you take the time to sharpen up this skill it can be prove to be indispensable. Lets use the metaphor of baseball.  Take MLB Champ Tom Seaver for example, arguably one of the best pitchers of all time.  He has spent a lifetime perfecting his pitch through victory and defeat.  Here are a few of his quotes:

“The artful pitcher must take the inevitable peaks and valleys of pitching in stride and never give in to the batters or lose sight of his/her own strengths.”

  1. Prepare yourself & bet on your strengths: Right out the gates, you can’t possibly know everything about the product or service you are marketing.  A good start is to learn a whole lot about what YOU love about your product first.  Add this to your pitch and it will naturally ooze with genuine passion and excitement.


“Pitch within yourself.”

  1. Be You: The script is an outline to help you stay on track. If you’re company encourages a certain language or script, use it in your own way.  Your family and friends know you. They can read your pitch a mile away if you suddenly switch to “script reading robot” mode.  With a cold contact (someone you’ve met for the first time), you can be more formal but be careful if it’s outside of your strength zone.


“God is living in New York, and he’s a Mets fan.”

  1. Conviction: Gain a personal conviction of your product or service.  Most elevator pitches lead to more dialog and usually the next phase of the conversation will be, “Have you tried it?” “What do you like about it?”  After working so hard to encourage dialog you don’t want to start fumbling with your words.  People respect authenticity.

Be consistent in your efforts and don’t worry about the numbers.  Apply these tips to your elevator speech and let me know how it goes.  Let’s Play Ball!

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Why You Should Be Grateful For Objections…(2 min read)

1. an expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition; a reason for disagreeing.

Take note of the first 4 words of this definition.  That is why you should get excited for objections.  When someone is giving you an objection, they are expressing to you a feeling.  It may not be a good feeling but it is an expression, and that means you have started to build a closer relationship.  The main reason behind the growth of (on-line shoe company) is the care in which they handle objections.  They offer every customer a 365-day return policy with free shipping both ways.  Can they really make money with such a generous return policy?  Won’t people take advantage of that?  Zappos is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon with an annual revenue over $2 billion.  The vision for the company, painted by 24 year-old Tony Hsieh, was simple and crystal clear.

“We’re a service company that just happens to sell shoes.”

Currently, is a model company of online customer service.  They have excelled in handling objections because in my opinion they don’t “Handle It,” they “Accept Them.”  They use objections as a platform to build lasting customer relationships.  How can we apply this to network marketing?

  1.  Have A Long-Term Mindset:  Think in 10-20 year increments.  Listen to your prospect’s concerns and don’t rush them.  Start the relationship and revisit the prospect at a later date.
  2. Pay Attention:  Listen to the concern and offer solutions that are relevant to them.
  3. Product Knowledge:  Educate yourself on commonly asked questions.  If you don’t know the answer, know where to find the answer in less than 5 minutes.  Find the answer for them, don’t just refer them to a site with info.
  4. Put Your Gloves Down:  Don’t get defensive.  This is emotional fitness at it’s best.  Hearing objections for the first time can be a bit shocking but the edge wears off over time.
  5. Find Solutions: If the objection comes from a customer not happy with a product, know your company’s customer service channels.  Fix problems as fast as humanly possible.  Take care of the situation for them.

I hope you find these points helpful.  Leave a comment below.  I’d love to see how you handle objections.

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Even If It’s Just A Little Bit…(1 min read)



Easter, for many is a time of re-birth.  It’s a season of reflection and hope.  Whether you are religious or not, I encourage you to embrace at least this one principle.  Be Better.  Even if its just a little bit better, its still an improvement.  The road to acquiring any skill or dream is riddled with pot holes and detours.  Seth Godin says:

“The purpose isn’t to please the critics.  The purpose is to make your work better.”

Keep at it my friends.  You learn and earn, its on the job training.  Don’t be discouraged by failure because you will miss the lesson that it teaches you.


Feel Stronger With These 5 Questions…(2 min read)

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.- Anthony Robbins

Looking For Strength

The power of questions was first brought to my attention many years ago when I read “Awaken The Giant Within,” by Tony Robbins.  He teaches that if you’re not satisfied with the answers you get in life try asking different questions.  Makes sense sure, but what is a powerful question, and what questions should I ask myself more specifically if I’m looking to discover my strengths?

Before you ask yourself these questions clear your mind of any prejudice.  Today begins the first phase of your personal audit.  I’ve dug deep into hours of podcasts and articles for this one and here are my top 5:


1.  I feel the best about myself when I ___________.

This is a questions based on knowing your skills.  What are you great at?  What comes easy to you?  What do you know people can rely on you to deliver.

%22Your adversity is your advantage. Your past has built muscles not wounds.%22

2.  What is the greatest adversity you have faced?

Darren Hardy said “Your adversity is your advantage.  Your past has built muscles not wounds.”  Everyone has a story to tell.  What Goliath have you faced or are currently facing in your life.

3.  During those times of great adversity, what got you through it?

Not gonna lie, this one made me tear up a bit.  No macho status here.  Maybe you have great friends and family, unshakable faith, courage, strong will power.  Dig deep.  Something pulled you through.  If you are in the midst of the struggle, what do you cling to?  What do you know for sure?

4.  When do you feel most creative?

This one comes from Seth Godin, a Best-Selling author of 18 books.  He is what I call the Godfather of Modern Marketing.  He says today everyone can be an artist.  You don’t have to wait for a publisher or producer to take notice of you in order to get your shot.  The internet has leveled the playing field and people are writing the rules.  In what field of interest do you feel the creative juices flowing?

5.  What do strangers say about you?

Usually your family and friends look at you through a rose colored lens.  Gary Vaynerchuk advises turning to social media to cast the widest net.  He turns to his audience and asks questions like: What have you found helpful?  What has my best work been?  If you don’t have a social media following ask co-workers, managers, or people you serve with in a church calling.

These are my top 5 questions my friends.  I hope they get the gears turning.

Up Next: Applying Your Strengths to Your Business


Where Do You Think YOU’RE Going?…(1 min read)


Do you think you can just walk away from your dream?  It will always follow you.  Working on your dream is difficult but the burden of regret is no light load either.

I have dedicated my career to helping people make the most of their network marketing experience.  I knew it would be a huge responsibility.  I knew people would blame me if they didn’t succeed.  I knew it would payoff slowly.  But, I did it anyway.  Why?  Because helping people succeed was always my dream.

So today my friends I say “GO BIG, there is NO going home.”  Don’t give yourself the option of turning back.  One foot in front of the other, step by step, we can do this together.

Are You Aware of This Person?…(2 min read)


     I first heard of self-awareness a couple years ago but only in relation to meditation. It was something to ponder lakeside in a down-ward-dog pose, while drinking a green smoothie. Basically, I thought it was an optional exercise and to be frank, not really my style. I have since been enlightened, not just by the practice of meditation, but also by the blunt-force words of Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia. In a May 2015 article for, Gary Vaynerchuk: Self-Awareness Is Your Most Important Attribute, Gary digs right into the ignored topic and does so with classic Gary V. finesse. He broke down the meta-physical subject into digestible pieces that can fuel businesses TODAY. Every social media platform is flooding with so-called experts and life coaches. How can you stand out? Do you feel like you’re getting swallowed in the tide?

“People need to know that they have the tools within themselves.”
-Deepak Chopra

     There is a common belief for many Network Marketers that once they get the tools they can start. They setout on a magical journey of personal development and sadly their businesses never leave the starting line. I’ve seen this happen to many talented, hustle-worthy individuals. I’m here to tell you, Start Today with What You Have!

“Self-awareness isn’t only just betting on your strengths, it’s accepting all your short comings.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk


     How can we make this tangible? Look at it this way: it is common practice to audit a company, accounts, or schools. Audits examine, evaluate, and expose strengths and weaknesses. A self-audit can do just that for you. Why don’t we do it more? In my opinion it’s the exposure of weakness that freaks people out (myself included). We fear audits because we think that the sole purpose is to look for holes in our game. First and foremost we have to assess our strengths. This can give you the critical focal point to start building your business. In this process we naturally expose our weaknesses. Personal development can help you accept these weaknesses and work on them. Then the beauty of a team comes into play when you begin to build a team of varying talents.

“I think being at peace with yourself and your skillset is such an important part of this.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk

     Network Marketing is a vehicle for achieving dreams and you get to pick the make and model. Remember, no one has walked in your shoes or has seen the stuff you’ve seen through the lens that you have. Your upbringing, struggles, and triumphs, have culminated bringing you to this very point in your life. Bring THAT to the table and build a your business your way.

Up Next… The Road To Self-Awareness: 5 Powerful Questions

Why Just “Working Hard” Isn’t Enough.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie. This is one of my favorite pet peeves… when I hear someone say “just put in the work”.
Well, yeah… but what kind of work.

If I’m working my face off digging a really big hole into the ground, hours later I’m still going lower rather than
higher lol.

I address this in this podcast. I had a “minute to bust” while I was in my car headed from a meeting.
Check it out.


If you wish to be Successful in Business…

There is really only 1 major thing that separates those who
are killing it in their Business and those who aren’t.

This is also the same reason why some continue to make
excuses and there are some who don’t even try.

Are you ready for it??….

That one thing is: COMMITMENT.

Be committed 110% to your mission.
Be committed 110% to your dream.
Be committed 110% to what you set out to do!!



The desire to be FIRST…

Many Entrepreneurs have a great desire to be FIRST in their company, city, town,
to break the ice and capitalize in a big way from timing.

During situations like this, I think it’s important to clarify
what it is folks are truly after.

I once heard said, “It’s not about BEING FIRST in a marketplace. It’s about
being considered FIRST.”

Point is this:

When your product, service, or opportunity is considered, It is far more powerful
to be considered FIRST over your other company reps VERSUS just simple being
FIRST to enroll in the program.

If you want to be FIRST in anything, make sure you
dominate the market first over everything and everyone else.


Are Binary Compensation Plans Safe?

Since the Vemma vs FTC shakedown that happened a few months ago, the question
on everyones mind has been “Are Binary Comp Plans Safe ANYMORE?!”

I’ve been asking a number of industry leaders this very question
wanting to get their input.

The opinions that I’ve been getting regarding the safety of the Binary
has been quite interesting to say the least.

It’s safe to say that a large majority of experienced Network Marketers
know that there are a couple advantages to Binary compensation structures
along with a handful of disadvantages.

Let’s talk about some of the ADVANTAGES of a Binary Compensation Plan:

1) Rewards Very Aggressive Builders very heavily.
2) Builds heavy momentum due to massive fear of loss.
3) Creates a fast paced community.
4) Ability to purchase multiple income generation centers (typical in MOST).

Now, let’s chalk up a few of the disadvantages of a Binary Compensation Plan:

1) Creates a handicap on the “inside leg” that no aggressive leader wants to go in.
2) “Binary Creep” is virtually 100% eventual.
3) Larger “buy in” packages to force more volume up the organization to cycle.
4) Fast and aggressive attrition (dropout) rate.
5) Usually, a large majority won’t make a sustainable income which again adds to attrition.

Some popular MLM’s with Binary Structure:


Periscope’s new button!


The new broadcast button is LIVE.  It will notify your website viewers when you are LIVE on Periscope.  It’s not a huge deal but it’s one of those things that is pretty cool anyways.



Why Do A Podcast?

  • The percentage of Americans who have listened to a podcast in the past month has almost doubled since 2008, from 9% to 17% by January of 2015. The percentage listening in 2015 was up two points over 2014 levels (15%).
  • Overall awareness of podcasting is increasing at a modest pace, with roughly half (49%) of Americans ages 12 and up aware of podcasting by early 2015, up only slightly since 2010 (45%).
  • Mobile devices are increasingly the preferred way to listen to podcasts. Libsyn also recorded that, of their 2.6 billion podcast downloads in 2014, 63% were requested from mobile devices – up from 43% in 2012.
  • By next year, one industry group estimates, 50% of new cars sold will have Internet connectivity; by 2025, it will be all of them. “When that happens and there are podcasts in everybody’s car, it’s not podcasts anymore,” says Harbinger. “It’s just the radio.”
  • “Stop trying to think about ways to get more listeners [overall] and think about trying to crush it in your niche.”

Ok, let’s get this thing started. We’ll start out with a few steps that will set the foundation here:

1) Create a Title For Your Show:  typically, you will want to name your show something that will describe what your entire show is about. You could add a few key words in there as well.
Also, having your name as the Show Name could work too although not the strongest option.
Here are a couple of Ideas:
– Power Women In Business with [yourname] | Empowering Women In Business.
– Fitness Inspiration; The Latest Tips & Tricks For Weight Loss
– The New Power Mindset; The Attitude Of Success
– Periscope Domination: Periscope Training | Social Media Tips

2) Create your Name (Host Name): Remember that iTunes is an actual search engine so if you want your podcast to rank well in their search engine, you will want to target your niche market with your name. It picks up well with Title and Host Name. Here are a couple of examples:

-Elias Callejo: Network Marketer, Social Media Trainer
-Elias Callejo: Master Fisherman, Bait Maker PHD, Fishing Boss
-Elias Callejo: Master Matchmaker, Online Dating, Tinder Success (rofl)

3) Your Podcast Description.
Ok, so you have 4,000 characters to create this with. Describe to your audience in the best way possible using 4,000 characters or less.

ok!!! If you’ve finished this , you are doing AWESOME!!  This should keep you busy enough for now.  Now, lets get ready for PART #2 to get the link to enroll for my upcoming Webinar on NextLevel Podcasting 101!!


3 KEYS to keeping dropped reps in your Business

A relationship is a relationship because somewhere
along the line, there was value added.

Whether or not someone quits your Business, if
they feel that YOU as a person still adds value
to their life, then you are still able to keep them
in your Business.

Maybe not your Network Marketing company
or affiliate program… but certainly IN
your Business as a customer somehow.

Here are a few ideas:

1) You can continuously offer them informational
products that teach them how to make money
from home as an Online Marketer. If they purchase
that product, you can make commissions! I’d suggest
some sort of 85%-100% commission structure for this
one. Here’s a really good webinar on how to do this.

2) You can offer them information on how to find success
and truly build ANY Home Based Business! I’ve found the
“MyLeadSystemPRO” Program to be the best at this. Here’s
a quick video of mine explaining this.

3) You can create a product (ebook, video course, audio course, etc…)
which brings an enormous amount of value to your contacts.
When purchase your book, you’ll get a 100% commission coming right
to your pocket. If you don’t have your own product right out
of the gate, DON’T WORRY!!! You can still promote valuable material
and still impressive commissions.


When People Quit & Burnt Bridges.

What about them?

People quit things everyday.

People quit jobs.
People quit marriages.
People quit Business Partnerships.
People quit religions.
People quit communications.
People quit Facebook LOL.

When people quit working their Business in a Network Marketing company,
they’ve just simply stopped showing up for work.
They aren’t working for YOU.

Sure, you might be making an override commission off their effort
but it’s THEIR Business they decided to stop working…

I know, it kinda sucks because you won’t be making any money
from them but they are most likely still your friend!

Don’t burn the friendship folks! Just because they stopped
building “Bridge A” with you doesn’t mean that you don’t
want to see them AT ALL and burn every bridge down!

You will never know when that person will hold a valuable
asset down the road as you are traveling down some bridge
needing some assistance.

I’ve found that the best thing to do is ALWAYS bring value
to the relationship whether your friend is IN or OUT
of your organization at the time.

Writing off your friendship just because this person isn’t
recruiting for your company anymore is just plain foolish.
I understand that not everyone is emotionally capable to
keep it professional. I wrote a post recently about “3 ways
to keep dropped distributors in your profit.”
Check it out here.