Using Others Traffic To Boost Your Profits (Strategy #1)

Tweet If there is something that I’ve gotten pretty good at over the Last few years in my journey to become a decent marketer on the Internet, It would be “Learning to cipher traffic”. I won’t spend a radical amount of time on this article because I do tons of Webinars on how to “cipher”[…]

Broke Financially vs. Broke Mentally

Tweet In 2004, my wife and I were so broke it wasn’t funny. We had NO savings, I didn’t have a steady paying job. 100% commissioned. She wasn’t working. Sometimes I would come home with $200 dollar paychecks..for 2 weeks. We made about $18,000 in 2004. I still get emotional about this time in my[…]

The 1 Thing You Can’t Teach

Tweet There are a lot of things in the Network Marketing industry that you can teach. You can teach someone how to be persuasive. You can teach someone how to be a superstar recruiter. You can even teach a few slick lines to say when you get an objection. However, there is one thing that[…]