Rebuilding your TEAM when it Slows Down.

Here are my thoughts. Over the years I’ve been fortunate
enough to build several organizations from scratch.

I’ve done very well each time.

I used to always build with one eye in the back of my
head looking for the exit when things started slowing
down..which it always did lol.

Eventually, everything slows down. It’s a law of nature.

What goes up… must come down.

It happens in large corporate America with companies
like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, eBay, Restaurants,
Retail Stores,
Costco, etc…

We sometimes forget the stories of these giants in their
first 2-3 years. Sometimes in their first 5-7 years, some major
setback or slowdown happened.

No difference in the world of MLM.

The only difference with EACH Business or Organization
that slows down… is what each person does WHEN
the “slow down season” hits.

My entire perspective changed when I sat down with
a very very successful Network Marketer at an industry
​wide convention in Las Vegas.

I told him that it looked like things were slowing down a little bit
in Business for me.

He asked me how long I had actually been working and building my
Business on a high level (level 10 type activity).

I told him I’d been in the company for about 1 year. He laughed out loud.
He literally “LOL’d”.

He then asked me something that really shook my core.

“Elias, out of that short 1 year that you’ve been in the company, how
much of that time would you say you have spent actually recruiting
and hard core building?”

I answered “100% honest… probably about 6 of those months.”

He laughed even harder.

I started laughing just to calm the awkwardness that I was feeling.
I mean, this was starting to get way out of hand i’m thinking.
This dude is laughing about my Business. lol.

He turns to me and says…
“Bro, Business hasn’t slowed down. You are still Building!
until you’ve done 2-3 solid “90 Day Runs” and BUILT in the
trenches with each spike of growth as you work deep THEN
you have built up the right to look at your Business and
assess whether or not Business is even remotely STARTING
to slow down!”

He then went on to tell me that I will usually get to that point
in about 18-24 months. And that is AFTER heavy, heavy building.

This was an advanced, aggressive conversation between to
industry leaders who have built on larger levels but it also
applies to EVERY SINGLE person who aspires to be an
entrepreneur in the Network Marketing profession.

You can’t really talk about Business slowing down unless
your Business really even started moving yet.

You can’t really talk about the wave dying out when you
are still in the process of catching it!

You can’t really talk about having to re-build a wall that
was never there!

And… you can’t talk about having to re-build a starter
team when you haven’t even gotten out of practice!!

“When you change the way you look at situations,
your situations change.” -Tony Robbins

Get out there and take it to the NextLevel my friends!!


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It’s inevitable, when you build a successful network marketing team you will run into cross-line issues.  Don’t let it take wind out of your sails.  I’ll be sharing my solutions to  5 very common Network Marketing cross-line situations.

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When Talent Meets Grit…(1 min read)


I know, it’s never easy to hear but hey, it’s tough love.  Plus I didn’t say it he did and if he sold 350 million copies of his books and counting, maybe we should listen.

How much grit is enough?  When you know you have the talent, when you know you have the passion to be great, it can be frustrating when success doesn’t come as quick as we think it should.  Sometimes we focus too much on talent.  Take a car for example.  Talent is like a  brand new sports car.  Opportunities are like high octane fuel.  But my friends, all of that will sit idle in a garage without someone willing to drive it.  Drive your own talent, don’t wait for someone to do it.

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They’re Finally Catching On…(2 min read)


What’s the point of success if you end up alone?  The true beauty of the network marketing industry is finally being recognized today thanks to the widespread understanding of collaboration. Traditionally modeled companies are seeing that it pays to work in teams, something the network marketers industry has been doing all along.

Take Avon for example.  It was founded in 1886 to help women create an independent stream of income from home. To put it in greater perspective, that was 34 years before women had the right to vote.  They proudly wave the flag “empowering women for 130 years.”

Some network marketers find loop holes, ways to mass recruit and you can make a large amount of money doing that. However, if you’d like to make an income and impact other peoples’ lives, build a team.

True network marketers know that the success of their network marketing business is directly predicated on the success of their teams.  True network marketing is personal development and service disguised as business.  Why make just an income, when you can make an income and a difference?

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Time To Leave The Shore…(2 min read)


A pic and a thought to start off this week.  A little surf story because you know how I roll.  When my kids were learning how to surf, one of the very first skills I taught them was how to read the ocean.  They learned to identify currents, tides, and how to count the sets.

For any of you unfamiliar with the ocean, waves come in sets.  Sometimes a rouge wave or what we call a freak set will roll in.  For the most part, they are predictable and patterned.  Between each set is a period of calm.  That calm period is the best time to paddle out or in.  Reading the patterns keeps you safe.  Sometimes, so safe you never want to leave the shore.

In network marketing, many get caught on the shore reading the sets.  The “personal development trap,” I call it.  We’ve all been there in some way, shape, or form.  You keep studying, training, and waiting for the best time to go for it.

I say, you already know enough to get started. Start small and work your way up. By all means at least get in the water and paddle around in the shallow.  Get a feel for the current and the temperature of the water.  Learn from other people out there “killing it” in their business.

You’ve counted the sets, now lets paddle out!  Happy Monday!

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A Lesson Only BROKE Can Teach…(1 min read)

broke-monopoly-guyWhen you have nothing left financially or when you’re starting from the bottom, what you DO HAVE is very obvious.  In the midst of crisis, you don’t have time to focus on what you can’t do.  If you were standing next to someone who suddenly started to suffer a massive heart attack would you:

A.  Call for help, “Does anyone know CPR?!”

B.  Call for, “Who doesn’t know CPR, so I can eventually find someone who does?!”

I’m going to assume we all would say A!  That is the core of  self-awareness: Knowing your strengths.  Tough times are the best teachers.  Get in a habit of responding to tough situations with strength.  Be a first RESPONDER not a first REACTOR.  Use the struggle as mental conditioning to develop your emotional IQ.  Wealth does not eradicate crisis.  Don’t think that when you get to the top, you’ll have the time to be “a nice guy” or a “patient person.”  Who you are in the pit is who you will be on the top.

When I say BROKE, I mean it figuratively.  It can mean out of money, out of encouragement, and so on.  At some point in our lives we all feel BROKE.  And that my friends can be the start of your self-awareness journey.  Mahalo for reading.  You know how it goes, let get connected.

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Do you REALLY have influence?

Influence used to be one of those words people used when

referring to someone who was held in high esteem amongst
certain groups of people.
Nowadays, anytime someone is a slick talker with any type
of track record of past success they are automatically
referred to as “influential” by most people who don’t know
any better.
Let’s take a look at what influence SHOULD mean.
Bob Burg, author of “Adversaries Into Allies”
defines influence like this:
“On a very basic level, influence can be defined as the ability 
to move a person or persons to a desired action, usually within 
the context of a specific goal.  However, when accomplished 
correctly, this has nothing to do with cajoling, pushing or manipulating 
others. It does mean that you can consistently obtain satisfaction 
and reach your goals while building others; touching their 
lives in a very positive, value-based way.”

In order to move forward as an industry, we must understand the

true meaning of influence and build others, touch their lives, and 

provide a great amount of value in their life. 
Do you wish to have influence in your business? 
Do you wish to have influence in your company? 
Your Family? Your Job? 


How to cash in when your company rolls out new stuff…

ok, so this post is pretty self evident. Most people
in your company will get excited about the new stuff
that get rolled out.

However, as I’ve said before: Excitement only lasts
so long. If you don’t have a plan to execute, you
have nowhere to go and no target.

Simple Equation for NEW rollouts:


1) make sure you call your old, current, and new
prospects and let them know that there will be some
news rolling out that will be of great benefit to them.

Ask them if they are open to an update once you get it.

2) Make sure you call your old, current, and new
promoters and tell them to do Step #1 within 24 hours.
You can offer an incentive prize to accomplish that.


3) Invite all your prospects on to a PRIVATE webinar where
you discuss the new rollouts. Prospects (whether they are
interested or not) love to be on the “inside track”.

4) Initiate a CALL TO ACTION on that webinar or conf call
with a TSO (Time Sensitive Offer).

Watch for my next post on more things to do to cash in
on your company’s promos.

I might even show you guys one of my recorded launch webinars.

Get out there and kill it in your MLM business
my friends!


Why I love objections…and you should too.

The #1 reason why I absolutely love objections is
because over the years of being in the trenches
building my business face to face, over the phone,
etc.. I’ve learned a few things.

One of the things I have learned is that I can
actually CASH IN on objections far easier than
having NONE at all.

Let me explain very briefly:

Have you ever tried climbing a cliff that had
no ledges to grab on to?

It would be the equivalent of you trying to reach
out for that ledge to pull yourself up only to find
that it isn’t there.

Objections give you something to grab on to.

They give you a target to shoot at. Now, it’s important
to understand that just because you get 1 or 2
objections thrown at you, that could very well be
the “flag” objections. Many times, you’ll get a couple
of Flag objections before you get the REAL one.

I’ll save more on that for another post.

Objections are good. They are healthy for the process.
It tells you that they are serious about this information
and that they really want to clear up some confusion
in their minds.

Next time you get an Objection, get excited. Cash in.
Cha–Ching!!! $$$$

What is your #1 most haunting objection that
nearly stops you dead in your tracks right now?
Please add in the comment box below.

Please like, share, and repost if you find this
blog of value.

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Success is in the ROUTINE

Success in Network Marketing is nothing more than
having a systematic routine to create an
environment conducive for business success.

One of the most powerful things you can do is
figure out how you operate the best, what routine or
ritual you do to get yourself in that peak state
and do it over and over and over again.

The reason most people don’t find a lot of
success in Home based business is simply because
when you are “at home”, you don’t feel like
you are running a business so you end up
doing things that you would normally do at home.

It takes a lot of self-discipline to become a truly
successful Network Marketer that can operate on
“Level 10” at home.

Most people would find themselves at home playing
the xBox or playing computer games at home thinking
that they are actually “working” their business.

It’s all in your daily routine.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you
go to sleep (at least for the first 3-6 months working
your business from home) you should have a schedule
or a routine that keeps you on track.

*** *** ***
If you don’t MAKE an effective routine, the less effective
routine will MAKE YOU.
*** *** ***

That is certainly NOT where you want to end up.

Start today and create a routine that outlines
the first 3 hours of your day…everday.

Follow that routine for 2 weeks and let me know
how it worked for you. Please comment below and

Have a fantastic day & KILL IT in your business!!

Title Leader vs. Real Leader

Just because you recruited some people and they
did the same doesn’t necessarily mean that they SHOULD
follow what you are doing.

That doesn’t make you FOLLOW-ABLE just yet.


That certainly makes you “someone-who-recruited-a-few-people”.


Don’t get too down on yourself if people aren’t
following you like you would like them to.

 The best medicine for that is, LEAD THE CHARGE.

If you are constantly recruiting NEW blood to your team,
help them achieve the smallest forms of success over
and over again and you will have people who will follow
you to the ends of the earth.

Everybody loves to be a leader but very few are truly
willing to do what it takes to become that leader.


1)   Consistently Recruit NEW people.

2)   Show them SUCCESS in it’s smallest forms early in the game.

3)   Always let your team know that you are ALL IN.  Mean it.

4)   Formulate a great game plan, do it yourself, show your team how.

If you run this 4 step formula, it will dramatically
change the way you do business and improve your
results of your team duplicating what you do.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing business.



How to neutralize the hardest objections

I was on the phone the other day with the toughest prospect.

I mean this dude wasn’t believing any of the “hype”. Wasn’t
giving into any of it. lol..
I thought to myself, I’ve got a hot prospect here. I then
proceeded to run him through– what I call– the Neutralizing Funnel.

Step #1: Restate the concern / objection
Me: so let me just get this correct, you are worried about Everyone
eventually doing it in your hometown and getting saturated right??

Prospect: Yeah, absolutely.

Step #1: Acid Test
Me: So if I showed you how that concern is really nothing to be worried
about, you’d be satisfied that you found your answer and would be
ready to move forward, correct?

Prospect: Well…maybe.

Step #2: Isolation Statement
Me:  Well, I want to know that we are spending the best amount of time
on the most important area of concern to you.. and this question
is certainly the most important to you, isn’t it?

Prospect: Yes. This just really bothers me about every MLM company
that comes through town. Everyone joins and then there is nothing
left for anyone else, then it usually implodes.

Step #3: Reality Check / Punch In The Gut
Me: Has this personally, “cold hard fact” happened to you?

Prospect: Well.. no. But that’s what I always hear.

Step #4: DeGeneralize (take away the reality of their concern)
Me:  From who? Has that person made extraordinary amounts of
money in this industry??

Prospect: No.

Step #5: Identify Solution (make sure they know, THEY just found the answer)

Me: Now aren’t you glad that you’ve found that your area of
concern has been answered by YOU.

And that’s it. That’s a basic “Neutralizing Funnel”. I’ve debunked
the hardest questions through that funnel. Truth of the matter is
this: most of the concerns that are plaguing the minds of your
prospect (and ultimately your wallet) isn’t really worth spending
a lot of time on.

Why?? Because it most likely holds NO water and doesn’t apply
to your conversation.

The “Neutralizing Funnel” will take some time and practice but
when you finally know how to effortlessly get past the nonsense
that your prospects throw at you, it will be your best friend.

Get out there and KILL IT in your Network Marketing Business!


Why Pinterest Should Be Your Best Friend

Ok, so this was a long overdue blog post. I’ve been spying on Pinterest
for the last few months now. Pinterest didn’t really catch my interest
because I didn’t really see a lot of value in it at first.

When I started seeing Pinterest links, social “follow me on Pinterest”,
and “pin this” buttons on numerous blogs, I realized that it was about
time that I paid some attention to it.

You know how the old saying goes, “there is power in numbers”.

Unless there were a ridiculously enormous amount of people on Pinterest
as there is right now, there wouldn’t be a lot of value in it.
However, once again, Where there are groups of people, there is power.

And as a Network Marketer, you know we absolutely LOVE the groups
of folks. New prospects.

Lets start off with a few basics…

What exactly is Pinterest?
Answer: you want to think of Pinterest like your very own personal
“cork board wall”. Whatever you come across on the internet, much
like a magazine or a newspaper, you would cut out an article or image
and pin it up on that corkboard.

How does Pinterest go Viral?
Answer: Well, just like that cork board wall, when you collect picture,
articles, etc.. you have friends that will see your content appear
on their facebook feed, twitter feed, email, etc… and they
will “like” or “re pin” your content.

When someone else repins your content, they now become a “follower” of
your Pinterest Wall and their contact, friends, etc.. will now somehow
connect with you with everyone else.

Let’s start off with the basics:

1) Your Profile

Your personal profile section will be your introduction to everyone that visits your profile page.
This lets everyone know that you are indeed a real person and that you actually
have a personality. Mention your name, what you do, what you find cool, what you love to
search on the internet, something light, upbeat, etc..
[Main point is to not get too radically serious]

2) Creating Your Pinterest “Boards”

Just as soon as you open your account, you want to start creating “boards” like crazy!
Divide your boards up into different categories (here’s mine below).
Everything from personal development to shoes, to jewelry, etc..
the sky is the limit here. Once again, keep it light.

This is where you want to get a bunch of categories up and running to get more
people to identify with you. If I only have a “Self Help” board and “My MLM Is
Better Than Yours And This Is Why” Board that really narrows the likelihood
of a ton of people identifying with you.

For example, my MLM company (visalus) gives out BMW’s and that’s our marketing
tool to reach out to more prospects. So of course, guess what type of corkboard
I’m gonna have in order to find people who love BMW’s now???

Right!! I’m gonna create a BMW board! You see how this is going?!
If you are marketing a weight loss product and you are seriously
wanting to tap into the groups of people that desire to get into
shape, guess what kind of board you need to make?!

Right! A board that has to do with weight loss and fitness.

3) How you “follow” people.

Whenever you go to someones wall either from the Pinterest
“search function” or just randomly browsing (how everyone
does like Faccebook or Twitter) and you “repin” their
content, you automatically become a “follower” of
theirs on Pinterest and you automatically start
syndicating their content.

Now, that isn’t 100% confirmed at this point but since
there is NO absolute answer on that online but it seems
like it certainly is pointing that direction.

I’m continuing my observation on this matter so stay

3) Getting a Pinterest Following.

The easiest way to get a pinterest following is to get a
Pinterest logo on your blog along with the “pin this” logo
on your blog.

If you have an email list, you could blast it out to your

Blast it out to all your facebook friends!

Just simply tell people to follow you on Pinterest and
watch what you pin over the next day or two!

3) Keep your audience (followers) on their feet.
Try not to stay “in the box” about business ALL THE TIME. I pin shoes, watches,
cool new tech gadgets, fashion, dream destinations, etc.. just to
keep my followers engaged.

Some people think they are doing their audience a favor by strictly
talking about only business. This goes for Facebook too!
Little do they know, it gets redundant and predictable and sooner
than later, your followers will see NO value in going to your
wall to see whats new.


Pinterest is a powerful, new, fresh way to get more prospects, get your
content syndicated by tons of people.

All you need to do is get an account and figure out how to do it right.

Happy Pinning!
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The Whiteboard That Makes Networkers Money

One of the worse mistakes any serious network marketer can make,
is drawing out an action plan that you can’t take on the
road with you.

Bad move.

Here’s a powerful tool that I’ve been using for a while.

Watch this video below —->>

How To Speak The Language Of Success

Do you know that you are what you eat?
Most people know that…

You are also what you speak too.

Study after study has shown that if you have a larger
vocabulary, you are most likely making more money
than the person who doesn’t.

This one study showed that people with extensive vocabularies
most likely earn up to 3x what the average person earns
with an average vocabulary.

Think about a regular job… Maybe, think about your current job.
What type of vocabulary do you need there?

Think about a 6, or even 7 figure income earner in Network Marketing.
What type of language is being used there??

I’ll bet you that high 6 and 7 figure earners know another language
as well. Talk about Vocabularies in 2 different languages!!

Just think about this…

If you really studied your industry and your company,
wouldn’t you be using words and terms that most others
who AREN’T studying it would be??

If you are engaged in your company, opportunity, and
movement that your company is behind, you are probably
taking more action than most others as well.

If you are taking more action, you are probably getting
more results.

Here’s what you need to understand..

Success in MLM has a lot to do with personal growth.
Never stop growing. Never stop learning.

Here’s the assignment for you today:

Learn 5 new Vocabulary words that have to do with
either your comp plan, product, company, or Industry
and use all 5 of those words in your normal
everyday conversation when talking about your business.

Watch and observe the type of response you will now get
when talking to your prospects.

Eyebrows will be raised fairly quickly once you noticeably
step up your game.

When you start educating yourself and implementing that
education, you also start attracting those types of people
as well. Serious Promoters who are serious about building
their business.

Isn’t that what we all want in the first place??

Have some fun with it and start speaking the language
of Success.


Broke Financially vs. Broke Mentally

In 2004, my wife and I were so broke it wasn’t funny.

We had NO savings, I didn’t have a steady paying job. 100% commissioned. She wasn’t working.
Sometimes I would come home with $200 dollar paychecks..for 2 weeks.

We made about $18,000 in 2004.

I still get emotional about this time in my life even as I write this post.
My heart gets heavy every single time.

Anyhow, back to the story..

A friend of mine told me about a government program that helped you
Out with groceries, diapers, etc.. (not welfare or foodstamps)
We’d be able to save money on other things because the government
Would be able to pay our bills for us.

I was clueless as to what this entailed. All I heard was some program where
You got free groceries and diapers from the store.

After applying to for this program, I thought to myself. “There has to be a catch.
There is NO WAY that we are getting this stuff for FREE.”

However, I was fine with the idea for the time being.

Our first trip to the store was interesting. I started throwing in all kinds of stuff
Into the basket thinking that I was on some kind of shopping spree.
My wife stopped me and said that we could only get certain brands, certain
Types of groceries, etc..

I was shocked. I was upset.

When we finally got to the check-out line, I asked my wife “so, where’s the money that they
Gave you?”

It was at that time, she reached in her purse and pulled out this gigantic pink
Brochure type booklet. I was wondering.. “What the heck is she doing?” as I nervously
Looked around to see peoples expressions.

I tried hiding what my wife was holding because it was a symbol to everyone in
Line that I was getting government assistance.

Now, let me say..

I have nothing against government assistance. Nor, do I have anything
against people who are on those types of programs.

I was just in shock because I was taught by my parents to
never, ever take handouts…especially Government ones.

It all hit me in an instant what type of situation I had allowed my wife and I to be
In. When we got into the car in the parking lot, I looked at my wife with tears
In my eyes when I told her, “we can’t do this..I can’t do this”.

She just nodded her head in agreement, filled with emotion as her eyes welled up with tears too.
She was a few months pregnant with our second child.

At that moment, I took that pink brochure / card and tore it up. We made a decision
That night that we would not take part in anything of that nature.

Some people would say that I was over reacting and being irresponsible as a
Husband and father.
Others (who I really look up to as entrepreneurs) were proud of me
And congratulated me in taking the first step to being financially independent.

I share this story because it weighed heavy on my heart as I stood in that same
Grocery store tonight behind a young couple who looked like they were going
Through the same situation as I was just a few short years ago.

I felt like reaching out to the young father and putting my hand on his shoulder
Telling him that if he rips up that card in the parking lot things will be
Different. Truth is, I don’t know if that will really be the story.

I don’t know if that young man will have the guts to take a stand
and have the courage to be financially independent.

If someone would have showed me where I would end up a few years
down the road if I decided to NEVER be “mentally broke”,
my mindset would have very different through the whole
journey. All my mentors TOLD me that I would arrive at my destination
if I took all the right steps (like that one) through the course.

If someone could’ve showed me what my journey would look like
before I hit the six figure income level, I probably would have
freaked out. It was a tough ride.

It will probably be a tough ride for you too.
I hope your ride isn’t as crazy as mine was but I sure hope it is
as exciting as mine was.

What’s funny was once you get to the $100K mark in MLM, you
aren’t willing to settle there. You always look at ways to get
you to the $1,000,000 level next.

In conclusion, I will say that each and every one of you
reading this post have the absolute power to change your life
and everything in it IF..and only IF you are willing to have a lot
of courage and guts to take a stand.

Just because you aren’t making as much money in MLM
as you’d like, don’t stop.
Just because you aren’t where you’d like to be in life,
don’t just give up. That’s too easy. No guts required there.

That’s the stupidest (excuse the wording) thing I’ve ever seen.
When people give up because they got a few or a hundred “NO’s”.
To think that they are letting others dictate their future just
boggles my brain.

Misery loves company. When I see people give up, it breaks my heart
but I can’t take that experience away from them. Some people need
to feel the bottom before they get hungry for the top.

Some people need to feel the bottom a couple or few times before
they start realizing that rock bottom isn’t any fun.

I can’t take that blessing and opportunity away from people.
I think of it as a gift. Of course I’d like to see everyone prosper
but I don’t know if that person is really willing to pay the price
like I was.

Never let yourself go broke mentally. It’s just not worth it.

So my challenge to you today is:

Do something that you have always known you’ve wanted
to do. Make sure this places you closer on your journey to
being successful in this business.

It might be something small like getting a savings account.
Maybe making that call to that person you haven’t called yet.
Maybe it’s getting that t-shirt or pair of jeans that makes
you look and feel like a million bucks when you wear it.

Success actually comes in an instant. All you need to do is decide
right now! Decide that you are a success starting right
now! Don’t talk it…do it! KILL IT!!!!


The “It Takes Money To Make Money” Myth.

Throughout my career in business, I’ve often overheard many traditional
businessmen casually state that it takes money to make money. I wanted
to address that and see if that logic actually holds any merit.

For many of us in the Network Marketing or Direct Sales world, you know
that isn’t necessarily true…or is it??

When I first got started in my current company as an independent distributor,
I paid $499 for my start up kit.

Yes, I was broke so I didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

Now some people would claim that isn’t a lot of money but, you see, that
might not be a lot of money…on my part.

However, someone had to come up with the money to start that company.

  • Someone had to pay for the scientific research on products, didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the licensing of those products..didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the staff to start a company, didn’t they?
  • Someone had to pay for the manufacturing and distribution of that

product, didn’t they?

Somewhere along the line…the opportunity would not have been possible
if large amounts of capital were not invested.

Even if you want to purchase Real Estate with “No Money Down” someone
has to come up with the money somewhere down the line.

What does this mean for your business??

Here’s what I’m getting at…

If you aren’t making money in your Network Marketing business, chances
are you don’t have any MONEY moving through your organization.

If you don’t have money moving through your group, you don’t get paid.

Now..Let’s apply this to marketing your business.

If you don’t have new recruits for your business, what is your plan?
You obviously need more prospects so you can talk to more people, right?
If you want to advertise or do PPC, you need money in your budget
but if you aren’t making money in your business and can’t make the investment
you are dead in the water.

That mainly leaves you with virtually 1 option.

Go and personally talk to a bunch of friends, family, co workers, strangers, etc..

Now, the catch there is that you are DEPENDING on them to pay you
are actually hoping they are in a better financial situation than you are. LOL!

Do you see, where this is going?? Without money, you aren’t going to make it.
If YOU don’t need to have it, But someone else WILL.

Now…Here’s how to leverage yourself into a Marketing / Advertising budget
worth thousands of dollars. This is where “Funded Proposal” Marketing comes
into play. It’s nothing new. Infact, anyone that tries to tell you that attraction
marketing is some new thing that people are “trying” to make work, they don’t
know what the H*** they are talking about.

So here’s how you do it.

1) You need to find a way that targets your specific audience.
2) You find a way to add value to that audience and appeal to them.
3) Get them to purchase a “low end” / entry level product that adds
cash to your pocket and their info to your list.
4) The money from that funded funnel will drive your marketing budget
higher so you can reach more people.
5) You create a relationship with those prospects / customers and bring
them into your opportunity.
6) You make even more money and the money you get from step #3 just
repeats over and over which enables you to advertise more and more.

So, that’s it! If you can’t pay for advertising PPC costs…

Get your prospects to pay that bill for you!

Take a look at my funded proposal / attraction marketing funnel that
I use to recruit with.

In closing, we conclude that it certainly DOES take money to make it.

Get out there and kill it in your Network Marketing Business!

When Business Slows Down…

There is a lot of material that teach & train you how to “get going” in business.

The initial boom in your business is crucial, no doubt.

However, if you are like most people there will be a point in your business where
things will slow down and not be as “exciting” and quick as the initial boom.
The question is, “What do you do now to re-launch your business??”

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Seek out your leaders and hold a conference call.
2) Get all of your leaders on the same page with you.
3) Run an incentive for your team. Helps production.
4) Bring an outside “speaker” for an event in your team.
5) Start talking to people that you spoke to before and tell them about relaunch.
6) Start a blog about re-lauching your business.

If there is one thing that is a guarantee in this business, it’s this…

Your business will eventually “slow down”.

It has happened to me and every other leader that I know.

You can’t continue to grow at 1000% growth forever. It’s just reality.
However, it’s about what you do when business slows down that counts.

That’s when the creative juices need to start flowing and you can’t
be afraid to jump in the trenches and fight the good fight right along
side your team.

It’s powerful because it keeps your skills sharp.

The second you stop growing…you literally start dying in business.
Don’t become a casualty of the “MLM Epidemic”. Stay busy.
Stay in Phase 1 until you have built an empire that is stable.

In closing, let me just say one thing regarding “slowed growth”:

Just as much as knowing what to do when your business slows down
is important…

Knowing when your business is truly slowing down and addressing it
is even more important.

If you are in a state of denial on some level of consciousness that your
business isn’t slowing down and don’t attack and address it, your business
will implode right under you.

Don’t be afraid to accept the fact that your business is slowing down
and just get to work on it. It’s all part of the game my friend.

Get Out There & Kill It In Your Network Marketing Business!

Why you are really an Information Marketer…Not an MLMer.

I think it’s interesting to see how people think that they really aren’t
in the Information Marketing business and how they are just MLMers
who have great products, blah, blah, blah.

It’s truly interesting to see networkers finally come to their senses
when they realize that they really only get paid to do one thing…


-When we prospect someone, don’t we offer to give them more info?
-When you tell someone about the “awesome products” you offer
aren’t you giving them more info?
-When you are telling someone about the comp plan, isn’t that info?

It’s crazy to think that you aren’t in the INFO MARKETING business.

Here’s my point..Even when people sign up into your business,
If you don’t have an email autoresponder system that keeps
them in the loop, you are simply losing money.

I personally use AWEBER…I’ve used a few different ones
but AWEBER is the best one (in my opinion).

Try AWEBER for just $1 by clicking here.

If you aren’t staying connected with your people by keeping them
in the loop by email or text, you are seriously losing money.

You are probably losing customers.
You are definitely losing distributors.

You will continue to lose everyone until you come to the realization that
you are in the business of marketing information that help people make
decisions to move forward.

Elias Callejo

What Game Are You Playing?

Some Network Marketers are so afraid of doing what works. As hard as it seems,
sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to break
past the barrier that is stopping you. Most times, it will require you to
work harder and pay the harder price. However, as we all know…
No Pain No Gain.

If you are talking to your friends and family and it’s not working…
Think about what you need to do to become more persuasive. Switch It Up!

If you are attempting to do online marketing and it’s not working…
Think about what the top online marketers are doing and switch up your game!

If you are doing tons of presentations but HARDLY sign anyone up…
take a good hard look at what one of the top closers in your company is doing,
duplicate them and switch up your old routine.

If I’m 300 pounds, I’m not going to jump on one of the really aggressive short boards
that are also very thin. No matter how much positive thinking I put into it,
I’ll still sink the board underwater and have a very, very difficult time
catching waves. While in the meantime, other guys who are just as heavy
as I am are passing me up with the thicker, bigger, longboards. They are
catching waves with ease while I’m out of breath before even paddling out
to the lineup.

Switch It Up! It will most likely be the most powerful thing you will ever
do for your business.

-elias callejo

Cheap Seats Always Get Lousy Views

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been crazy
busy over here trying to balance family, chores at home (yes, I actually work around the house. LOL),
and business life. I still sometimes find myself wondering, “How do I do it all??”.

Anyhow, it’s always good to be back at the keys furiously
hammering away at yet another interesting subject.

Today, I want to talk about a mistake that many struggling network marketers make.
I believe they make it because they are struggling, however, if they continue to make this
mistake, they’ll always struggle without ever knowing why.

It kind of coincides with my last post about doing the retraction dance. Doing something
(or saying something) down the road after you preached against it some time before
is always the best way to cripple your growth in your business. So, let’s talk about
the subject at hand, “The Cheap Route Gets You Cheap Results”.

I’m simply talking about corporate produced tools vs. field produced tools.
I find it amazing how MLMers who start out building with “field produced tools” miraculously
build a group and all of a sudden they complain that everyone is producing their own
“field produced tools” and no one wants to purchase the REAL, high end “looking” tools.

That being said, I’m not talking about the top leaders in the company producing professionally
made tools. All industry veterans know that the field leaders usually are the ones who produce
the professional “after market” tools like CD’s, Tapes, DVD’s, Flipcharts, Clothing, Decals, etc…

I’m talking about the “reps” who are stapling some emailed article from some
person in the company and handing it off to their prospects. I’m talking about the
reps who are burning the “REAL” company prospecting CD’s and handing out the
cheezy burned copies.

Even home made flyers are something to laugh at in a professional marketers eyes.
If someone were to hand me a “home made” flyer about some big wig coming
into town to hold a huge meeting about a multi million dollar, multi national company
I’d seriously be there trying to add it all up. Quite simply, it wouldn’t add up.

First of all, home made low budget tools aren’t wealth creation.
You don’t create wealth by piecing together your business.

Second of all, it sends the completely wrong message.

Why?? Well, let’s discover this.

You’re there at the table with your prospect bragging about how great and powerful
your company is and how much money your sponsors or leaders are making. You’re talking
about the multiple countries your company is opened in.

A few minutes later, you’re handing your impressed prospect a home made
version of your corporate tools. Maybe you’ve just handed them a “sexy looking”
home made brochure (sexy to you at least). However, it’s obvious that this
isn’t the “real” stuff which is now leaving your prospect to wonder…

Is this person really making money in this business??
Is the stuff i’m gonna listen to or read even legit??

Your prospect who was just minutes ago very, very impressed..
Is now most likely very unimpressed because of the lack of

Would you buy a home from a real estate agent who looked like they
just woke up?
Would you order food from a server who wasn’t in uniform, didn’t have
a nametag, and didn’t look the part??
Would you give your car keys to the valet agent who didn’t have the
same outfit as everyone else, no nametag, and far away from the valet stand??

You see, certain things must be in alignment with your message.
Certain things need to match up.

The consumer is smarter today than ever before.

If you’re pinching pennies and burning copies of company CD’s, DVD’s or brochures.
Even worse, if you are producing your own low budget slide shows, handouts, and
literature just to save some extra money or just to “do it your way”,
You’re better off handing the keys to your Mercedes to the random bum on the
street who says he’s the valet agent for the 5 star hotel 2 miles down the road.


p.s. Cut past the nonsense. Follow a real leader. Become one yourself.

The Retraction Dance

I know i’ll probably say some things that will resonate differently amongst different people.
It’s been a little while since i’ve written a post, lots of major events going on in my company
and in my family life as well. All very positive and very exciting, but I can’t forget about my
loyal readers here on my blog.

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been observing for quite some time in the
MLM industry. Something that is becoming a serious problem even for leaders like myself.
Not me personally…Not because i’m a know it all.

It’s because I am an actual business owner. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars
and took a risk in the restaurant industry. I know what type of repercussions can take place
if you don’t calculate well from the start.

That’s kinda the way things are when you actually know REAL business.

I see some distributors who post other leaders (from other companies) videos on
their Facebook page & share it with their downline. They wake up one day
and wonder where the heck their entire downline went. They don’t realize that for
every dumb move they make, they’ll pay many times over. Unfortunately, unlike
me, not every so called “youtube guru” has ethics and business standards.

Sadly, the MLM industry is made up of a lot of people who throw $50 bucks at some
program who say a bunch of nonsense in the beginning without ever taking a second
to think “will this come back to bite me later?”.

I call it the retraction dance. It’s a simple name. It means just that.
Slowly back peddling on what you’ve said before because now you realize the
repercussions that it will now have on your team.

Let me quickly explain:

You can say a whole bunch of stuff about building a business and duplication
when you don’t have an organization. However, when you start building a sizeable
group in the thousands, you can’t say the dumb stuff you
used to say that never got you in trouble before.

So, maybe when you had hundreds of people that you rolled into your business
from XYZ company (real life example from many “so called experts”) you talked
alot of rah rah about internet marketing and how making the list is lame.

However, because of the fact that very, very few people know how to market
in the cold setting and don’t have the budget to even think about doing Pay Per
Click marketing, that drum will get beaten to death really, really quick.

Now they’ll revert to recruiting in the warm market because that’s easier
(and proven) for them. Well, what now happens when you now have thousands
of people in your group who don’t know about internet marketing or
cold market prospecting/ recruiting methods, you gotta retract.

If you don’t, your downline will break away from your teachings, start
teaching their “own” system (which is most likely some other guru’s thoughts
on the blog post of the day) and your business implodes from the bottom up.

You have to start doing the song and dance. You have to start beating around
some really, really big bushes. LOL.

It’s hilarious. Some of these “internet gurus” or “makeshift you tube MLM Leaders”
can talk a big game and they’ll talk it very quickly. However, they don’t have
a clue about being a real leader. It’s a whole different world.

As a true leader, you need to think ahead of the game. You can’t just put a
band aid over an open wound. You need to prevent the wound first. You need
to think, “if I head down this path, will I eventually get cut”.

Let me give you a personal example.

About 6 months ago, I discovered a great video/internet tool that I used for myself
before I rolled it out to a few people in my organization. Word got out really quickly
that I was using an “Internet Tool” and I was using some type of internet marketing
“thing” that might take the focus off of actually prospecting in the warm market.

Because I choose to run my business the way I do, which is, I let my leaders promote
however which way they want to run their business as long as it follows the basic
guidelines of our system, I decided to only show a handful of people this tool.

This is sooo far from “deep doctrine” internet marketing that it’s not even funny.
I used it because it was the easiest thing for people to use, especially if they
don’t have their own capture page. A lot of people in my downline and even in my upline
were kinda shaking their head at this elementary school level internet tool that
would seriously benefit the masses. I didn’t care. I was using it…and still am.

About a month ago, my company rolls out a new tool. It’s an internet tool that shoots
out video that notifies you via text message when your prospect opens up the video.
The company went wild about it, still is. All the distributors are still going wild about
it..still are.

Funny thing is, it’s the same exact tool I have already been promoting to my group..
only thing is that they branded the player and it’s under a different name now.
It’s still the same service, company, and probably same price point.

I can almost guarantee that the company won’t pay commissions for referrals
to this service because the service providers are going to be charging less
for the service versus what I pay at $19.95 a month.

How do I know this, because roughly 156 other MLM companies use the same
exact service including Monavie, Xango, Tahitian Noni, etc… and they all
charge about $9.95.

I already get paid a great commission from this video service…because I was
ahead of the trend and I don’t have to back peddle.

Now many others who were opposed to my “internet thing”
are starting to do the dance now…

At first many said, “just give people DVD’s” or “just go face to face”
or “that’s nonsense, just open your mouth and talk”.

Now, they have to implement the “Retraction Method” and do
the embarrassing dance. I won’t. It’s great.

Many other gurus out there are just as freaking hilarious.

I was just watching a video of this girl that has made CRAZY money
from marketing on the internet. She spends more money on Pay Per Click
every month than most people ever make in a year in MLM.

She just recently posted a video talking about why Guru’s don’t know
how to really build MLM businesses and how online marketing
doesn’t really work…”as well” as offline.

Funny thing is, I know this because I do business with this person in an
Attraction Marketing Internet Based System. She makes
tens of thousands per month from that. It’s not easily duplicated.
You don’t do home meetings about this internet marketing
system. Yet, the retraction method starts.

[UPDATE: 11/10/2010– So, now it comes to find out that this individual
has just recently made a jump over to a “top tier” opportunity where
you sell a $3K package and make anywhere from 50%-90% profit. She
created a huuuge buzz to send some controversy out on the internet.
She held a webinar just a few minutes ago (that I attended since I had
a gut feeling about this) and sure enough my suspicion was confirmed.]

Her upline leaders just recently started beating that same drum as well.

Her upline leader came out about a month ago with the same message.
He beat her to the punch with the “retraction method”.

Does this mean that they don’t know what they are doing?? no.

They know exactly what they are doing. Most likely, they’ve had it
planned from the start….

Or did they? hmmmm.

Question: What is your upline telling you? How are you deciding to build
your business?

Like I always say, cut past the all the nonsense happening in the industry
and just get out there and kill it. Follow a true leader. Become one yourself.

The Shift In The Industry

Over the last 5-7 years, there has been much debate as to whether or not

someone could build a lasting fortune completely over the internet versus

offline. I spoke about this in my previous post.

However, the funny thing is that while people are going back and forth

doing the nonsense, Myself and a handful of others aren’t hiding behind

some screen (or even video camera) and we’re reaching out and educating

people about the stuff that really works in MLM NOW! Not last year,

not last decade, but NOW.

You see, I feel that the internet is a powerful tool that will speed up

your process to either talk to that person on the phone or sit down

at lunch with that person to talk real business. That’s really all it does.

Everything before or after that is just secondary.

But I feel that those who take advantage of the opportunity to

educate, with real life tactics, that really work will generate the enormous

fortunes in MLM.

I remember getting involved with an “internet big-hitter” in his organization a while back

and he talked a big game. This individual could seriously write some good copy.

His website was awesome. However, the second I put him on a 3 way call with one of

my prospects, I saw his true colors. The guy didn’t know the first thing about

how to speak persuasively. I was already in his organization and he was sooo bad

that he couldn’t even persuade me into ordering another month.

His website copy was great, but in real life, the guy was a serious loser! It was

pretty bad. Anyhow, If he would have been able to communicate the fact

that he has a wealth of knowledge about the industry (or at least works

personally with someone who does) It would have added some value to a

rather pitiful presentation.

So here’s what I believe…

I truly believe that the shift in the industry is that those who really

start learning what works, and doesn’t work…from personal experience

right NOW, will bring a tremendous value to the table.


An overwhelming amount of people are joining MLM and are quitting

because they are spinning their wheels trying to find out what works.

Either they will get it from google…or they will get it from you.

Which would you prefer???