The Information Vortex

Tweet Some people think that online marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc… is a bunch of magical “hocus pocus”. Infact, most people think that they would rather not do anything online and just go completely offline and build a Network Marketing company the old traditional way. Here is my thoughts on that: That could work[…]

Getting Traffic vs. Converting Traffic

Tweet It seems like everyone and their dog is hyped up about getting traffic to their sites nowdays. Seems like anywhere possible, people are posting their “join now link” for their MLM company up on Facebook on a wish and prayer that someone will join them. It’s amazing how upset and depressed people get when[…]

How To Speak The Language Of Success

Tweet Do you know that you are what you eat? Most people know that… You are also what you speak too. Study after study has shown that if you have a larger vocabulary, you are most likely making more money than the person who doesn’t. This one study showed that people with extensive vocabularies most[…]

The “I don’t use Facebook” Mentality

Tweet It’s outright, ridiculous. Sometimes, I think people try not to use facebook to prove some kind of foolish point. LOL.. I say foolish, because those who are using Social Media are stealing more leads from those people then they will ever know. If you are a business owner, marketer, trying to make money from[…]