23: Creating & Sticking To NEW Habits

The New Year has come around again and everyone is setting
the NEW goals and resolutions.

I read a couple of interesting articles about how to create
and retain NEW powerful habits that I resonate with so I
wanted to share them with you.

Source: The John Maxwell Company http://www.johnmaxwell.com
Source: 99u.com http://99u.com

Are you attracting quality prospects into your Business? This is the system
that I’ve been using since 2010 to attract the
highest quality prospects into my Businesses.

Events cost money??

One of the largest mistakes of my career was thinking that EVENTS costed any money.
When I realized that the MORE events I attended the MORE money I made…

That’s when I started making money.

“If you want to make serious money in MLM, you need to attend 4-7 events per year

Rebuilding your TEAM when it Slows Down.

Here are my thoughts. Over the years I’ve been fortunate
enough to build several organizations from scratch.

I’ve done very well each time.

I used to always build with one eye in the back of my
head looking for the exit when things started slowing
down..which it always did lol.

Eventually, everything slows down. It’s a law of nature.

What goes up… must come down.

It happens in large corporate America with companies
like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, eBay, Restaurants,
Retail Stores,
Costco, etc…

We sometimes forget the stories of these giants in their
first 2-3 years. Sometimes in their first 5-7 years, some major
setback or slowdown happened.

No difference in the world of MLM.

The only difference with EACH Business or Organization
that slows down… is what each person does WHEN
the “slow down season” hits.

My entire perspective changed when I sat down with
a very very successful Network Marketer at an industry
​wide convention in Las Vegas.

I told him that it looked like things were slowing down a little bit
in Business for me.

He asked me how long I had actually been working and building my
Business on a high level (level 10 type activity).

I told him I’d been in the company for about 1 year. He laughed out loud.
He literally “LOL’d”.

He then asked me something that really shook my core.

“Elias, out of that short 1 year that you’ve been in the company, how
much of that time would you say you have spent actually recruiting
and hard core building?”

I answered “100% honest… probably about 6 of those months.”

He laughed even harder.

I started laughing just to calm the awkwardness that I was feeling.
I mean, this was starting to get way out of hand i’m thinking.
This dude is laughing about my Business. lol.

He turns to me and says…
“Bro, Business hasn’t slowed down. You are still Building!
until you’ve done 2-3 solid “90 Day Runs” and BUILT in the
trenches with each spike of growth as you work deep THEN
you have built up the right to look at your Business and
assess whether or not Business is even remotely STARTING
to slow down!”

He then went on to tell me that I will usually get to that point
in about 18-24 months. And that is AFTER heavy, heavy building.

This was an advanced, aggressive conversation between to
industry leaders who have built on larger levels but it also
applies to EVERY SINGLE person who aspires to be an
entrepreneur in the Network Marketing profession.

You can’t really talk about Business slowing down unless
your Business really even started moving yet.

You can’t really talk about the wave dying out when you
are still in the process of catching it!

You can’t really talk about having to re-build a wall that
was never there!

And… you can’t talk about having to re-build a starter
team when you haven’t even gotten out of practice!!

“When you change the way you look at situations,
your situations change.” -Tony Robbins

Get out there and take it to the NextLevel my friends!!


Faith, Skill, Business, & Bricks…(1 min. read)


Why do some people crumble in the face of discourgment and others rise from the ashes, bigger and better than before? What is the secret? Faith, as Steve Jobs said, and I would like to add Skill.

In business, I like to think of faith as the willingness to believe that good can come out of any situation we are faced with. One of the ways I “keep the faith” is by acquiring skills. Every unique challenge also poses a unique moment to learn something new. Sometimes, you even discover skills that you never knew you had. Faith and skill go hand in hand. Skills require faith to attain and faith requires skills to maintain.

Challenges are inevitable. Our willingness to see them as opportunities to learn and push forward, is what makes the difference. Keep the faith, learn new skills, and while life throws bricks, we will build our dreams. Mahalo.






Even If It’s Just A Little Bit…(1 min read)



Easter, for many is a time of re-birth.  It’s a season of reflection and hope.  Whether you are religious or not, I encourage you to embrace at least this one principle.  Be Better.  Even if its just a little bit better, its still an improvement.  The road to acquiring any skill or dream is riddled with pot holes and detours.  Seth Godin says:

“The purpose isn’t to please the critics.  The purpose is to make your work better.”

Keep at it my friends.  You learn and earn, its on the job training.  Don’t be discouraged by failure because you will miss the lesson that it teaches you.


Is anything wrong with BDA’s, Special Deals, & Bridge Income in Network Marketing?

My opinion is simply this:

1) Traditional Business (banks, wall street, sales, car sales, real estate, universities, etc…) all offer
incentives for people of value to come and work for their corporation. It’s no secret.
However, when reps who get deals say they didn’t get anything when infact they did… that’s fraud.
So bottom line, if disclosed properly I see nothing wrong with special deals if intact the rep
fulfills their part of the agreement and everyone comes out ahead at the end.

2) Although I see nothing wrong with a properly executed BDA, majority of the “behind-closed-doors” deals
create an uneven playing field for a few reasons.

Let’s see what the MLM Attorney says:

MLM Special Deals / Business Development Agreements: Disclosure Requirements (Part 1)

What are your thoughts?!!

Creating a PART TIME explosion in your Business (Part 2)

Create a part time mlm explosion

In this video (part 2 of 3) I talk about creating a part time explosion
in your business using a couple of local market tactics.

In a few days I’ll be talking about how to create a long distance

Here’s how NOT TO DO Social Media marketing via Facebook.

Why your closest friends don’t join you in your MLM

It’s no secret.

Your friends don’t join you in your MLM
because they know all your trash.

Your friends remember every failure you’ve
ever encountered in life. They remember
every time you said that “this was the one”.

The reason why your friends don’t join you
in you business is because you need to stop

Use the tools my friends.

Instead of yapping your mouth about what you
think you sound good explaining,
use a tool.

Instead of yapping your mouth about what your
comp plan,
send them the video.

Instead of yapping your mouth about your
company founder and the secret plant that was
found at the top of such n such mountain,
send them the video.

Basically, the closer the relationship…
The less you get yapping.


Will you ever STOP recruiting?

Some folks in this industry will lead their followers to believe that
they won’t ever stop recruiting because they ABSOLUTELY LOVE recruiting
and building to the fullest.

Some of these leaders actually truly do believe in this mindset and
actually do it. Reality is, very very few actually stay in this
phase for an extended period of time.

A bunch of these folks will sit on top of a group and help close
out prospects on 3 way calls. That’s not the kind of recruiting I’m
talking about here. I’m speaking about personal production here.

Most distributors that are of that “NON-STOP RECRUITING” mindset don’t
know that they are only one tough question away from quitting.

Eventually, You need to ask yourself a couple of

1) If my opportunity is a residual income machine that is supposed
to provide residual income for the rest of my life, how long would it
take for my income to zero out once I personally step out of the picture?

2) How many people in the group are able to lead WITHOUT me holding their hand?
Would my Business continue to generate the current income and volume
production WITHOUT me recruiting like a wild animal?

Truth is, a few folks really truly do LOVE recruiting
and don’t mind staying in that mode.

However, in most cases, the majority will eventually get tired
of spinning on the hamster wheel.

It might take months or years…
But usually the whole reason most people join MLM is to semi-retire and live life.
Those who TRULY love this industry will retire INTO this industry.

Good leaders create followers.
Great leaders create leaders.

Good leaders love to be needed.
Great leaders love to succeed.

The point here is to ask yourself the question: “Can I sustain this level
of activity for the next 2-3 years?”

The bigger question is: “Can anyone in my group sustain this level of activity
for the next 2-3 years?”

The EVEN bigger question is: “What will happen if I answered NO to both the
questions above?”

Of course, if you are honest with yourself you will need to start getting
serious about finding an answer.

Just because you love what you do, it doesn’t mean it’s a solid business
model financially speaking.
In that case, there would be tons of millionaires in every town
making copious amounts of money from collecting stamps… and I’d be
a multi millionaire just from surfing waves in the ocean. #notgonnahappen


Play Your Game

If you struggling and not seeing alot of success in MLM, you need to hear this. michael-jordan-624x438

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How building your MLM Business is like this Rat. [video]

Usually, when people are not motivated to work their business,
all that really means is they don’t have enough REASON for them
to really get moving.

When something shows its ugly head, it’s interesting how most people
get moving and magically find a way to make things happen.

Here’s a video about how this rat made everybody in this subway
train find a way to get moving LOL

See you on the beach!

What’s your story? Is it written?

When your time comes and you are basking in success,
many will think that you arrived there as an overnight

In my case, I didn’t hit a $100K+/yr. income until year
number 9 in the industry. I joined my MLM company
and hit it big in my first 2 months.

For most people, they saw this young kid come onto the scene
and make all this money really quick.

My family knew that it had been a 9 year journey
until my hard work finally had paid off.

Point of the story here:

Make sure you are recording your successes and failures
in your Business journal. When your day comes, be sure
to have it recorded so many others can learn from your
life lessons.



“If you are standing, you should be listening.”

One of the most distracting things that hinder production from any business, is
the business itself.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Let me explain.

I once read from a very credible business authority that in order to move your
Business forward you must work ON your business, not work IN it!

Here are a few examples that I use to illustrate how this seriously applies
to you as an aspiring Network Marketing Professional:

1) You are headed to your business overview and you are spending
more time on your “pitch” rather than your “reason” why you are
so excited to take show your prospect this opportunity.

2) You spend more time listening to different ways to “close” folks
rather than investing time learning how to LEAD your new distributors
to a successful START once they DO get started.

3) You are reading your comp plan MORE than you are listening
to The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy or GO PRO by Eric Worre.

My philosophy is this:
If you can stand, you should be listening to personal development.
If you can sit, you should be reading personal development.

Next post…. How NOT to get inundated with too much courses and
not enough action.


Do you REALLY have influence?

Influence used to be one of those words people used when

referring to someone who was held in high esteem amongst
certain groups of people.
Nowadays, anytime someone is a slick talker with any type
of track record of past success they are automatically
referred to as “influential” by most people who don’t know
any better.
Let’s take a look at what influence SHOULD mean.
Bob Burg, author of “Adversaries Into Allies”
defines influence like this:
“On a very basic level, influence can be defined as the ability 
to move a person or persons to a desired action, usually within 
the context of a specific goal.  However, when accomplished 
correctly, this has nothing to do with cajoling, pushing or manipulating 
others. It does mean that you can consistently obtain satisfaction 
and reach your goals while building others; touching their 
lives in a very positive, value-based way.”

In order to move forward as an industry, we must understand the

true meaning of influence and build others, touch their lives, and 

provide a great amount of value in their life. 
Do you wish to have influence in your business? 
Do you wish to have influence in your company? 
Your Family? Your Job? 


How To Rock The 3 Way Call Pt.2 (Negative Prospect)

3 Way Call Script…

1st Question: “So what did you like best about what you just saw?”
2nd Question” “Just so I know how I can help out here, what exactly do you mean by that?”
Response: “I see….Can you hang on for a second?”

Script To Upline:
“I’ve got someone on the other line who just listened to the overview call (or website) and says has a concern about _____. This prospect could have some potential. However, I think I’ll need your backup on this one. Are you ready?”

Script to Intro Upline to Prospect:
“___ you back with me? Great. This is so cool, I was able to grab a business partner of mine who is incredibly successful in this industry. This is a woman/man you will be working with as well. He/She is a top earner and trainer with our company and one of the most respected people in this industry. I figured this was great timing that he was on the line especially because He has handled your concern about ____ in particular many, many times and I think he could offer some extra insightful perspective. Bob, this is Mr. Expert, Mr Expert this is bob…”

Upline Turns Call Back Over To You::
“Mr. Prospect, thank you for spending a few minutes with us. Looking forward to seeing you take some action with this information and working with you. Let’s connect soon. Bye for now.”


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Successful 3 Way Call Script (Part 1)

You to your upline:
“I’ve got someone on the other line who just listened to the overview call (or website) and says has a concern about _____. This prospect could have some potential. However, I think I’ll need your backup on this one. Are you ready?”

Merging The Call:
“___ you back with me? Great. This is so cool, I was able to grab a business partner of mine who is incredibly successful in this industry. This is a woman/man you will be working with as well. He/She is a top earner and trainer with our company and one of the most respected people in this industry. I figured this was great timing that he was on the line especially because He has handled your concern about ____ in particular many, many times and I think he could offer some extra insightful perspective. Bob, this is Mr. Expert, Mr Expert this is bob…”

If you are dealing with a NEGATIVE prospects you need to watch this video.



**if you are tired of the nonsense that the tire kickers and broke, negative friends say– start learning how to tap into qualified prospects every single day..

How to generate leads while you travel (Facebook Marketing Tip)

The next time you want to generate a couple of leads with very little
effort just simply using your facebook page, try doing this.

Whenever you are headed to a different city other than the
one that you live in, advertise this and generate dialogue
with folks within that city.

Here’s one that I just recently posted:

I immediately got about a dozen hits in my fan page inbox…

Whenever you are traveling, make sure you let your fans / friends know,
obviously you will want to have a fan page in order to maximize this, here’s why.

Just a quick tip.

Get out there and stop playing games…start changing lives!


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How to get Success faster

I was recently having a great conversation
with a friend of mine that wasn’t having the
kind of success he’d like in his Network
Marketing Business.

He had a few interesting viewpoints on why
he wasn’t experiencing success despite his
galiant efforts.

When he asked me what I thought, I just simply
said “You just have to set smaller milestones
that lead to your goal and set newer goals faster.”

If you set large goals with NO milestones in between
you’ll most times end up setting yourself up
for failure and disappointment.

Here’s the takeaway:

1) Set milestone goals that is still in forward
motion. This will be in sync with your “large”
goal, but is more of a bite sized goal that is
usually a daily or weekly projection.

2) When you are near hitting your “large goal” you
should already be preparing to launch your NEW
goal so you don’t lose momentum.

Here’s a really interesting course that costs
less than an average dinner. We trap 4 top earners
in a room and peel back the curtains as we ask them
what they would do if they had to start FROM SCRATCH
and they needed to generate $5K in 30 days.

Watch the video, it’s pretty cool.

That’s IT! Get out there and kill it in your


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How to stick to your goals & hit it

If you haven’t figured it out by now, setting goals isn’t all that
hard. It can be challenging to set them because it takes a you
out of your comfort zone for a little while.

Let’s be honest though, how many people do you know that set goals
and got excited for a minute and fell right back into their
old set of habits willingly accepting failure before they even
started the journey??

We all know some folks like that.

Now, I’m no goal setting guru but I’ll share what has worked and
continues to work for me.

I set milestones for my goal and implement a Daily Routine
that gets me closer to that goal.

Let me quickly illustrate:

If I had a goal to purchase an $85,000 Porsche Panamera
in 12 months, I would need a solid 12 month goal to attain
that car.


First, I would decide how much money I needed to save for the
down on that car. Lets say I wanted to put $10K down, That means
every month I would need to set aside $833.00 to hit that $10K mark.

Second, I would need to figure out how much income I
would need to be earning in 12 months in order to afford
the monthly payments on that car.

Let’s say that the monthly is $825 a month and I’m already
struggling as it is to make my $200/mo. current car payment,
I’d need to figure out a way to be earning an extra $625
a month.

Now, here’s where I break it down to the daily operation:

1) Every 24 hours I need to set aside $28 up until D-Day
(when the purchase is made)
2) I need to figure out how to make an extra $21 every day
over & above my current income. That’s $145/wk extra.

3) If I got paid $130 for recruiting a brand new promoter / distributor
for my company and $15 for a customer, I’d be right on the money
if I recruited 1 new promoter and 1 new customer EVERY WEEK.
Luckily, in Network Marketing we are able to create compounded residual
income so if I built myself up to a “Director” in my company, I’d be able
to pay that extra $500-$800 a month given I maintain my rank.

I would then break down my “Operation Number”. That number relates into
how many people I would need to approach, send information, and follow up
with on a daily / weekly basis to hit my 1 & 1 goal. 1 Promoter a week,
1 Customer a week.

Now, I can very safely say… If someone is brining 1 new Executive Promoter
and 1 new Customer every single week (4 new promoters / 4 new customers) in
12 months in my company that person is easily at the $2,000-$3,000/mo.
residual income level.

Back to the illustration, if I need to talk to an average of 25 people
in order to recruit 1 new promoter that means I need to talk to 5 new
people every day (If I work my business 5 days a week).

If I can only work my business 1 hour a day… I need to be making 10-15
phone calls in order to be ACTUALLY TALKING to 5 people.


Here’s my schedule

Monday: Job 9am-5pm
Business Prospecting: 5:30-6:30
Prospecting Goal: Expose 5 people to my business.
Savings Goal: Save $28 (Transfer into Bank Account)

Tuesday: Same thing.
Wed: Same thing.
Thurs: Same thing.
Friday: Same thing.

Saturday: OFF JOB / OFF BUSINESS ($28 Saved)
Sunday: OFF JOB / OFF BUSINESS ($28 Saved)

12 months later… you are sitting in your Porsche Panamera
$10K down, and $2K-$3k monthly commissions rolling in.

This is pretty similar to what these 200 Network Marketers
did over a 100 year run. Check it out here…

There you have it!

sick and tired of not getting any results in your business. How would you like to boost
your income by $800-$1,000 this month?


Are You Really Failing In Network Marketing? Let’s Find Out.

I’ve been talking with a number of folks this week who are struggling
in their Business. I was talking with this lady and she asked me, “Why
do so many people fail in this industry?”

I thought about it for a minute. Something about what she asked didn’t
really sit well with me. It took me a second to figure out what it was.

When I figured it out, I gave her my insight on her question. She got
misty eyed and truly felt my answer resonated with the reason why she
has been sticking in this industry despite so many setbacks.

When I finally had a few minutes, I flipped the camera on and
recorded my feelings on whether or not you are failing in this
industry. Hope you like it! Please LIKE, SHARE, & COMMENT.


When To Cut Your Losses & RUN (Rated RT “real talk”)

Giving up and walking away from a Network Marketing business is
Considerably easier to walk away from when compared to a traditional
Business model because of the amount of risk & capital at stake.

Are you truly open for business?

In traditional Business, most times you will invest tens or hundreds of
Thousands of dollars to get it started. You are already starting off with
The mindset that you won’t be turning a profit for a little while.

Depending on some key factors in acquiring customers and generating
New sources of cashflow, that will depend on how fast you move into
A profitable stage.

In Network Marketing you are typically investing under $1,000 to get
Started in business. Most traditional business owners will laugh at that
Kind of business “start up” cost, but for most networkers that’s a pretty
Big deal. I own a traditional business, so I can say this.

We will bring in $20,000 worth of raw food product that we will sell that
Month… Well.. Let me rephrase– Hopefully sell that month. No Guarantees.

We hire employees and trust them to care for the product,
Prepare it on time, prepare it with pride, and serve it happily to our
Customers for a profit. Now, hopefully we have enough customers
Coming in and we are making our monthly investment back in profit.

Most Network Marketers will complain about their $125 a month
Autoship??? Seriously??

Most promoters / distributors in MLM have already made their
Initial investment back in their first couple months.

They were under the wrong expectation that EVERYONE they came in
Contact with would magically enroll and they’d be running to the
Bank with huge bank rolls and exotic sports cars.

Now with that being said, there are a number of traditional businesses
That are going out of business and shutting their doors on a daily
Basis.. It’s just business (or lack thereof).

Network Marketing is nothing different.

So the question… When do you cut your losses and run??

Chances are you just need to learn more skill as well. Join me on my webinar this Thursday, “Close Like An MLM BEAST” seats are limited and will be packing out REALLY QUICK.. Register NOW by clicking HERE.  See you on the Webinar!

Shoes & Jackets while traveling

One of the key things to remember while traveling through a lot of airports is dressing efficiently. Low, slip on shoes for easy on and off through TSA is a huge plus. I tend to rock the chucks 90% of the time because it matches just about any style of wardrobe I choose to fly in that day.

Today, I’m sporting the Montcler Shoes (made in Italy / Neiman Marcus) just because I was in that mood. By the way, white shoes, italian made, high ticket shoes, airplane, small places… Not a very good combo.. But I was in one of those “I don’t care” moods.

Usually, never wanna use light colored, preppy shoes… You’ll scuff them, believe me.

I like to carry a sport jacket of some sort especially on the red eye flights.

I utilize ALL of the pockets in my jacket. I use it like a man purse without sporting the “fanny pack” look– nothing against fanny packs.

Just a couple of tips today for you jet setters!



How You Can STOP Negativity Dead In It’s Tracks

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The truth about stable volume…

The allure of stable volume is a great, romantic idea.

The only thing that makes volume truly stable is having
a constant flow of new promoters / distributors joining
your organization and having interaction with the customers.

I learned a long time ago that the real asset isn’t a customer.

The real asset is a “Well Educated Distributor”. That’s what
really pays the bills.

If you have 12 distributors who each get a few customers a month
and are following up with their current customers you will have
a steady source of volume.

Now, try doing that on your own.

Try getting 36 new customers and maintaining 60-70 active customers
all by yourself EVERY MONTH.

You’ll quickly see that it is much easier and much more STABLE when
you have a small army of promoters helping you out.

Bottom line…. active promoters equal stable volume.


The best course that I’ve seen about how to generate & MOST importantly…convert
online traffic http://bit.ly/15pQuYQ

If your upline sponsor doesn’t know what they are doing

this can really suck if this is true.

Crazy thing about it is.. It is. Many many times. The great thing about this industry is that it doesn’t have to be your indicator of how successful you’ll be in Business.

Here’s my newest video that I made for all you eager
beaver Networkers with zombie upline sponsors. LOL

Facebook & The Social Media Landscape

Over the last few years, Social Media was seeing double digit growth in
the 30 percent ranges and up.

Last year, Social Media only went up 6.8% in the United States alone.

In addition, Facebook lost over 1.3 Million users
in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Question is, Where is everyone on the internet going?

Are less and less people using social media?? NO.

Some are saying that U.S. Social Media will “slow down to a
trickle” in the coming years ahead even though International
Social Media will continue to boom.


There are more and more competition and tremendously
more Social Platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, GooglePlus, Vine,
etc… which leaves a lot of room for speculation as to
where all the traffic will be headed.

So the real issue actually isn’t are you on Social Media,
the question is WHERE in Social Media are you dominating.

Keep a watchful eye on where you will be spending your time.

Personally, I think Facebook will turn into the “MySpace”
all over again in about 24-48 months.

If you are heavily dependent on Facebook and it’s different
marketing / advertising, I’d probably start diversifying.

I’ve been testing, tweaking, and experimenting with a
number of different social media sites behind the
scenes. Stay tuned for my discoveries.

In the meantime, I’d suggest learning how to make moves
quick with social media (the way it is NOW) while it’s roaring.
This is by far, the best social media course I’ve seen thus far.
“Lead Generation Mastery” taught me how to generate leads
on demand with social media & internet in general.

Use my code to get a killer discount “KILLIT”

Get out there and KILL IT!


connect with me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/eliasfanpage

How To “Keep It Simple & Keep Your Prospects Interested” VIDEO

One of the first things we hear our new upline leaders tell us is…
Keep It Simple! However, is it that easy?

Well, the ironic thing is that “Keeping It Simple” is
actually a lot harder than complicating it.

It takes practice, it takes skill, and more practice.

Here’s how I became really good at the “KISS METHOD”
for prospecting:

No Excuses Summit 4 (Las Vegas Nevada) Day #3

I thought it would be cool to snap a quick pic with my iPhone and show some folks
how a typical day in my home office usually looks. This is actually a REAL TIME snapshot LOL



Obviously, I’m all in with APPLE / MAC equipment. Just fits my style a
little more.

Growing up, people always told me that I had ADD. I never did accept that…
I maintain that I’m just very good at doing a bunch of things (that I love doing)
simultaneously! haha.

Watching the LIVE STREAM from No Excuses Summit 4 happening in Las Vegas Nevada.
This kinda feels weird streaming the event because ever since NES1, I’ve always
attended the actual event.

When I first started attending No Excuses, however, I wasn’t traveling anywhere
near as much I am now. I just came back from Traveling across multiple states
less than a week ago and I wasn’t feeling like leaving the beach so soon.

Some of my thoughts on the speakers so far:

Eric Worre killed it (as he usually does) today. He was one of the first speakers
this morning. He had a really interesting viewpoint on “Loyalty” that you should
probably check out sometime.

Diane Hochmann rocked it on stage in her Diane fashion. She kinda veered off
topic a number of times but always delivered some pretty serious content.

Jerry West rolled out some high level SEO stuff that was pretty content rich
but he kept it bite sized, which was good. Good for the folks that don’t
know alot about the real high tech SEO stuff.

With that, I have some closing remarks regarding the situation that I’m
in personally right now…

So I’m one of those people that has decided to stay home and opt for the
LIVESTREAM. Since I’ve been to these actual events in person and have
never missed it, I can honestly say this.

The experience and level of knowledge that I am getting aren’t even
close to the same as being there in person.

You don’t get the “Breakout Rooms”, relationships, new connections,
“Event Attendee Only Offers”, etc…

Still good stuff though.

If you are ever thinking about opting for a liveStream version of
your company’s event, the only positive thing you will gain is:
saving some money on travel.

However, that’s a very short term outlook because you’d be truly
losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in the
long run.

If you are broke anyway, learn how to make money QUICK in your business. 

that’s it… more in depth review on the next post above.

Jut for fun: Here’s a picture of an office that I’d really
freakin love in my home one day.



This is at the W south beach Miami Florida.  Wouldn’t this be the BOMB office?!!
I’ve been here a couple times and It’s off the chain!!

What is your dream office??




Talk Fusion Traffic Steadily Falling


Things don’t seem very healthy for Talk Fusion. Talk Fusions US traffic has been seeing a steady decline with no real traction to speak of since summertime of last year when they had a quick spike in traffic.

The reason this interests me is because if you were a wellness company with regular health products, weight loss products, super fruit juices, pills, etc… Your online traffic wouldn’t say ALOT about your company’s success.

However, if you are an Internet Marketing company and online traffic, email marketing, websites, and web video IS your product, your numbers / online traffic tell the ENTIRE STORY. 44K unique hits on your entire company’s traffic is pretty embarrassing especially if you have more than a few reps.

That only works out to 1,400+ unique hits a day. If you had a 50/50 split that would mean only 700 reps are looking at your website once a day and only 700 customers looking at your site once a day. Here’s the kicker though: TalkFusion offers a dozen different portals online that would generate more traffic. They offer eMail templates so that means that at most, under 1,000 people in the US are generating back link traffic. That’s a little scary if I were a TF promoter.

Hopefully the company has a plan to generate more traffic. And furthermore, traffic still doesn’t tell us true revenue numbers. I’m sure TalkFusion is a legit opportunity / business model and I’m not at all trying to point
at TF being a scam. I have a lot of friends who are in TF and I hope they do well.

If you read my last post of Tech / Pop MLM companies you will see how these types of companies
typically perform. The scary thing about this kind of opportunity is that is usually attracts
other reps from other companies that build this “tool” company to build their “primary company”
So there tends to be alot of crossline recruiting in times like this because the
leaders start taking their “tool company” downline to their primary company they were on
the fence with until the “2nd company” started losing traction.

As a rule of thumb, be very cautious when you hear someone say “Oh, I’m still in XYZ company
but I’m just using this ABC company to promote XYZ even though I will make more money doing
this.” That’s typical MLM jumper talk. Believe me, I know how to decode jumper talk…it’s dirty language! LOL

I’ll now be digging deeper for more information on TalkFusion. Get out there and kill it in your business my friends!!



—UPDATE—  Just checked their Alexa rating. They are also down 33.55% on their 3 month average. 34% of their visitors
are from China. [source: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/talkfusion.com]


p.s… posted this from my iPhone (again) so don’t hate on the typos LOL. #ThumbPower

Are you thinking mobile?

Mobile content revenue is targeted to hit $65BILLION by 2016. Are you capitalizing on this projection?

Here’s my theory.

I think that the state of the industry of high tech MLM is in such an upheaval & chaotic position due to rapidly changing technology, market opportunity, etc… I truly feel like we’ll be seeing the replay of the Dotcom mlm bubble hit in a similar fashion with all the fad / pop mlm’s that are basing their entire opportunity off the current tech craze.

If none of you remember, think back a dozen years ago when you started seeing all these online shopping mall services gone mlm or vice versa.

The big talk was about how eCommerce was gonna be the next big thing and everyone would be online.

Well, the problem was… They were right. However, they offered an opportunity, not a solution, that was based SOLELY off the medium that seemed to have been popular at the time.

You see, follow me on this one:

The aspiring MLM companies were aware that people would be doing eCommerce.
The MLM companies knew that there was gonna be money spent in that arena.

However, what they couldn’t see was the WAY (keyword: WAY) that the money
was gonna be flowing. They couldn’t have seen the emerging technologies and
social media booms that would hit and how the big boys of the tech world
were already planning on the attack.

In the meantime, the MLM folks are jumping around about how some millionaire
that has “financing” and industry experience is “all in” with the vision.
That’s happening while the boardrooms full of multi millionaires & billionaires, entire
corporations, shareholders, international tech teams filled with the brightest minds in the world are shifting gears
behind the scenes with a big smirk on their faces the entire time.

The pop tech MLM’s aren’t even a blip on their screen,
let alone a force to be reckoned with.

It’s almost laughable to them. Believe me, I love this industry…
but it’s almost like we need to stick to what we’re good at.
We need to play ball where we belong.

So back to the online shopping mall, website building MLM’s…

In a very short amount of time, you saw ALL of the online shopping mall MLM’s disappear.

Typically, MLM’s based off the fad and technology of the current day are highly, highly unstable because they can’t shift as quick as the big boys in the corporate tech world.

Most of them can’t shift quick enough due to lack to REAL funding.

In closing, my opinion would be this:

I’d really think twice about throwing ALL your eggs into ONE basket if your company is basing the entire focus and opportunity on something that the big tech players will just swoop up in no time at all.

If you don’t believe me, think about all the pop tech mlm companies that started 10 years ago and are still around today. Still thinking???   The only ones that really come to mind for me is 5linx (founded in 2001) and ACN (founded 1993) and I’m sure they are doing good. However, I’d be curious to know what kind of revenue they are hitting annually. I know that ACN is supposedly pulling in $600M in annual revenue. It’s reported that 5Linx is pulled in $81M in 2011.

I’m really curious to see what the “pure customer” count is with these companies. They are great opportunities,however, in all fairness I don’t see anything that is
“ground breaking technology”at either one of these companies. Mostly, they are 3rd party reserllers of these products / services like long distance, mobile phones, tablets, etc.. which drives down profits and pays out minimal on comp plans. One of the bigger products that ACN has recently launched is “Energy” which has nothing to do with “pop tech” but still, it’s only offered in a few states. I’m still trying to find customer reviews on the service.

There are a ton of other pop tech mlm companies but haven’t been around long enough
to stand the test of time. As long as they offer good products, they’ll do fine I’m sure.

Rippln recently has been making some buzz. I haven’t seriously kept up with their
progress but the last I heard, they were hitting some internal snags. Rippln is a
mobile / gaming app company that is (at this point) not fully launched. I recently did
a review on them.

Never forget that you are always going to be building your brand and building your business. If you have a system that enables people to give you money, you won’t always have to be chasing the next “big thing” constantly.

Now, before you go on thinking that I’m hating on tech MLm’s, understand that I know there is certainly money to be made short term in those deals. Long term is out the window, however.

That’s it. Please share your comments below, I’d love to hear them.


p.s… this post was written on my iPhone so excuse the typos.

Rippln Gaming MLM Review (thoughts)

So, I don’t know enough yet to truly understand everything there is to know
about Rippln, the newest MLM pre launch (at the time) company that just
hit the block.

I’m sure it’s a great opportunity, however, the only thing I am constantly
wondering is, with ALL the massive amounts of mobile app developers, how
will Rippln fare in the “spinOff” battles.

There have been numerous attempts to break into MLM using the gaming
platform, but hasn’t been successful. Surprising to see how many high
level Social Media icons are going public with this platform being
that it could potentially be a flop.

Obviously, Only time will tell if it will truly make a serious
“New Category” type run in the industry.

I hope everyone does well with it.

Once again, with all the competition in the mobile app world
and the possibilities of copycats are highly likely and
easily duplicated product, I’m left wondering how they
will deal with all the spin off’s that is sure to come…quickly.

One thing is for sure though, If you don’t have a plan to truly
generate leads and go after your target market in ANY MLM or
affiliate program, you are surely planning to fail.

Always have a real system to generate income and leads quickly
like the one I use.

(I’ll discuss a more formal review in the very near future.)

How to know if your MLM Business will last.


I don’t know if it gets any better than “walk away income”
(as they call it in the Investor world) in Network Marketing.

There is an actual method by where you can actually
figure out if you will ever have “walk away” income
in this industry though.

I figured this very complex formula ALL BY MYSELF. Can you believe that??!

Well, if you didn’t know about this FORMULA, you are about to know now.

You see, after years of being in the industry as
a six figure earner, I’ve figured out a pretty intense
method of figuring out if your business has the
longevity factor.

Ok, here it is.


And there you have it.

The more customers you have PLUS
the more people you have duplicating a system,
the higher your “walk away” income becomes.

If you have NO ACTUAL customers (not promoter / customers)
and no one actually DUPLICATING a system then
your business is dead meat.




whew…. that was intense.