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     I first heard of self-awareness a couple years ago but only in relation to meditation. It was something to ponder lakeside in a down-ward-dog pose, while drinking a green smoothie. Basically, I thought it was an optional exercise and to be frank, not really my style. I have since been enlightened, not just by the practice of meditation, but also by the blunt-force words of Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia. In a May 2015 article for, Gary Vaynerchuk: Self-Awareness Is Your Most Important Attribute, Gary digs right into the ignored topic and does so with classic Gary V. finesse. He broke down the meta-physical subject into digestible pieces that can fuel businesses TODAY. Every social media platform is flooding with so-called experts and life coaches. How can you stand out? Do you feel like you’re getting swallowed in the tide?

“People need to know that they have the tools within themselves.”
-Deepak Chopra

     There is a common belief for many Network Marketers that once they get the tools they can start. They setout on a magical journey of personal development and sadly their businesses never leave the starting line. I’ve seen this happen to many talented, hustle-worthy individuals. I’m here to tell you, Start Today with What You Have!

“Self-awareness isn’t only just betting on your strengths, it’s accepting all your short comings.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk


     How can we make this tangible? Look at it this way: it is common practice to audit a company, accounts, or schools. Audits examine, evaluate, and expose strengths and weaknesses. A self-audit can do just that for you. Why don’t we do it more? In my opinion it’s the exposure of weakness that freaks people out (myself included). We fear audits because we think that the sole purpose is to look for holes in our game. First and foremost we have to assess our strengths. This can give you the critical focal point to start building your business. In this process we naturally expose our weaknesses. Personal development can help you accept these weaknesses and work on them. Then the beauty of a team comes into play when you begin to build a team of varying talents.

“I think being at peace with yourself and your skillset is such an important part of this.”
-Gary Vaynerchuk

     Network Marketing is a vehicle for achieving dreams and you get to pick the make and model. Remember, no one has walked in your shoes or has seen the stuff you’ve seen through the lens that you have. Your upbringing, struggles, and triumphs, have culminated bringing you to this very point in your life. Bring THAT to the table and build a your business your way.

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