When Friends turn on you in MLM. What to do.

It’s really interesting when I hear the horror stories
from un-assuming MLM reps that run into “NFL Drama” and
don’t know what to do about it.

By the way, “NFL” stands for “No Friends Left”.

Some MLMer’s run into this drama because they don’t really
understand that in order for them to become successful, they
need to start hanging around different people anyway.

Of course, no one UPLINE really wants to tell them that
will most likely happen but it’s a hard reality that only
those WILLING to pay the price will eventually figure out
themselves when the time is right.

Personally, I’ve lost many friends and will continue to lose more.
I also MAKE a considerable amount of NEW friends on a daily basis
(but that’s not the point of this article).

I’ve lost friends in this industry and out of this industry.
I’ve lost friends in my company and out of my company.

It sucks, sure. Is it worth it?? Well, it depends.

You see, I’m from a small town on a small Island here in Hawaii
and everybody knows (or at least they think they know) everything
about your business.

Here’s what most people might not know:

In 2006, I started making money online and told myself I would
NEVER “pitch people I knew”again just because it was too easy to
make money with people you had no pre attached emotions to.


One day, as I sat at my computer and stared at the screen,
I felt somewhat empty. Knowing that I was helping so many people
other than my own friends and family. So many of them
were struggling financially as I just watched from the sidelines knowing
I had powerful options that could change their life.

It was easy to shake it off and continue on in my path of “cold market” success.
However, it bothered me.

After a while, the burden became heavy.
I saw a raging fire and I had a water hose.
I saw a serious problem and I had serious answer.
It started to haunt my conscience.

I knew FULL WELL there would be a price for putting myself out
there in my warm market once again, but I was committed
to that price once and for all.

To this day, I’ve created so many success stories and major
financial options for others that it seriously humbles me.

I’ve helped over 300+ people (just in my Visalus Business) get into
a BMW and make an extra $1,800-$2,000 a month.

I make it a point to never forget how just $500 can make a major
difference in peoples lives.

I’ve helped dozens of people (just in my Visalus Business) create
six figure a year incomes.

When you consider the thousands of people NOT IN VISALUS
with me that I coach & train in other companies, the numbers get astounding.

When you consider all the people that have improved their
lifestyles (health, financial, mental, etc…) through
my simple decision it is really overwhelming.

You see, here’s the thing:

It’s usually the people that don’t empower anyone and don’t
give anyone a shot at financial freedom that don’t get talked about.
They are “cool” with the crowd.
They don’t get the “bad press”.
Infact, they are the biggest “MLM Naysayers” out there (which is the funny thing).

However, the ones that give people a shot.
The ones who put themselves out there.
The ones who risk it all for the sake of others.

Those are the ones who will get the most opposition.
You can’t blame the nay sayers.
They are just programmed to be that way.

It’s just a natural way of life. It’s natural progression.

I just had a very interesting discussion with a certain someone
the other day. This person asked me if I felt bad about seeing
people fail after trying “so hard” in their MLM business only to
end up in defeat.

I asked that person if the owner of their company felt bad
about them being on welfare. Obviously, I knew their story.
I asked that person if the owner of that hotel company
felt bad about the fact that they were severely overweight.
Once again… I knew their story.

I also asked that person if anyone felt bad for ME when I was
struggling with no food in my refrigerator at times, car
repossessed, electricity shut off, with a wife and 3 kids to answer

A couple of my “friends” knew of my struggle. Offered some moral support. Nice.

Did anyone FEEL BAD for him?? For me??

I knew the answer to that question was NO. I didn’t expect anyone
to feel sorry for me. I just knew it was going to be worth it one day.

Truth is, my friends manager will CARE LESS when 15-20 years from
now when they get replaced by someone younger, smarter, faster,
who will work for less.

Ok, let’s give Mr. Manager the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe Mr. Manager WILL care.

Question is this: What options will he provide then???

Remember: Person who provides options…bad.
Person who provides none…good???

Seriously?. Interesting.

You see, I used to take it personal. However, as you become more
successful in this industry you begin to understand the
true price for success as a Network Marketing Leader.

I’m not talking about JUST a “Business Owner”,
I’m REALLY targeting the “Network Marketing Business Owners” out there.

This article isn’t a rant of some sort.
I’ve known this for years.
I’ve been where many of YOU are right now.

I write this article for those of you that wonder
how someone like myself deals with the rejection,
the loss of “friends”, the loss of…whoever
due to this industry.

You get used to it. It sucks at times.
I found myself a little down (for a minute) just
recently BUT I understand the price. I understand
the cause. I understand the Movement.

When you truly understand the price, you don’t just walk
away and give up.

I don’t know Martin Luther King personally, but I’m sure
he lost a little bit of friends.

I don’t know Ghandi personally, but I’m sure he lost
some friends.

I don’t know Donald Trump personally, but I’m sure he
lost some friends.

I don’t know Bill Gates, but I’m sure he lost some

I don’t know Steve Jobs personally, but I’m sure he
lost some friends.

I don’t know Mark Zuckerburg (Founder of Facebook), but I’m
sure he lost some friends.

You better believe they made MORE (and BETTER) friends, but
that’s another article for another time.

You’ll lose friends, face it. The only ones that really MATTER, will stick by your side.
They might not rock the business with you, but they’ll always have
your back and support you.

Those who truly love you, will be there for you no matter what.
Stop worrying about the “friends” that won’t be there anyway.

It’s kinda interesting how when you make it to the top,
those “friends” will come out of the woodworks pat you on your back and
say they “knew” you’d make it anyway.

You’ll get your heart broken a little. sure.

It’ll happen. All great success stories know that it’s bound
to happen. There is NO question as to IF it will happen.

The only question is…

Will you be willing to pay the price WHEN it does?…


How to make more money in your MLM and generate a consistent flow of traffic & leads.


How ANYONE can easily attract NEW reps into their business

How does a rookie attract leaders to their business? How does a person who isn’t a $100K+ earner attract more people into their business?!

It’s really simple. What you have to think about is the fact that
you have a lot of people who are just really looking to work with someone that has some forward motion in their business.

I talk about a few major key points in this video.
Enjoy watching! comment, like, share, all the good stuff —->

How to truly make that SHIFT in your Business (Real Talk Sessions)

A lot of people ask me, How do I KILL IT in my mlm
business? How do I explode my business?!

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Infact, I’m here in Anaheim California recently and
I shot this video that talks about how to truly make
that shift in your business.

  • No amount of personal development books will fix this.
  • No amount of company conventions will replace this.
  • No amount of positive affirmation pics on your facebook
    wall or Pinterest account will replace this…

If you are still struggling to KILL IT in your Network Marketing Business,
you seriously need to just start getting in front of more qualified
prospects. Obviously this is in ADDITION to getting proper coaching
and training on how to do it.

Here’s how I generate a serious number of leads everyday.


How to cash in when your company rolls out new stuff…

ok, so this post is pretty self evident. Most people
in your company will get excited about the new stuff
that get rolled out.

However, as I’ve said before: Excitement only lasts
so long. If you don’t have a plan to execute, you
have nowhere to go and no target.

Simple Equation for NEW rollouts:


1) make sure you call your old, current, and new
prospects and let them know that there will be some
news rolling out that will be of great benefit to them.

Ask them if they are open to an update once you get it.

2) Make sure you call your old, current, and new
promoters and tell them to do Step #1 within 24 hours.
You can offer an incentive prize to accomplish that.


3) Invite all your prospects on to a PRIVATE webinar where
you discuss the new rollouts. Prospects (whether they are
interested or not) love to be on the “inside track”.

4) Initiate a CALL TO ACTION on that webinar or conf call
with a TSO (Time Sensitive Offer).

Watch for my next post on more things to do to cash in
on your company’s promos.

I might even show you guys one of my recorded launch webinars.

Get out there and kill it in your MLM business
my friends!


Making a list…checking it twice

Anytime I hear that aspiring network marketers have
run out of their warm market or “people to pitch”
my heart goes out to them.

On the other hand, I get excited for them because
now the fun is just getting started.

If you are willing to truly “be in the game” and
stick it out and consider yourself a REAL marketer
you have to understand that this is where the
real fun begins because it is only at this point
that your REAL creative juices start flowing.

This is where the REAL marketer comes out.
This is where the SALESPERSON in you comes to a
dead stop because a salesperson is only as good
as that prospect in front of them.

A marketer brings the prospects to the table FIRST.

What good is the best salesperson in the world
if they have NO customers to “pitch”, right?


Let’s talk very quickly about what I would do if I
were personally running out of people to talk to.

I’d start asking my upline leadership what they do
in order to get more leads. I’d start asking people
who’ve been in the business for more than 6 months
what they are doing to get people in their info funnel
of information.

Speaking of which…if you have no funnel, you have no business.

There are sooo many things you can do, but the trick
is that you must be willing to step outside of your
comfort zone. Money is made in the fear zone..remember that.

For example:

1) Go to a different barber / salon than you are used to.
2) Bank at a different bank.
3) Attend a different church ward (or whatever you call it)
just for an hour or so.
4) Take a different route on lunch break.
5) Join the Local Chamber Of Commerce.
6) Attend all the “local events” happening in your city.
7) Volunteer in a service project.
8) Talk to different people at lunch
9) Eat at the different place for crying out loud.
10) Go to a different gym
11) Take your kids to a different park

I could go on for hours here with about 500+ ideas,
but you probably get the idea…get uncomfortable.

You need to understand that getting new prospects is a little
tricky because not very many people have the spine or the
guts to own up to the fact that it’s a little daunting to get
more leads LOCALLY in a “person to person” setting.

There are hundreds more ways to get more leads.
If you still need more ideas be sure to attend my
periodic coaching webinars that I hold regarding generating


Let’s quickly (and I mean very quickly) talk about generating
more leads in an online fashion..

This is where you would seriously need to visit my website
http://www.truemlmresults.com and see how the big players are
making moves in this type of business.

If you truly wish to generate leads in an online setting,
the entire name of the game here is VALUE.

You need to offer some type of value for anyone to be attracted to
you or your business in an online setting…
Actually, the “Value Rule” applies OFFLINE as well.

For starters here are a couple ways to get noticed online…
(notice I said “noticed”.. careful selection of that word)

1) Join a few different Facebook groups and study what the
information / discussion flow is like.

2) Identify the discussions that you can add genuine value to.

3) Ask questions in the group and generate discussion about topics
surrounding the target market you are going after.
(I talk about that in truemlmresults.com)
4) Create a blog and blog about actual topics that can help people.
Don’t just blog about all the money they can make by reading
your posts and join your team! LAME…lol

5) Comment on youtube channels. Join conversation threads on
chat boards, etc..

6) PPC google, facebook, etc… (Pay Per Click) You need to
make sure you have a pretty healthy budget to work out the kinks.
You want to set aside AT LEAST $100-$200 for starters.

There are many more ways to generate leads online and once again,
you’ll be able to find out more IN DEPTH information about online
lead generation at http://www.truemlmresults.com

Is online marketing the key to MLM success?? NO.
Is warm market the key to MLM?? Not entirely.
Is it possible to convert an online lead to relationship?? hmmmm.

The question is this… Can an online lead become a warm
market lead?? If you can figure out how to do this, you’ll
find it a lot easier to convert recruits.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, please
hit up the comment box. Please share the love, like,
and comment.


Will tons of leads really fix your business??

It seems like everyone in Network Marketing are getting
more concerned about getting leads rather than getting
strong at relationship building and actually getting
people enrolled in their business.

It certainly takes some skill to generate a lead,
it takes even MORE skill to close that lead into your

Today, I recorded this audio clip (which is downloadable)
to shed some light on this issue.

I also talk about another interesting Myth about building
a lasting business in Network Marketing.

Take a listen my friends and download the audio!


MP3 File

There’s traffic, then there’s production.

You know you’ve all seen the videos that get
tons of hits on youtube or the blog post that
gets tons of hits.

Some people are so overly concerned with how
great their video looks or the color of the
graphic here and there and they totally overlook
the real reason why they might be producing
that content.

Now, obviously I’m speaking to the people that
are actually trying to get some type of production
from their content whether it is video, blog, article,
website, ad, etc..

Some people just love wasting time and money and just
put stuff out there with NO concern for a return.

Not my crowd, sorry.

But for you that are still reading. Don’t forget what
it is that you are trying to achieve by putting content
out there.

I personally know a guy who got 800+ hits on his youtube
video in the first few hours of going on youtube and he was
stoked beyond belief.

I watched his video myself and knew that he’d be calling me
up for advice AGAIN to figure out why the video wasn’t
generating leads and most importantly…Cashflow.

In a week or so, after the video had climbed to a few thousand
hits, I was having usual discussions with this guy
(as I expected) as I have with many aspiring marketers
because he, like many others, are more concerned about
hits versus production.

He didn’t generate a single lead.
He didn’t generate a single enrollment into his MLM.
He didn’t generate a single penny of income from his video.

He was at a loss.

I have videos that have 150 hits that have made me more
money in 1 month than most people make in their 1st 6 months
in their Network Marketing business.

So how is it possible to have 1000+ hits and generate diddly squat??


You don’t ENCOURAGE production in your content.

You must ALWAYS encourage some type of production in your
video or article. Always send them somewhere, direct them
somewhere, sell something, promote something, GIVE something
of value before you direct them somewhere.

You can have the best content and your audience will “feel good”
after watching or reading your content but you need to
do more than just that. You need to guide and direct them
in the direction you NEED them to get to.

Yes, you MUST be entertaining and highly valuable to
your audience (I’ll save that for another post),
but you must also direct your audience to what you
need them to do.

And there you have it my friends, Not only create
value but direct your audience AS WELL so you don’t
just get traffic, but you get production too.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing
business and beat the system!


p.s… question of the day: what is the last video or article
that really inspired you? Please share WHY it inspired you and
please leave link. ..and yes, it’s awesome if it’s your own

What I learned about being broke…when I was broke.

I remember once that someone told me “You find out the
true character of a man when by what he does when
he is down”

And then I heard some years later that “you find
out the true character of a man by what they do
NOT when they are down, but their actions when
they are at the top”.

We sometimes think that the test is what we do
when we are in the dumps financially, mentally,
emotionally, etc…

But you see, isn’t it easier to manage your money
when you have none to spend?

Isn’t it easier to manage a group of 2 people versus

Isn’t is easier to motivate yourself versus trying
to motivate thousands at the same time?

Isn’t it easier to make certain promises to a couple
people versus a couple thousand??

I maintain that the true test of Character of a person
is not what they do while they are down, but what
they do when they are successful.

Yes, no one is perfect but WHEN (not IF) they mess
up, how they deal with that problem is the test.

You are creating your success story right now
my friend. People are watching you right now
and waiting for you to make a move.

What move will you make?

The bottom line is this.. If you aren’t successful
than you are on your journey to that level.

What you do on that journey will greatly determine
what you do when you get to your destination.

If you give up on your journey, If success
is ever handed to you…Chances are, you will
be a spineless wimp and give up while you are at
the top anyway.

So, What did I learn about being broke while
I was broke myself??

I learned that whatever I did on my journey
to creating wealth, would determine what I would
do when I finally actually reached it.

Let’s go down a list of things I was doing when

I was dead broke:

1) I sold whatever I could & sacrificed to get to
company training events.
2) I constantly studied the industry.
3) I sought out mentors and coaches.
4) I surrounded myself with quality people.
5) I learned from EVERY situation (some people call these “failures”)
6) I worried more about CREATING versus SAVING.
7) I always, always, always read good books.
8) I always “acted as if” I were successful.
I tricked my brain sometimes into thinking I were already there.
9) I worked hard.
10) I had some freakin guts. I quit jobs that everyone said I was
stupid for leaving. If I felt that the job wasn’t empowering to
my story, I was out. I always had the end in mind.
11) I always had integrity and never lied about my success.
12) I always helped people even if I didn’t make me money.

Funny thing is, even as a multiple six figure earner in this industry
I still do EVERYTHING listed above. I’m always raising the bar.
I always start my day as if it’s day #1.

What are you doing on your journey?
Please comment below, like, share.


Why I love objections…and you should too.

The #1 reason why I absolutely love objections is
because over the years of being in the trenches
building my business face to face, over the phone,
etc.. I’ve learned a few things.

One of the things I have learned is that I can
actually CASH IN on objections far easier than
having NONE at all.

Let me explain very briefly:

Have you ever tried climbing a cliff that had
no ledges to grab on to?

It would be the equivalent of you trying to reach
out for that ledge to pull yourself up only to find
that it isn’t there.

Objections give you something to grab on to.

They give you a target to shoot at. Now, it’s important
to understand that just because you get 1 or 2
objections thrown at you, that could very well be
the “flag” objections. Many times, you’ll get a couple
of Flag objections before you get the REAL one.

I’ll save more on that for another post.

Objections are good. They are healthy for the process.
It tells you that they are serious about this information
and that they really want to clear up some confusion
in their minds.

Next time you get an Objection, get excited. Cash in.
Cha–Ching!!! $$$$

What is your #1 most haunting objection that
nearly stops you dead in your tracks right now?
Please add in the comment box below.

Please like, share, and repost if you find this
blog of value.

***Do you make money from posting your information online??***


Great Leaders Aren’t Born…Only Babies.

I recently heard a story told by John C. Maxwell. He
talked about a group of tourists that were roaming around
this really old town taking pictures, taking in the sites,
talking to people, etc…

One of the tourists sat down at a bench where an old
man was seated.

Right as soon as he sat down, he asked the old man
“How many great men were born in this town?”

It took a few seconds for the old man to respond
and he finally said “No great men were born here,
only babies”.

The moral of the story is that so many times we as
Network Marketers idolize leaders who have created
a phenomenal amount of success in the industry.

We sometimes forget that these great leaders are
GREAT because they got really good at doing the
small tasks very well.

If you can’t wake up at 6am to get front row seats
at your convention, what makes you think you’ll wake
up at 5am to get on the phone with your prospects
2 time zones ahead of you?

If you can’t spend $99 for tickets to a company convention,
what makes you think that you will get an entire team of
people to get to events.

If you can’t make 1 phone call to your “chicken list” prospect,
what makes you think that you can teach an entire team
of people how to conquer their fears of talking to their

Remember my friends…

Great leaders aren’t instantly created in this business.
They sign applications, make their first call, write their
first blog post
, shoot their first video, & get nervous
in front of their first presentation…just like many
of you.

Only NEW PROMOTERS join this business.

That’s it.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing business.


Listen to me close out the team call using this story http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=31790397

Do you know how to cash in on BLOGGING like I do?? A few of my
friends will teach you 3 MAJOR tips on CASHING in on your

Order from the menu…not the price.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the “price tag” when we
go to a restaurant and look at the menu. We naturally
want to order only the items that you feel would fit
your budget.

Because of that, we don’t enjoy any other items on the
menu, possibly items that we would really love.

Now, obviously I know that many people (especially now days)
are really budgeting and trying to stay within budget so
that has it’s place. However, I’m speaking more about this
industry of Network Marketing / Home based business.

Watch this video, you’ll see what I mean…

Please comment, share, and re post…

Now get out there and KILL IT in your business!


Success is in the ROUTINE

Success in Network Marketing is nothing more than
having a systematic routine to create an
environment conducive for business success.

One of the most powerful things you can do is
figure out how you operate the best, what routine or
ritual you do to get yourself in that peak state
and do it over and over and over again.

The reason most people don’t find a lot of
success in Home based business is simply because
when you are “at home”, you don’t feel like
you are running a business so you end up
doing things that you would normally do at home.

It takes a lot of self-discipline to become a truly
successful Network Marketer that can operate on
“Level 10” at home.

Most people would find themselves at home playing
the xBox or playing computer games at home thinking
that they are actually “working” their business.

It’s all in your daily routine.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you
go to sleep (at least for the first 3-6 months working
your business from home) you should have a schedule
or a routine that keeps you on track.

*** *** ***
If you don’t MAKE an effective routine, the less effective
routine will MAKE YOU.
*** *** ***

That is certainly NOT where you want to end up.

Start today and create a routine that outlines
the first 3 hours of your day…everday.

Follow that routine for 2 weeks and let me know
how it worked for you. Please comment below and

Have a fantastic day & KILL IT in your business!!

How to make money with your iPad

How to use your iPad to explode your business.

It’s easy to give into all the hype about getting one of the newest little gadgets to look cool at the next training for your company.

Do you have one? Do you make money with it?


Most people feel that getting a tablet (iPad or similar) is the
hottest thing that Network Marketers are getting right now.

That’s not the purpose of this article.
I’m not gonna sell you on the idea of getting a tablet here,
I’m just gonna talk some common sense here for a minute.

Here’s where it makes sense to get an iPad:
1) You already have a desktop
2) you already have a notebook / laptop
3) You are planning on doing lots of presentations / powerpoints
4) You are planning on doing lots of traveling.
5) You are needing to have access to a multi media powerhouse
that has great battery life while on the road.  (8-9 hours unplugged depending)
6) Your company has an “app” to access your backoffice
7) You like to watch movies on downtime in your hotel room. 😉

Let’s talk about how I use my iPad on any given day.

When I show up to a 1 on 1 presentation, I’ll use my iPad to show the
video to my prospect while I mix up some shakes. I’ve found that the
“over the ear” headphones work real well, because it now captures
their attention.

The iPad (as well as most other tablets) audio is fairly weak, and
tends to be pretty less effective in keeping attention. If you want to lose
a prospects attention really, really quick, use some weak audio.

After the video presentation is done, I will scroll through some REAL
life B&A’s (Before & After) photos and a few 1 minute videos
of testimonies both product and business.

This really drives the “social proof” part of my presentation through the roof.

I usually use “Keynote” (apples version on powerpoint) on the iPad to
put together a kick A** slide show of testimonials.

After I show them the slideshow pics & vids (that usually last 8-10 minutes),
I’ll usually have them frothing at the mouth to sign up.

I even edify my upline on those slides, so when I’m ready to get them on
a 3 way call, my upline leaders are essentially “walking on water”.

I then proceed straight to my iPad App that my company provides
to sign people up. Visalus even provides a credit card swiper that allows
process to be painless, quick, and nearly effortless so
It looks even easier to my prospects.

I feel that inputting personal data on an iPad or laptop looks a little more
official than putting it in over a mobile phone…but that’ s just my opinion.
If you don’t have a mobile enrollment app for your company
then you won’t even be worrying about this issue.

Following the presentation, I will use my iPad to schedule their first
Challenge party and send them an email straight from my calendar to
remind them about their appointment with me.  I’ll input their info on
my contacts and show them their appointments on my calendar.

It’s also really powerful for visual sake because they see my calendar
and how jam packed it is, so they know not to fool around with my time.

Obviously, to have that effect you need to actually have more than
1 appointment for the week scheduled. LOL

I will have them fill out my PDF “getting started training” with their
first dozen names so that I have a copy of it.
I’ll even email them a copy of that and also FWD a copy to my
upline leader.

I’ll go straight to facebook and add them as a friend, I’ll get
them plugged into the team facebook group right then and there.

By that time, they are absolutely plugged into the

There you have it! That’s how a multiple 6 figure earner uses an iPad in MLM.

Here’s the bottom line:
Yes, an iPad can absolutely add to the effectiveness of
the way you run your business. You can add things like iPads (tablets)
to your list of business expenses that you will most likely
be using as tax deductions at the end of the year.

The bottom line (my opinion) on the iPad for those of you on the fence:
If you don’t have a laptop, and you are thinking of the
“either/or” situation, you shouldn’t even be thinking of getting
an iPad. The average iPad will run you about $600-$700 and up (for
a decent one that is even worth using) when in the meanwhile, a decent
laptop would run you about the same, if not a little more, but more
functional as an ALL IN ONE stop.

That’s just my opinion however.

I feel that in a couple years, laptops / notebooks will be pretty well
on their way of going out the door as being obsolete because these
types of tablets will have stepped up their game in functionality.

I actually stole that prediction from Steve Jobs himself…but it
feels good to say it anyways.

I haven’t really even covered a lot of the functions surrounding
the iPad and all the other ways it can help you attract more
money into your business. I’ll probably cover that on a future
post. Until then, KILL IT in your MLM business my friends!


Title Leader vs. Real Leader

Just because you recruited some people and they
did the same doesn’t necessarily mean that they SHOULD
follow what you are doing.

That doesn’t make you FOLLOW-ABLE just yet.


That certainly makes you “someone-who-recruited-a-few-people”.


Don’t get too down on yourself if people aren’t
following you like you would like them to.

 The best medicine for that is, LEAD THE CHARGE.

If you are constantly recruiting NEW blood to your team,
help them achieve the smallest forms of success over
and over again and you will have people who will follow
you to the ends of the earth.

Everybody loves to be a leader but very few are truly
willing to do what it takes to become that leader.


1)   Consistently Recruit NEW people.

2)   Show them SUCCESS in it’s smallest forms early in the game.

3)   Always let your team know that you are ALL IN.  Mean it.

4)   Formulate a great game plan, do it yourself, show your team how.

If you run this 4 step formula, it will dramatically
change the way you do business and improve your
results of your team duplicating what you do.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing business.



The ONLY Thing You Get Paid For In Business

What TRULY pays you in business?

If you really think about what really makes you money in this
business, you’d probably be surprised at what you are wasting
your time on—or even NOT spending enough time on.

What do you get paid for in MLM?

• Dropping off brochures to your prospects workplace?
• Making cool little prospecting packages?
• Making blog posts?
• Facebook wall posts?
• Creating cool YouTube videos with great intros?
• Setting up cool product displays in your house?
• Going to trade shows?
• On and on and on, you get the point…

The shocking thing is that you don’t get paid to do any
of these things above. Here’s a shocker…You don’t even
get paid to prospect!!

Prospecting leads to more information…that’s it.

The only thing you get paid to do in this business is…


Oh, I can just hear it: “But Elias, we don’t sell anything!”
…get over it.
Yes you do.
You 1st MARKET, then you end with the SALE.

If there is anything you really need to get good at in
this industry, it’s helping people make a decision.

Over the coming days in future posts and videos, I’ll be
discussing some seriously eye-opening tactics on how to
get people to make a quick, positive decision to move
forward with your information.

Please comment and share!



How to neutralize the hardest objections

I was on the phone the other day with the toughest prospect.

I mean this dude wasn’t believing any of the “hype”. Wasn’t
giving into any of it. lol..
I thought to myself, I’ve got a hot prospect here. I then
proceeded to run him through– what I call– the Neutralizing Funnel.

Step #1: Restate the concern / objection
Me: so let me just get this correct, you are worried about Everyone
eventually doing it in your hometown and getting saturated right??

Prospect: Yeah, absolutely.

Step #1: Acid Test
Me: So if I showed you how that concern is really nothing to be worried
about, you’d be satisfied that you found your answer and would be
ready to move forward, correct?

Prospect: Well…maybe.

Step #2: Isolation Statement
Me:  Well, I want to know that we are spending the best amount of time
on the most important area of concern to you.. and this question
is certainly the most important to you, isn’t it?

Prospect: Yes. This just really bothers me about every MLM company
that comes through town. Everyone joins and then there is nothing
left for anyone else, then it usually implodes.

Step #3: Reality Check / Punch In The Gut
Me: Has this personally, “cold hard fact” happened to you?

Prospect: Well.. no. But that’s what I always hear.

Step #4: DeGeneralize (take away the reality of their concern)
Me:  From who? Has that person made extraordinary amounts of
money in this industry??

Prospect: No.

Step #5: Identify Solution (make sure they know, THEY just found the answer)

Me: Now aren’t you glad that you’ve found that your area of
concern has been answered by YOU.

And that’s it. That’s a basic “Neutralizing Funnel”. I’ve debunked
the hardest questions through that funnel. Truth of the matter is
this: most of the concerns that are plaguing the minds of your
prospect (and ultimately your wallet) isn’t really worth spending
a lot of time on.

Why?? Because it most likely holds NO water and doesn’t apply
to your conversation.

The “Neutralizing Funnel” will take some time and practice but
when you finally know how to effortlessly get past the nonsense
that your prospects throw at you, it will be your best friend.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing Business!


The HARD truth about recruiting big numbers

The hardest thing about recruiting big numbers in MLM is the fact that
you need to be really thick skinned at the core.

Recruiting 5-10 people a week isn’t normal. Infact, the average
Network Marketer only recruits 2.5 people in their career in MLM.

If you want to recruit big numbers, you need to take yourself out
of that equation.

Here’s what I mean by that:

If the average Network Marketer is only recruiting 2-3 people into
their program, In order to multiply those efforts you need to
use more leverage.

Step into my brain for a second..

Why am I gonna spend 45 minutes on the phone with a prospect when
I could spend those same 45 minutes on the phone with 500 prospects?!

You gotta be crazy!!

You need to MEGA MULTIPLY your efforts.

There’s no way I would be able to build a $100K/yr. business
in this industry if I were meeting EVERY SINGLE person at
starbucks to show them some silly presentation!

I’m simultaneously using sizzle calls, drop cards, mail outs,
websites, email templates, auto responders, webinars, video marketing,
voice shot blasts, major events, text blasts, facebook webinars, etc…

the list goes on and on and on my friends.

If you truly want to recruit like someone who absolutely KILLS IT
in Network Marketing, you need to start using TOOLS..right away.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing business.


What are you doing with your time?

How is it that someone who makes a million dollars a year
and someone who makes $25,000 a year have the same 24 hrs?

They have the same amount of time in the day but
somewhere along the line, the person who is making $1M
realized how to multiply every step.

So for every step he takes, he moves 10 feet ahead of
the $25K person.

Think about this:
If we were both headed to a destination 5 miles away
but you ran and I drove in a car, Wouldn’t we both
have traveled the same distance??

You see, the reason why I make more money than most
in this industry is because I found out how to multiply
every step and value every minute.

Here’s your homework:
Think about how you can double your production in your
MLM business in the same amount of time you have put
into it last week.

I’m curious, message me and let me know your progress.


How To Speak The Language Of Success

Do you know that you are what you eat?
Most people know that…

You are also what you speak too.

Study after study has shown that if you have a larger
vocabulary, you are most likely making more money
than the person who doesn’t.

This one study showed that people with extensive vocabularies
most likely earn up to 3x what the average person earns
with an average vocabulary.

Think about a regular job… Maybe, think about your current job.
What type of vocabulary do you need there?

Think about a 6, or even 7 figure income earner in Network Marketing.
What type of language is being used there??

I’ll bet you that high 6 and 7 figure earners know another language
as well. Talk about Vocabularies in 2 different languages!!

Just think about this…

If you really studied your industry and your company,
wouldn’t you be using words and terms that most others
who AREN’T studying it would be??

If you are engaged in your company, opportunity, and
movement that your company is behind, you are probably
taking more action than most others as well.

If you are taking more action, you are probably getting
more results.

Here’s what you need to understand..

Success in MLM has a lot to do with personal growth.
Never stop growing. Never stop learning.

Here’s the assignment for you today:

Learn 5 new Vocabulary words that have to do with
either your comp plan, product, company, or Industry
and use all 5 of those words in your normal
everyday conversation when talking about your business.

Watch and observe the type of response you will now get
when talking to your prospects.

Eyebrows will be raised fairly quickly once you noticeably
step up your game.

When you start educating yourself and implementing that
education, you also start attracting those types of people
as well. Serious Promoters who are serious about building
their business.

Isn’t that what we all want in the first place??

Have some fun with it and start speaking the language
of Success.


Broke Financially vs. Broke Mentally

In 2004, my wife and I were so broke it wasn’t funny.

We had NO savings, I didn’t have a steady paying job. 100% commissioned. She wasn’t working.
Sometimes I would come home with $200 dollar paychecks..for 2 weeks.

We made about $18,000 in 2004.

I still get emotional about this time in my life even as I write this post.
My heart gets heavy every single time.

Anyhow, back to the story..

A friend of mine told me about a government program that helped you
Out with groceries, diapers, etc.. (not welfare or foodstamps)
We’d be able to save money on other things because the government
Would be able to pay our bills for us.

I was clueless as to what this entailed. All I heard was some program where
You got free groceries and diapers from the store.

After applying to for this program, I thought to myself. “There has to be a catch.
There is NO WAY that we are getting this stuff for FREE.”

However, I was fine with the idea for the time being.

Our first trip to the store was interesting. I started throwing in all kinds of stuff
Into the basket thinking that I was on some kind of shopping spree.
My wife stopped me and said that we could only get certain brands, certain
Types of groceries, etc..

I was shocked. I was upset.

When we finally got to the check-out line, I asked my wife “so, where’s the money that they
Gave you?”

It was at that time, she reached in her purse and pulled out this gigantic pink
Brochure type booklet. I was wondering.. “What the heck is she doing?” as I nervously
Looked around to see peoples expressions.

I tried hiding what my wife was holding because it was a symbol to everyone in
Line that I was getting government assistance.

Now, let me say..

I have nothing against government assistance. Nor, do I have anything
against people who are on those types of programs.

I was just in shock because I was taught by my parents to
never, ever take handouts…especially Government ones.

It all hit me in an instant what type of situation I had allowed my wife and I to be
In. When we got into the car in the parking lot, I looked at my wife with tears
In my eyes when I told her, “we can’t do this..I can’t do this”.

She just nodded her head in agreement, filled with emotion as her eyes welled up with tears too.
She was a few months pregnant with our second child.

At that moment, I took that pink brochure / card and tore it up. We made a decision
That night that we would not take part in anything of that nature.

Some people would say that I was over reacting and being irresponsible as a
Husband and father.
Others (who I really look up to as entrepreneurs) were proud of me
And congratulated me in taking the first step to being financially independent.

I share this story because it weighed heavy on my heart as I stood in that same
Grocery store tonight behind a young couple who looked like they were going
Through the same situation as I was just a few short years ago.

I felt like reaching out to the young father and putting my hand on his shoulder
Telling him that if he rips up that card in the parking lot things will be
Different. Truth is, I don’t know if that will really be the story.

I don’t know if that young man will have the guts to take a stand
and have the courage to be financially independent.

If someone would have showed me where I would end up a few years
down the road if I decided to NEVER be “mentally broke”,
my mindset would have very different through the whole
journey. All my mentors TOLD me that I would arrive at my destination
if I took all the right steps (like that one) through the course.

If someone could’ve showed me what my journey would look like
before I hit the six figure income level, I probably would have
freaked out. It was a tough ride.

It will probably be a tough ride for you too.
I hope your ride isn’t as crazy as mine was but I sure hope it is
as exciting as mine was.

What’s funny was once you get to the $100K mark in MLM, you
aren’t willing to settle there. You always look at ways to get
you to the $1,000,000 level next.

In conclusion, I will say that each and every one of you
reading this post have the absolute power to change your life
and everything in it IF..and only IF you are willing to have a lot
of courage and guts to take a stand.

Just because you aren’t making as much money in MLM
as you’d like, don’t stop.
Just because you aren’t where you’d like to be in life,
don’t just give up. That’s too easy. No guts required there.

That’s the stupidest (excuse the wording) thing I’ve ever seen.
When people give up because they got a few or a hundred “NO’s”.
To think that they are letting others dictate their future just
boggles my brain.

Misery loves company. When I see people give up, it breaks my heart
but I can’t take that experience away from them. Some people need
to feel the bottom before they get hungry for the top.

Some people need to feel the bottom a couple or few times before
they start realizing that rock bottom isn’t any fun.

I can’t take that blessing and opportunity away from people.
I think of it as a gift. Of course I’d like to see everyone prosper
but I don’t know if that person is really willing to pay the price
like I was.

Never let yourself go broke mentally. It’s just not worth it.

So my challenge to you today is:

Do something that you have always known you’ve wanted
to do. Make sure this places you closer on your journey to
being successful in this business.

It might be something small like getting a savings account.
Maybe making that call to that person you haven’t called yet.
Maybe it’s getting that t-shirt or pair of jeans that makes
you look and feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

Success actually comes in an instant. All you need to do is decide
right now! Decide that you are a success starting right
now! Don’t talk it…do it! KILL IT!!!!


The 1 Thing You Can’t Teach

There are a lot of things in the Network Marketing industry that you can teach.
You can teach someone how to be persuasive.
You can teach someone how to be a superstar recruiter.
You can even teach a few slick lines to say when you get an objection.

However, there is one thing that can never be taught no matter how hard you try.

This one thing is the major advantage that people who earn millions in
The industry have above those who make thousands or hundreds.

Do you have any idea what it is??


Courage is a tough thing to learn and implement. Learning courage usually means
That you are in an uncomfortable situation. Someone once told me that
The money is made in the “fear zone” in this business.

You will never achieve your goals if you aren’t in the fear zone.
Usually, if you are feeling nervous about something it’s because you
Are faced with a moment where you need to dig a litter deeper in your
Gut and pull out some of that courage.

Some of you reading this might be faced with a single situation or a
Series of “situations” very shortly that will test your courage level.

It’s what us entrepreneurs call a “gut check”.

Here’s the challenge..

Face something today that forces you to give yourself a “gut check”.

Rally up some courage my friend. The only way to get more courage…
Is to put yourself in situations where you can practice.

Although everybody wants to be a conqueror, many run the other way
When they realize a battle needs to be fought first.

Will that be you? Get out there and face it!


Another one of those things??!

Job Jumpers vs. Brand Promoters.

It seems like everytime a network marketer gets hit with this
question (or comment), they stop dead in their tracks.

If anyone asks me, are you doing another MLM…

I simply ask them if they are doing another JOB.

If they have had more than 1 job, I’d like to know if they
are tired of falling for the pyramid scheme that they
are in.

Tired of that 40/40/40 plan?!

Join me in my 30 day plan http://killit.myvi.net


Aggressive Comp Plan Or Aggressive Retention?? (Visalus)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while on my blog. I’ve been really busy
in Phase 1 building my NEW Network Marketing Business and supporting my

Things are really starting to heat up in the group.

However, I wanted to post a quick video that I shot recently about the
most important aspect of any compensation plan.

I got a BMW in just DAYS..but is that the motivator??

I got a BMW because my company paid for it. I did it faster than a lot of people
usually do it, and it feels great…but is that really the motivating factor??

A lot of people think that throwing out cars like how Visalus is (14 BMW’s a day)
is the secret sauce to the company’s smashing growth.

DOCUMENTED double digit compounded growth for the past 18 months has
most people stumped. They can’t put a finger on it, but I can.

After sitting down with the owners of Visalus in a private setting, I realized
what it was. But here’s a great video that talks about the real motivation
behind driving people.

The “It Takes Money To Make Money” Myth.

Throughout my career in business, I’ve often overheard many traditional
businessmen casually state that it takes money to make money. I wanted
to address that and see if that logic actually holds any merit.

For many of us in the Network Marketing or Direct Sales world, you know
that isn’t necessarily true…or is it??

When I first got started in my current company as an independent distributor,
I paid $499 for my start up kit.

Yes, I was broke so I didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

Now some people would claim that isn’t a lot of money but, you see, that
might not be a lot of money…on my part.

However, someone had to come up with the money to start that company.

  • Someone had to pay for the scientific research on products, didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the licensing of those products..didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the staff to start a company, didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the manufacturing and distribution of that

product, didn’t they?

Somewhere along the line…the opportunity would not have been possible
if large amounts of capital were not invested.

Even if you want to purchase Real Estate with “No Money Down” someone
has to come up with the money somewhere down the line.

What does this mean for your business??

Here’s what I’m getting at…

If you aren’t making money in your Network Marketing business, chances
are you don’t have any MONEY moving through your organization.

If you don’t have money moving through your group, you don’t get paid.

Now..Let’s apply this to marketing your business.

If you don’t have new recruits for your business, what is your plan?
You obviously need more prospects so you can talk to more people, right?
If you want to advertise or do PPC, you need money in your budget
but if you aren’t making money in your business and can’t make the investment
you are dead in the water.

That mainly leaves you with virtually 1 option.

Go and personally talk to a bunch of friends, family, co workers, strangers, etc..

Now, the catch there is that you are DEPENDING on them to pay you..so you
are actually hoping they are in a better financial situation than you are. LOL!

Do you see, where this is going?? Without money, you aren’t going to make it.
If YOU don’t need to have it, But someone else WILL.

Now…Here’s how to leverage yourself into a Marketing / Advertising budget
worth thousands of dollars. This is where “Funded Proposal” Marketing comes
into play. It’s nothing new. Infact, anyone that tries to tell you that attraction
marketing is some new thing that people are “trying” to make work, they don’t
know what the H*** they are talking about.

So here’s how you do it.

1) You need to find a way that targets your specific audience.
2) You find a way to add value to that audience and appeal to them.
3) Get them to purchase a “low end” / entry level product that adds
cash to your pocket and their info to your list.
4) The money from that funded funnel will drive your marketing budget
higher so you can reach more people.
5) You create a relationship with those prospects / customers and bring
them into your opportunity.
6) You make even more money and the money you get from step #3 just
repeats over and over which enables you to advertise more and more.

So, that’s it! If you can’t pay for advertising PPC costs…

Get your prospects to pay that bill for you!

Take a look at my funded proposal / attraction marketing funnel that
I use to recruit with.

In closing, we conclude that it certainly DOES take money to make it.

Get out there and kill it in your Network Marketing Business!

When Business Slows Down…

There is a lot of material that teach & train you how to “get going” in business.

The initial boom in your business is crucial, no doubt.

However, if you are like most people there will be a point in your business where
things will slow down and not be as “exciting” and quick as the initial boom.
The question is, “What do you do now to re-launch your business??”

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Seek out your leaders and hold a conference call.
2) Get all of your leaders on the same page with you.
3) Run an incentive for your team. Helps production.
4) Bring an outside “speaker” for an event in your team.
5) Start talking to people that you spoke to before and tell them about relaunch.
6) Start a blog about re-lauching your business.

If there is one thing that is a guarantee in this business, it’s this…

Your business will eventually “slow down”.

It has happened to me and every other leader that I know.

You can’t continue to grow at 1000% growth forever. It’s just reality.
However, it’s about what you do when business slows down that counts.

That’s when the creative juices need to start flowing and you can’t
be afraid to jump in the trenches and fight the good fight right along
side your team.

It’s powerful because it keeps your skills sharp.

The second you stop growing…you literally start dying in business.
Don’t become a casualty of the “MLM Epidemic”. Stay busy.
Stay in Phase 1 until you have built an empire that is stable.

In closing, let me just say one thing regarding “slowed growth”:

Just as much as knowing what to do when your business slows down
is important…

Knowing when your business is truly slowing down and addressing it
is even more important.

If you are in a state of denial on some level of consciousness that your
business isn’t slowing down and don’t attack and address it, your business
will implode right under you.

Don’t be afraid to accept the fact that your business is slowing down
and just get to work on it. It’s all part of the game my friend.

Get Out There & Kill It In Your Network Marketing Business!

Attracting People Into Your Business

Have you ever wondered how people can create such an exciting
business while it seems like everyone else recruits like mad
and still gets nowhere?

I used to struggle with this issue as well.

It’s tough to pursue and recruit people into your business.
It’s even harder to attract them.

Here’s how you do it.

Get out there and kill it in your Network Marketing Business!

Should You Do Social Media…Even If You Suck Online?!

Most people would wonder why I would suggest that someone uses social
media to drive more prospects to their MLM.

Truth is, most people would find that it is a heck of a lot easier to use
Social Media rather than crafting persuasive emails to every
single one of their prospects…

Or even meeting with their prospects face to face!

Why you are really an Information Marketer…Not an MLMer.

I think it’s interesting to see how people think that they really aren’t
in the Information Marketing business and how they are just MLMers
who have great products, blah, blah, blah.

It’s truly interesting to see networkers finally come to their senses
when they realize that they really only get paid to do one thing…


-When we prospect someone, don’t we offer to give them more info?
-When you tell someone about the “awesome products” you offer
aren’t you giving them more info?
-When you are telling someone about the comp plan, isn’t that info?

It’s crazy to think that you aren’t in the INFO MARKETING business.

Here’s my point..Even when people sign up into your business,
If you don’t have an email autoresponder system that keeps
them in the loop, you are simply losing money.

I personally use AWEBER…I’ve used a few different ones
but AWEBER is the best one (in my opinion).

Try AWEBER for just $1 by clicking here.

If you aren’t staying connected with your people by keeping them
in the loop by email or text, you are seriously losing money.

You are probably losing customers.
You are definitely losing distributors.

You will continue to lose everyone until you come to the realization that
you are in the business of marketing information that help people make
decisions to move forward.

Elias Callejo

Will Staying In The Game Guarantee Your Success In MLM?

I NEVER post other peoples videos here on my blog, but I had to show my
man Eric some serious support on this one.

He hits the topic right on the nose here.

You seriously need to hear this…

Just because you “stay in the game” in MLM, doesn’t mean crap.
All it means is you are just, IN MLM LONGER!

As I’ve always said, you need to constantly improve, constantly
add value to your team, organization, and community.

This is how you truly KILL IT IN MLM!


Take The Blame & Make The Money.

Taking the blame for someone elses failures.
I used to really hate taking the blame.

Then one day I realized that When things are going great, it’s your fault.
When things aren’t, going good it’s your fault too.

Then one day a mentor of mine asked me, “would you rather be right,
or would you rather be rich?” That was a simple answer for me.

He said “Because, there are lots of broke RIGHT people in the world right now.
Just get over it and keep moving. Massive production solves nearly all complaints
and problems out there.”
You can never let the finger pointing game get to you. If you sign someone up in this business,
they will try to set themselves up for every excuse under the sun. As long as it isn’t their fault
that they will EVENTUALLY fail, it’s ok.


So it needs to be said that when you get to the point where you are a true leader with a great organization,

the reason why you are a leader is because
everyone else needs you.

John C Maxwell, author of the “21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership” said that you weren’t leading
the charge as a leader, but rather everyone else was leading instead,
they wouldn’t need you!

Who are you fooling?!

It goes the same way with your prospects. If you let the blame game get to you, you will
always lose. You will never become successful in this business if you let the blame game
mess with your head.

The best way to deal with this is when someone signs up, you just simply tell them..
“I don’t know if you can do this or not, but if you follow the system and be coachable,
you’ll see results. If you don’t follow the system and aren’t coachable, I wouldn’t even
fill out an application right now.”

You see, the magic happens all throughout the process.

Enrolling the person is just part of the process. Your job isn’t done. At that point, your
job is just beginning.

As far as I’m concerned, all they’ve done was just fill out an application to work for me.

Because I have employees in my restaurant business, I know what it is like to hire
someone who’s all excited and doesn’t even show up for their first day of work!

Is it because my restaurant doesn’t work? Sure isn’t, because I know lots of people
who didn’t show up to their first day of work with large companies like Hilton, Wal Mart, Target, Macy’s, etc…

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
It just means that THEY didn’t work.

So stop beating yourself up over the whole thing and when someone signs up for your business,
just remember…
Let them show up to day 1 of their job before you start getting serious about them.

After all, they are trying to qualify for YOUR time.


How to “CLOSE” more sales in your MLM

The funny thing about when I first started in the Network Marketing Industry is that I was really heavy
on sales and didn’t know crap about marketing. Because of my lack of knowledge about truly building
an MLM program, I failed miserably over and over again.

But that’s not the funny part.

The funny part is that I was actually a pretty darn good salesman.
I was making great money in Sales. I would also hear about other salespeople who
worked for the same timeshare company as me getting into other MLM’s and recruiting a
boat load of people in a matter of a couple days.

However, the story always ended up the same.

The TOP Salesperson type usually never had lasting success in MLM.
Although they could recruit in an almost effortless fashion, they
couldn’t lead, duplicate, and train if their lives depended on it.

That’s when I realized…It’s NOT just about being a slick salesperson!

For a few years, I stayed away from MLM (actually gave up on MLM to be honest)
and just studied intently on SALES & MAREKTING. I spent a ton of money
learning from the best in the world. I just knew I needed the knowledge to get
what I really wanted in life.

When I finally jumped back on the MLM bandwagon after studying
hard about the Network Marketing industry, true leadership, Offline
and Online marketing tactics, I hit the jackpot.

I was able to combine my super duper sales skills with my super marketing
know-how and lead & duplicate my way to a $100K MLM Success

I also paired up with some good mentors too. That’s a key element.

So, let’s get to business. This won’t take very long at all.

How to CLOSE the sale in MLM is kind of tricky. You see,
you close the sale by not really wanting it in the first place.

Now, obviously you probably want the enrollment more than
anything else…

But you don’t manifest it. You don’t show it. Infact, you
act like you could give a crap.

Most times, the sale is closed before you’ve even started
talking. There’s a few dozen things that should’ve happened
in the very beginning stages of the greeting BEFORE you even
started talking!

If you come from a place of, what is called “lack consciousness”, it will
manifest itself in your words and actions. If you are sitting down to
interview and qualify those people they will feel it and will try to
impress you and actually buy your time.

There is waaaay more to the mentality behind the sale, but I will
tell you this, no one wants to do business with the person who really
actually NEEDS the sale. Does that make any sense to you??

If you don’t believe me, just try and show up to the bank and ask them
to loan you money because you really NEED it. They most likely won’t give
it to you. No way!

Funny thing, is (especially nowdays) they are giving the money to the
people who don’t really need it as bad as those who do.

So how do you CLOSE the enrollment in your MLM?…

You STOP WANTING to CLOSE the sale, and START wanting your
prospects to start closing themselves to impress YOU.

Get out there and kill it in your MLM!!!!



No Excuses 2 & The Golden Gummy Bear.

So here I am, back from the No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas Nevada. What an unreal
event. Ferny and Ray put on an event that is really pretty hard to top for that
price. It also helped that I was in VIP too. Better pictures, better opportunities
to network with other leaders, etc…

I took away so much from the event.

Here’s the difference from No Excuses Summit 2 versus NES1…for me.

Last year, I showed up and no one knew who I was. I didn’t have anyone
from my primary company there. I didn’t care because I had no Idea what I was
in for. It was all new to me.

This year I showed up, not as a General audience member, but as a VIP.
I already knew most of the speakers, a bunch of them knew who I was.

But you see, last year I showed up and I was thinking with a different mindset.
I wanted to learn how to make money online. I wanted to learn what it was they
were doing.

This year, I was looking for more specifics.

I was looking for tools. I was looking for tracking. I was looking for smaller, more
specific things that would give me a boost in my online marketing strategy. It’s
interesting how when you actually know what to look for, you always find it.

I found it.

I am now in the process of just starting out using just a couple of new tools
that will help me out with getting even more traffic and connections.

I will be blogging about these new tools in the days to come. It’s very reality
show styled. I have no Idea how to navigate around these site (you can tell)
but I’m learning right in front of your eyes. Stay tuned…

Ok, so the Gummy Bear.

I’m walking down the hallways with a box of Haribo Gummy Bears I just bought
from the store. Some guys stops me and asks me if he could have one.
I pour out a few gummy bears in his hands and we start chatting.
He was there at the NES2 as a speaker. I’ve never spoken to this dude before.
I knew who he was but acted as If I didn’t know who he was. He also asked
me for some gum. I was like “what? this guy is seriously starving or something.” lol.

We chat for a few minutes and he begins telling me about some things that will
rock my world in MLM and online marketing over the next few months.

From just those few minutes, I will go on to earn another $100,000 this year.

I thought about it as we parted ways and headed back to my seat, I spent
$3 bucks on this box of gummy bears. Over the next few years, that conversation
that stemmed from this box of gummy bears will most likely yield me some possible
7 figures. It was as if those gummy bears were made out of PURE GOLD.

Lesson learned:

you never know when the opportunity will arise where the answers
you are looking for will come right by you. You might not be in some crowded convention
room or Super Saturday, conference call, or high ticket webinar.

It could be in a quick conversation in some dimly lit hallway in Las Vegas over a box of
Gummy bears. Question is: will you be ready to receive the info and process it as such??

Success is when opportunity meets preparation.


What Game Are You Playing?

Some Network Marketers are so afraid of doing what works. As hard as it seems,
sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to break
past the barrier that is stopping you. Most times, it will require you to
work harder and pay the harder price. However, as we all know…
No Pain No Gain.

If you are talking to your friends and family and it’s not working…
Think about what you need to do to become more persuasive. Switch It Up!

If you are attempting to do online marketing and it’s not working…
Think about what the top online marketers are doing and switch up your game!

If you are doing tons of presentations but HARDLY sign anyone up…
take a good hard look at what one of the top closers in your company is doing,
duplicate them and switch up your old routine.

If I’m 300 pounds, I’m not going to jump on one of the really aggressive short boards
that are also very thin. No matter how much positive thinking I put into it,
I’ll still sink the board underwater and have a very, very difficult time
catching waves. While in the meantime, other guys who are just as heavy
as I am are passing me up with the thicker, bigger, longboards. They are
catching waves with ease while I’m out of breath before even paddling out
to the lineup.

Switch It Up! It will most likely be the most powerful thing you will ever
do for your business.

-elias callejo

Cheap Seats Always Get Lousy Views

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been crazy
busy over here trying to balance family, chores at home (yes, I actually work around the house. LOL),
and business life. I still sometimes find myself wondering, “How do I do it all??”.

Anyhow, it’s always good to be back at the keys furiously
hammering away at yet another interesting subject.

Today, I want to talk about a mistake that many struggling network marketers make.
I believe they make it because they are struggling, however, if they continue to make this
mistake, they’ll always struggle without ever knowing why.

It kind of coincides with my last post about doing the retraction dance. Doing something
(or saying something) down the road after you preached against it some time before
is always the best way to cripple your growth in your business. So, let’s talk about
the subject at hand, “The Cheap Route Gets You Cheap Results”.

I’m simply talking about corporate produced tools vs. field produced tools.
I find it amazing how MLMers who start out building with “field produced tools” miraculously
build a group and all of a sudden they complain that everyone is producing their own
“field produced tools” and no one wants to purchase the REAL, high end “looking” tools.

That being said, I’m not talking about the top leaders in the company producing professionally
made tools. All industry veterans know that the field leaders usually are the ones who produce
the professional “after market” tools like CD’s, Tapes, DVD’s, Flipcharts, Clothing, Decals, etc…

I’m talking about the “reps” who are stapling some emailed article from some
person in the company and handing it off to their prospects. I’m talking about the
reps who are burning the “REAL” company prospecting CD’s and handing out the
cheezy burned copies.

Even home made flyers are something to laugh at in a professional marketers eyes.
If someone were to hand me a “home made” flyer about some big wig coming
into town to hold a huge meeting about a multi million dollar, multi national company
I’d seriously be there trying to add it all up. Quite simply, it wouldn’t add up.

First of all, home made low budget tools aren’t wealth creation.
You don’t create wealth by piecing together your business.

Second of all, it sends the completely wrong message.

Why?? Well, let’s discover this.

You’re there at the table with your prospect bragging about how great and powerful
your company is and how much money your sponsors or leaders are making. You’re talking
about the multiple countries your company is opened in.

A few minutes later, you’re handing your impressed prospect a home made
version of your corporate tools. Maybe you’ve just handed them a “sexy looking”
home made brochure (sexy to you at least). However, it’s obvious that this
isn’t the “real” stuff which is now leaving your prospect to wonder…

Is this person really making money in this business??
Is the stuff i’m gonna listen to or read even legit??

Your prospect who was just minutes ago very, very impressed..
Is now most likely very unimpressed because of the lack of

Would you buy a home from a real estate agent who looked like they
just woke up?
Would you order food from a server who wasn’t in uniform, didn’t have
a nametag, and didn’t look the part??
Would you give your car keys to the valet agent who didn’t have the
same outfit as everyone else, no nametag, and far away from the valet stand??

You see, certain things must be in alignment with your message.
Certain things need to match up.

The consumer is smarter today than ever before.

If you’re pinching pennies and burning copies of company CD’s, DVD’s or brochures.
Even worse, if you are producing your own low budget slide shows, handouts, and
literature just to save some extra money or just to “do it your way”,
You’re better off handing the keys to your Mercedes to the random bum on the
street who says he’s the valet agent for the 5 star hotel 2 miles down the road.


p.s. Cut past the nonsense. Follow a real leader. Become one yourself.

The Retraction Dance

I know i’ll probably say some things that will resonate differently amongst different people.
It’s been a little while since i’ve written a post, lots of major events going on in my company
and in my family life as well. All very positive and very exciting, but I can’t forget about my
loyal readers here on my blog.

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been observing for quite some time in the
MLM industry. Something that is becoming a serious problem even for leaders like myself.
Not me personally…Not because i’m a know it all.

It’s because I am an actual business owner. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars
and took a risk in the restaurant industry. I know what type of repercussions can take place
if you don’t calculate well from the start.

That’s kinda the way things are when you actually know REAL business.

I see some distributors who post other leaders (from other companies) videos on
their Facebook page & share it with their downline. They wake up one day
and wonder where the heck their entire downline went. They don’t realize that for
every dumb move they make, they’ll pay many times over. Unfortunately, unlike
me, not every so called “youtube guru” has ethics and business standards.

Sadly, the MLM industry is made up of a lot of people who throw $50 bucks at some
program who say a bunch of nonsense in the beginning without ever taking a second
to think “will this come back to bite me later?”.

I call it the retraction dance. It’s a simple name. It means just that.
Slowly back peddling on what you’ve said before because now you realize the
repercussions that it will now have on your team.

Let me quickly explain:

You can say a whole bunch of stuff about building a business and duplication
when you don’t have an organization. However, when you start building a sizeable
group in the thousands, you can’t say the dumb stuff you
used to say that never got you in trouble before.

So, maybe when you had hundreds of people that you rolled into your business
from XYZ company (real life example from many “so called experts”) you talked
alot of rah rah about internet marketing and how making the list is lame.

However, because of the fact that very, very few people know how to market
in the cold setting and don’t have the budget to even think about doing Pay Per
Click marketing, that drum will get beaten to death really, really quick.

Now they’ll revert to recruiting in the warm market because that’s easier
(and proven) for them. Well, what now happens when you now have thousands
of people in your group who don’t know about internet marketing or
cold market prospecting/ recruiting methods, you gotta retract.

If you don’t, your downline will break away from your teachings, start
teaching their “own” system (which is most likely some other guru’s thoughts
on the blog post of the day) and your business implodes from the bottom up.

You have to start doing the song and dance. You have to start beating around
some really, really big bushes. LOL.

It’s hilarious. Some of these “internet gurus” or “makeshift you tube MLM Leaders”
can talk a big game and they’ll talk it very quickly. However, they don’t have
a clue about being a real leader. It’s a whole different world.

As a true leader, you need to think ahead of the game. You can’t just put a
band aid over an open wound. You need to prevent the wound first. You need
to think, “if I head down this path, will I eventually get cut”.

Let me give you a personal example.

About 6 months ago, I discovered a great video/internet tool that I used for myself
before I rolled it out to a few people in my organization. Word got out really quickly
that I was using an “Internet Tool” and I was using some type of internet marketing
“thing” that might take the focus off of actually prospecting in the warm market.

Because I choose to run my business the way I do, which is, I let my leaders promote
however which way they want to run their business as long as it follows the basic
guidelines of our system, I decided to only show a handful of people this tool.

This is sooo far from “deep doctrine” internet marketing that it’s not even funny.
I used it because it was the easiest thing for people to use, especially if they
don’t have their own capture page. A lot of people in my downline and even in my upline
were kinda shaking their head at this elementary school level internet tool that
would seriously benefit the masses. I didn’t care. I was using it…and still am.

About a month ago, my company rolls out a new tool. It’s an internet tool that shoots
out video that notifies you via text message when your prospect opens up the video.
The company went wild about it, still is. All the distributors are still going wild about
it..still are.

Funny thing is, it’s the same exact tool I have already been promoting to my group..
only thing is that they branded the player and it’s under a different name now.
It’s still the same service, company, and probably same price point.

I can almost guarantee that the company won’t pay commissions for referrals
to this service because the service providers are going to be charging less
for the service versus what I pay at $19.95 a month.

How do I know this, because roughly 156 other MLM companies use the same
exact service including Monavie, Xango, Tahitian Noni, etc… and they all
charge about $9.95.

I already get paid a great commission from this video service…because I was
ahead of the trend and I don’t have to back peddle.

Now many others who were opposed to my “internet thing”
are starting to do the dance now…

At first many said, “just give people DVD’s” or “just go face to face”
or “that’s nonsense, just open your mouth and talk”.

Now, they have to implement the “Retraction Method” and do
the embarrassing dance. I won’t. It’s great.

Many other gurus out there are just as freaking hilarious.

I was just watching a video of this girl that has made CRAZY money
from marketing on the internet. She spends more money on Pay Per Click
every month than most people ever make in a year in MLM.

She just recently posted a video talking about why Guru’s don’t know
how to really build MLM businesses and how online marketing
doesn’t really work…”as well” as offline.

Funny thing is, I know this because I do business with this person in an
Attraction Marketing Internet Based System. She makes
tens of thousands per month from that. It’s not easily duplicated.
You don’t do home meetings about this internet marketing
system. Yet, the retraction method starts.

[UPDATE: 11/10/2010– So, now it comes to find out that this individual
has just recently made a jump over to a “top tier” opportunity where
you sell a $3K package and make anywhere from 50%-90% profit. She
created a huuuge buzz to send some controversy out on the internet.
She held a webinar just a few minutes ago (that I attended since I had
a gut feeling about this) and sure enough my suspicion was confirmed.]

Her upline leaders just recently started beating that same drum as well.

Her upline leader came out about a month ago with the same message.
He beat her to the punch with the “retraction method”.

Does this mean that they don’t know what they are doing?? no.

They know exactly what they are doing. Most likely, they’ve had it
planned from the start….

Or did they? hmmmm.

Question: What is your upline telling you? How are you deciding to build
your business?

Like I always say, cut past the all the nonsense happening in the industry
and just get out there and kill it. Follow a true leader. Become one yourself.

Efusion Quits Network Marketing. Leaves Reps Stranded. The MLM Company Problem.

This has kinda been the trend with other companies like iLG (ILearning Global).
This usually happens when the companies lose their top reps and can no longer
fund their business operations & commission structure. This is kinda old news
but I kept getting questions from Networkers as if this was really true.

(Editors Sidenote: Keep an eye on Arbonne. They have all of the signs of
an MLM company that could possibly follow that trend. I could be totally
wrong, hopefully I am. However they’ve lost an enormous amount of top
reps, especially after they filed bankruptcy due to their $700+ million
debt that went public. I know some heavy hitters in Arbonne and I hope
that I am wrong about this. However, a red flag is a red flag no matter
what you call it.) [here’s the official letter that was sent out to all
efusion reps]

My stomach turns reading this. I’ve ready waay to many letters like this
in the industry and know exactly how it feels to have your dreams come
crashing down just like this…personally.

The truth is this, everyone thinks that it’s easier for companies to stay in
business and turn a profit in the MLM industry. That used to be the case.
However, with the fierce competition in the MLM world with comp plans,
branding, strong corporate infrastructure, flashy tools, flashy products,
flashy conventions (which costs sometimes hundreds & hundreds of thousands
of dollars), and product competition, it’s becoming harder and harder
for start up companies to maintain a smiling face if they either don’t
“buy” top dog MLM pros or attract them early on.

Not to mention the increase in FTC, DSA, and FDA regulations don’t help.
To top it off, you have the government trying to step in with
the ridiculous tax fiasco and take their cut as well.

Just think, with over 3,400 MLM companies competing in the
health & wellness product based industry, you know there must be more
to the story than just “Believe in our products and share the story”.

Back in the day, you could start an MLM business with little to no
money from your garage (case in point: Shaklee, Amway, etc..)

but not anymore.

The demand for serious competitive edge from the distributor force
to go toe to toe with other reps from competitor companies
is getting harder and harder to please.

Not to mention, most distributors don’t like hearing about “outside
investors”, “going public”, and “Venture Capitalists” taking their
cut of the comp plan. Getting word of this, reps are threatening to quit
and take their entire organization with them overnight.

This would obviously leave even bigger problems on the table for
companies being that the MLM business model needs to cater
to the distributors because they know that without the sales force,
they die.

The underlying message is this…give your company a break.

I know people who have quit (even in my organization) because
they were on “hold” with customer service longer than 5 minutes!!!

They aren’t helping anything! The upline suffers. The company suffers.
And the industry suffers.

We as network marketers need to step up our game and start sending the
message to the world that we are joining forces as entrepreneurs in the
“New Profession” of Network Marketing as one of the last great stands
in the world of Free Enterprise.

I love this industry. I know you do too. We obviously have a better
way than slaving away at a time clock for 35+ years with nothing
to show for it in the end. Let’s prove it.

Prove it by becoming wildly successful. Prove it by joining a good
company you can trust 110% and stand behind through thick
& thin. I’m glad I did. It is such a big burden off your shoulders
to know that you don’t have to worry about your company stabbing
you in the back while you’re out there working yourself to death
for them promoting for them.

Get out there and ….Kill it!!

-Elias Callejo