2 tips on how to get better at prospecting

Tweet Whether or not you are in Visalus, Vemma, Evolv, Kyani, OrganoGold, ACN, 5Linx, etc… we’ve all heard the usual “just talk to more people and you’ll get better” nonsense. The thing a lot of people misunderstand is that you don’t just get better at prospecting by “talking (aka puking) to more people”. You get[…]

Facebook & The Social Media Landscape

Tweet Over the last few years, Social Media was seeing double digit growth in the 30 percent ranges and up. Last year, Social Media only went up 6.8% in the United States alone. In addition, Facebook lost over 1.3 Million users in the 4th quarter of 2012. Question is, Where is everyone on the internet[…]

How To “Keep It Simple & Keep Your Prospects Interested” VIDEO

Tweet One of the first things we hear our new upline leaders tell us is… Keep It Simple! However, is it that easy? Well, the ironic thing is that “Keeping It Simple” is actually a lot harder than complicating it. It takes practice, it takes skill, and more practice. Here’s how I became really good[…]

No Excuses Summit 4 (Las Vegas Nevada) Day #3

Tweet I thought it would be cool to snap a quick pic with my iPhone and show some folks how a typical day in my home office usually looks. This is actually a REAL TIME snapshot LOL   Obviously, I’m all in with APPLE / MAC equipment. Just fits my style a little more. Growing[…]

Are you thinking mobile?

Tweet Mobile content revenue is targeted to hit $65BILLION by 2016. Are you capitalizing on this projection? Here’s my theory. I think that the state of the industry of high tech MLM is in such an upheaval & chaotic position due to rapidly changing technology, market opportunity, etc… I truly feel like we’ll be seeing[…]