Are you thinking mobile?

Mobile content revenue is targeted to hit $65BILLION by 2016. Are you capitalizing on this projection?

Here’s my theory.

I think that the state of the industry of high tech MLM is in such an upheaval & chaotic position due to rapidly changing technology, market opportunity, etc… I truly feel like we’ll be seeing the replay of the Dotcom mlm bubble hit in a similar fashion with all the fad / pop mlm’s that are basing their entire opportunity off the current tech craze.

If none of you remember, think back a dozen years ago when you started seeing all these online shopping mall services gone mlm or vice versa.

The big talk was about how eCommerce was gonna be the next big thing and everyone would be online.

Well, the problem was… They were right. However, they offered an opportunity, not a solution, that was based SOLELY off the medium that seemed to have been popular at the time.

You see, follow me on this one:

The aspiring MLM companies were aware that people would be doing eCommerce.
The MLM companies knew that there was gonna be money spent in that arena.

However, what they couldn’t see was the WAY (keyword: WAY) that the money
was gonna be flowing. They couldn’t have seen the emerging technologies and
social media booms that would hit and how the big boys of the tech world
were already planning on the attack.

In the meantime, the MLM folks are jumping around about how some millionaire
that has “financing” and industry experience is “all in” with the vision.
That’s happening while the boardrooms full of multi millionaires & billionaires, entire
corporations, shareholders, international tech teams filled with the brightest minds in the world are shifting gears
behind the scenes with a big smirk on their faces the entire time.

The pop tech MLM’s aren’t even a blip on their screen,
let alone a force to be reckoned with.

It’s almost laughable to them. Believe me, I love this industry…
but it’s almost like we need to stick to what we’re good at.
We need to play ball where we belong.

So back to the online shopping mall, website building MLM’s…

In a very short amount of time, you saw ALL of the online shopping mall MLM’s disappear.

Typically, MLM’s based off the fad and technology of the current day are highly, highly unstable because they can’t shift as quick as the big boys in the corporate tech world.

Most of them can’t shift quick enough due to lack to REAL funding.

In closing, my opinion would be this:

I’d really think twice about throwing ALL your eggs into ONE basket if your company is basing the entire focus and opportunity on something that the big tech players will just swoop up in no time at all.

If you don’t believe me, think about all the pop tech mlm companies that started 10 years ago and are still around today. Still thinking???   The only ones that really come to mind for me is 5linx (founded in 2001) and ACN (founded 1993) and I’m sure they are doing good. However, I’d be curious to know what kind of revenue they are hitting annually. I know that ACN is supposedly pulling in $600M in annual revenue. It’s reported that 5Linx is pulled in $81M in 2011.

I’m really curious to see what the “pure customer” count is with these companies. They are great opportunities,however, in all fairness I don’t see anything that is
“ground breaking technology”at either one of these companies. Mostly, they are 3rd party reserllers of these products / services like long distance, mobile phones, tablets, etc.. which drives down profits and pays out minimal on comp plans. One of the bigger products that ACN has recently launched is “Energy” which has nothing to do with “pop tech” but still, it’s only offered in a few states. I’m still trying to find customer reviews on the service.

There are a ton of other pop tech mlm companies but haven’t been around long enough
to stand the test of time. As long as they offer good products, they’ll do fine I’m sure.

Rippln recently has been making some buzz. I haven’t seriously kept up with their
progress but the last I heard, they were hitting some internal snags. Rippln is a
mobile / gaming app company that is (at this point) not fully launched. I recently did
a review on them.

Never forget that you are always going to be building your brand and building your business. If you have a system that enables people to give you money, you won’t always have to be chasing the next “big thing” constantly.

Now, before you go on thinking that I’m hating on tech MLm’s, understand that I know there is certainly money to be made short term in those deals. Long term is out the window, however.

That’s it. Please share your comments below, I’d love to hear them.


p.s… this post was written on my iPhone so excuse the typos.

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