Shoes & Jackets while traveling

One of the key things to remember while traveling through a lot of airports is dressing efficiently. Low, slip on shoes for easy on and off through TSA is a huge plus. I tend to rock the chucks 90% of the time because it matches just about any style of wardrobe I choose to fly in that day.

Today, I’m sporting the Montcler Shoes (made in Italy / Neiman Marcus) just because I was in that mood. By the way, white shoes, italian made, high ticket shoes, airplane, small places… Not a very good combo.. But I was in one of those “I don’t care” moods.

Usually, never wanna use light colored, preppy shoes… You’ll scuff them, believe me.

I like to carry a sport jacket of some sort especially on the red eye flights.

I utilize ALL of the pockets in my jacket. I use it like a man purse without sporting the “fanny pack” look– nothing against fanny packs.

Just a couple of tips today for you jet setters!



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