3 KEYS to keeping dropped reps in your Business

A relationship is a relationship because somewhere
along the line, there was value added.

Whether or not someone quits your Business, if
they feel that YOU as a person still adds value
to their life, then you are still able to keep them
in your Business.

Maybe not your Network Marketing company
or affiliate program… but certainly IN
your Business as a customer somehow.

Here are a few ideas:

1) You can continuously offer them informational
products that teach them how to make money
from home as an Online Marketer. If they purchase
that product, you can make commissions! I’d suggest
some sort of 85%-100% commission structure for this
one. Here’s a really good webinar on how to do this.

2) You can offer them information on how to find success
and truly build ANY Home Based Business! I’ve found the
“MyLeadSystemPRO” Program to be the best at this. Here’s
a quick video of mine explaining this.

3) You can create a product (ebook, video course, audio course, etc…)
which brings an enormous amount of value to your contacts.
When purchase your book, you’ll get a 100% commission coming right
to your pocket. If you don’t have your own product right out
of the gate, DON’T WORRY!!! You can still promote valuable material
and still impressive commissions.


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